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[GUIDE] Jobbing & Honor Ranking and Wanted System

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Donwhang > Donwhang Secret Area > Hotan River
Donwhang > Canyon > Karakoram > Petra

Trader    6-7 Electus Points
Hunter    8-9 Electus Points 


EP limit for the thieves is not static and will be determined depending on the number of active thieves in the server. 

*If the number of the active thieves in the server are average, EP reward for the thieves will be 2 for per 5* stolen loot.
*If there are barely any active thief in the server, EP reward for the thieves will be 4 for per 5* stolen loot.
*If there are way too many active thieves in the server, EP reward for the thieves will drop to 1 for per 5* stolen loot.
*The EP reward change for the thieves will be on the go. There will not be any update or announcement in advance.
*In case the number of the active thieves in the server are way too many and enough to ruin the economical (jobbing) activities in the server; upon admin's decision, joining thief union might be temporarily disabled with prior ingame notice.

*There will not be any poll, public discussion regarding the thieving rewards.

The reason for the above policy is to help the server economy run smoothly and provide a long term, healthy server. There is no doubt, thieving is way much more fun compared to trading which is why pretty much everyone would love to play a thief character. If we are to allow this, the server will not have a healthy economy and the achievements will become totally useless. It's the players responsibility to acknowledge above information and especially the fact that leaving the job union will result in loss of honor points earned.

Thief Count High    1 Electus Points
Thief Count Average    2 Electus Points
Thief Count Very Low    4 Electus Points

Gold Rewards

5* Loot Price : 33M

Trader    ~60m profit
Hunter    ~70m profit (6x Trader in Party)
Thief    15-30m profit x per 5*

Hunters gets the most gold and EP. 
Thieves gets lowest gold and EP as it's the most fun to play. 

Gold Limit

Once you hit your daily or weekly jobbing limit, you will still earn gold even though you will not earn any Electus Points, however the gold reward will drastically reduce for traders and thieves.

Trader    100% > 30%
Hunter    100% > 75%
Thief    100% > 30%

Weekly Electus Point Limit Upgrade

In order to keep the competition a little bit balanced, we've set a global limit of ''800 EP Per Week'' rule. We will raise this limit by +800 every week. So in general, first day players can farm 800 EP max per week. For the new players, this doesn't apply, they can farm as many as they want until they hit the global limit. 

Exception: For the first week, we will keep the limits 50% lower as everyone will be busy leveling up in the first 2-3 days and it's logically not possible to fill an entire week's limit until the first weekly update on Thursday. So it's gonna go like; 
Week 1: 400 EP Limit
Week 2: 1200 EP Limit
Week 3: 2000 EP Limit
And +800 EP for every next week.

And the best part about this system is, if you were busy let's say the last week and you manage to collect only 650 EP, you can obtain more than 950 EP the next week and catch up because the next week's limit is gonna be 1600 and your limit is only 650. :)

JOB RANKS [Job Levels x Buff]

Job levels matters in Electus. Level up to claim a better buff while jobbing. A fancy icon will appear on top of your character and will disappear as soon as you unequip your job suit. (There is no icon for job level 1)
It's important to note that if you leave your job union, your job rank, honor buffs and honor rank will be vanished.


Unlock WANTED buffs by killing 10 or more enemies without dying at all. Enjoy them as much as you can because you only have 8 hours until the buff expires. As soon as you die in job mode (whilst you have a wanted buff), it will be vanished.

10 kills = Wanted Lv. 1
20 kills = Wanted Lv. 2
30 kills = Wanted Lv. 3
40 kills = Wanted Lv. 4
50 kills = Wanted Lv. 5


Each job type will have it's own
 top 50 rank. The rankings are being updated every 15 minutes.

The whole honor ranking and the buffs will be removed every 2 weeks on Thursdays' weekly update. This way, people will have to work on honor buffs again, and the ones without honor buff will have ability to compete again.



1. Jobbing
- You will obtain 1 honor point for every electus point obtained from jobbing.
- There is no honor point limit from jobbing.

2. Survival Arena
- Each kill in survival arena grants 1 honor point.
- Each death in survival arena will remove 1 honor point.
- There is no overall honor point limit in survival arena.
- 2 honor points can be obtained from a certain enemy per survival arena event

3. Survival Arena Winnings
- Position #1 will grant 12 extra honor points
- Position #2 will grant 10 extra honor points
- Position #3 will grant 5 extra honor points

4. Job Kills
- Each job kill grants 2 honor point.
- Each death in job mode will remove 2 honor point.
- Killing the same opponent in job mode will not grant another honor point in the next 8 hours.

5. Unique Kills
- Each unique kill will grant honor point as it's given below.


Tigergirl STR: 3
Cerberus : 3
Ivy : 4
Uruchi : 5
Isyutaru : 5
Isyutaru STR: 5 
Lord Yarkan: 7
Lord Yarkan STR: 7
Demon Shaitan: 10 
Demon Shaitan STR: 10
Karkadann: 12
Khulood: 12
Selket STR: 14
Neith: 14
Anubis: 16 
Isis: 16
Haroeris: 14 
Seth STR: 14
Santa: 15
Simulation: 15
Medusa: 30


6. Battle Arena winnings
- Each BA winning will grant 10 honor points

7. CTF winnings
- Each CTF winning will grant 10 honor points.

8. Fortress War kills
- Each kill in fortress war grants 1 honor point.
- 1 honor point can be obtained from a certain enemy at a fortress war.
- There is no overall honor point limit in fortress war(s).



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