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    • I'm reading all suggestions in here one by one. Thank you guys for contributing. I'm not going to reply to each one individually, but Im taking my notes if necessary and you might see some changes connected to these suggestions in future changelogs. 

    • Date: 05-12-2019
      Time: 18:00
      Downtime: 20-45 Minutes Spanish Version
      Turkish Version
      Hebrew Version
      Hungarian Version Hello and welcome to Electus Online - Athens Week #8
      Thank you for being a part of this Journey.

      We highly recommend players to continue to farm EP+Coins and buy the end game content (Seal of Moon)
      when the legendary update comes out in 2020, only Seal of Moon items will be upgradeable to Legendary Seal of Moon items.
      The upgraders will require EP+Coins as well, so everyone has to get SOM, everyone has to farm up!
      We will continue to host events to motivate the players to farm EP, you just do your thing and farm up 
      HAPPY GRINDING  GamePlay Increased global Electus Points limit from 5200 to 6000.
      Final price for all Seal of Moon items has been set now.
      Seal of Moon Weapons [OBTAINABLE NOW]
      Seal of Moon Chest [OBTAINABLE NOW]
      Seal of Moon Necklace [OBTAINABLE NOW]
      Seal of Moon Legs+Ring: 12/12/2019 [BANNED]
      Seal of Moon Head+Earring: 19/12/2019 [BANNED]
      Seal of Moon Shoulder+Foot: 26/12/2019 [BANNED]
      Seal of Moon Hands: 02/01/2020 [BANNED]
      LEGENDARY UPDATE: February 2020
        Disabled item drop penalty upon death to monster function Added 4x Silver Coin drops to Jupiter 3* [Hall of Worship/FGW] Increased Silver Coin drop amount @Princess Miyene, 5 to 7 Increased Godsend Dungeon unique's (Light Spirit & Zielkiaxe) Silver Coin drop amount, 2 to 4 Electus Box coming soon! (Obtained through weekly jobbing challenge, 100% success rate, sox item rewards only) Applied 20% discount for Magic Pop Cards @ Electus Shop (150m > 120m) Box Adjustments
      We are well aware SOS and SOA items values are dropping a little bit faster than it should be. We are doing below adjustments to protect the value of the boxes and the sox items in long term. These changes might be temporary and we might increase the drop amount/chances within the future updates.  Reduced Diamond Box drop amount to 2 @ Godsend Dungeon (Light Spirit & Shadow Spirit) Reduced Diamond Box drop chance @ Jupiter 1* from 40% to 30% Reduced Diamond Box drop amount @ Jupiter 3* from 3 to 2 Reduced Elite Box drop amount @ Medusa from 6 to 5 Reduced Elite Box drop chance @ Karkadann & Khulood from 50% to 40% Reduced Elite Box drop chance @ Godsend Dungeon uniques 35% to 25% each Increased SOE selection chance @ Elite Box 5% to 8% Fortress War Jangan Fortress is enabled. Gold Reward for occupying Jangan Fortress is '100 B' Bandit Fortress is enabled. Gold Reward for occupying Bandit Fortress is '15B'
      Fortress wars will take place every week on Sundays between 20:30 - 21:30
      You can register for fortress war 24/7 other than fortress war time.
      Zerk is disabled, Fellow pets are enabled in Fortress War. Legendary Avatars Removed Week #7 Avatar Dresses: Cursed Soul Dress Added Week #8 Avatar Dresses: Dark Arabian 

      You will receive 25% additional bonus silk for your donations starting tonight.
      Event period is based on Electus Time and will last for 48 hours only. Bonus silk you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
      Your bonus silk reward is added on your account instantly when you apply an EPIN (Bought from resellers)
      Your bonus silk will be added manually within 1 to 12 hours when you donate through Paymentwall
      Period start: Saturday 00:00 (Electus Time)
      Period end: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time)

      We are in contact with multiple payment processors to enable missing payment methods such as CC and PSC. We expect that more payment methods will be available within the next week or sooner.

      Players will receive 2X Electus Points from Survival Arena, Job Kills, CTF and Battle arena.

      Event Start Time: 09/12/2019 | 16:00 | Monday
      Event End Time: 12/12/2019 | 17:45 | Thursday  

      SUNDAY FUNDAY EVENTS           Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. 
               Location => Donwhang South! Phase 1     Unique Event at DW South (21:30) Phase 2     Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50)  Phase 3     Search N Destroy Event (21:55)  Phase 4      Hide N Seek Event (22:05) Phase 5     Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:15)
          Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:15) Phase 6     PVP Tournament (22:30)
          Visit This Link to Register.
    • Hi dear Electus Team and Silkroad Players =)   My suggestions are: 1. daily 2x EP for jobbing , survival, etc. like all activities  atleast 1 time per day  or maybe 1 day 2x ep for job ,the other day for survival and so on ....so the new or later starting players in athens have a chance to  get end game items. People start new and after they see how hard it is to catch the oldies they  instant leave again. 2. better glows for end game weapons - while the eden glows are really nice , are the moon ones really ugly (bring some new flavour in the game guys make this game fun for the people) 3. The first stage of sunday funday event could be in 2 doors of donwhang so 1 GM spawn the uniques in south gate and the other in east gate - to avoid laggs and so people dont need to hold the V- Button all the time , and maybe it will also give some *Noobies* like me a chance to get some unique kills   4. The trivia event should not have a limit of 1 win a day and its even HWID  just for 25 silks .... while people can win kill the GM 3 times in a row without any daily limit so I would make Kill the GM 1 win a day and trivia litmitless  5. There should be red marks for the cerberus unique which is appearing in jangan now.... It was my favourite unique and in this season I couldnt find him once     
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