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  1. European Armor Set/Skill Rebalance

    Also forgot to mention the fact it can sway/discourage newbies from entering the game because of the current economic situation in the game. You'll see people whining on Discord stating everything is too expensive(meaning the LA set because nobody wants the other ones).
  2. Hey i have a suggestion. I doubt it would be implemented into the game, but looking at the current economic/balance state of the game i thought it should be said. It might also cause outrage amongst the community members at first because the value of their precious items might plummet. From what i can see in the few days i've been here is the extremely overprice items of European LA sets compare to EU Robe/Heavy Armor. I like the idea that you guys implemented with set bonuses too encourage diversity, but it's somewhat half-baked atm. Everyone is exclusively only looking for LA sets and the reasoning behind this is the Charity passive which increases Phy def/Mag def. It basically negates any reason to play any other set in the game. There is no drawbacks in using the Light armor set unlike the others. I think the Robe set bonus should have a increase damage of 10%, hp/mp recovery increase of 25-50%, and the removal of the 5% damage reduction(makes no sense including this as they are meant to be squishy). This would encourage some Int based characters to switch over. Depending on ones playstyle. The HA set should also get a damage boost of 5%, increase in HP, STR, and removal of the crit increase. The LA set should have the same set bonus with a Crit increase with someform of restriction placed on STR characters from using the Charity passives from Cleric. This would sway Warriors to use Heavy armor. While the Set bonuses from the LA set would benefit Rogues mainly. Int based characters could also benefit by using LA set with the charity passives not restricted towards them, but they wouldn't benefit from the Set bonuses of the LA set. I think this will make the overall economy more healthy dsitributed and would lower the prices of all items across the board. I mean i could honestly just go buy a SOA Heavy armor piece for around 250-350 silk while a Light armor piece would cost me upwards towards the 1,000 raneg. Would like some feedback on what you think.