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  1. 100 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    I think it would be pretty useful for players if you could add one more extra bar apart from the one that we already got , since imo one bar just isn`t enough to put in all the skills you want . So an extra bar would pretty much sollve the problem instead of having to click `s` every single time you wanna use a skill . Also , you can add an option that let`s you disable/enable the individual bars - in case you don`t need the bars for w/e reason
  2. 100 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    You guys might consider adding a decent holy spell skill for china players. I myself am actually a euro player but i just feel like china players have a huge disadvantage against eu debuffs which makes them an easy target. Pretty sure with such a skill more ppl would start playing a china char as it makes them survive longer which makes them more of a challenge in pvp. Another thing u can do is , to add a Pain quota-like skill for china players to make it easier for them to join and lv up in parties . Those two things i listed above were implemented in other servers already and in my opinion it worked perfectly fine .