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Date: 26-12-2019
Time: 18:00
Downtime: 15-45 Minutes


  • Increased global Electus Points limit from 7600 to 8600.
    Seal of Moon Weapons [MOTAA7 DELWA2TY]
  • Seal of Moon Chest [MOTAA7 DELWA2TY]
    Seal of Moon Necklace [MOTAA7 DELWA2TY]
    Seal of Moon Legs+Ring: 12/12/2019 [MOTAA7 DELWA2TY]
    Seal of Moon Head+Earring: 19/12/2019 [MOTAA7 DELWA2TY]
    Seal of Moon Shoulder+Foot: 26/12/2019 [MOTAA7 DELWA2TY]
    • Seal of Moon Hands: 02/01/2020 [BANNED]
      LEGENDARY UPDATE: January 16th, 2020
    • Disabled Character Visuals in Fortress War
    • Honor Ranking & Buffs are reset now.
    • Union Limit has been changed from 3 to 2
      1 guild has been randomly kicked out of unions with 3 guilds 
    • Added Advanced Elixir Weapon (+1) in Electus Shop for 400 Electus Points & 5 Gold Coin
    • New character visuals are available in Char Visuals NPC
    • Fortress War & Sunday-Funday Start time has been changed. Both events will start 1 hour earlier now.
    • Survival Arena #1 Winner will receive 1x Elite Box instead of Diamond Box now
    • Reduced required SP for Godsend Skills from 10M to 5M.


    • [NEW] Lightning Strenght - Godsend: Available in Lightning Mastery, require 400 STR, Lv1 : Critical 3 Increase
    • Bicheon Force - Godsend: -2% Magical Damage Increase (10% > 8%)
    • Hybrid Heuksal - Godsend: +2% Physical Damage Increase (5% > 7%), +3% Magical Damage Increase(4% > 7%), +2 Critical Increase (5 > 7)
    • Hybrid Bicheon - Godsend: +2 Critical Increase (3 > 5), +2 Phy. Dmg. Increase (5% > 7%)

    Item Mall Discounts
    Discount period for below items has ended

    • 16 Degree Model Switcher scroll price was reduced by 20% 
    • 15 Degree Model Switcher scroll price was reduced by 10% 
    • Seal of Moon Glow Switcher scrolls price was reduced by 10% 
    • Character Reset Scroll price was reduced by 22% 
    • Stat Reset Scroll price was reduced by 20% 
    • Skill Reset Scroll price was reduced by 20% 
    • [VISUAL NPC] Holy Wings Character Visuals price was reduced by 15% 
    • [TITLE NPC] All colorful titles price was reduced by 20% 

    Electus' Starter Boost

    • New characters will now get starter badge with special buffs [7 Days Duration]
    • New characters will get last tier +4 fb items in their starter inventory 
    • New characters start level is now 100
      -Those items levels will require lower level to equip but they are in fact equal to last tier items
    • New characters will have 50x Reverse Return Scroll in their starter inventory (non-tradeable)
    • 10 DG last tier FB +4 items are now obtainable from Hotan NPC's for 1M Gold

    Fortress War

    • Jangan Fortress is enabled. Gold Reward for occupying Jangan Fortress is '100 B'
      Fortress wars will take place every week on Sundays between 19:30 - 20:30
      You can register for fortress war 24/7 other than fortress war time.
      Zerk is disabled, Fellow pets are enabled in Fortress War.

    Legendary Avatars

    • Removed Week #10 Avatar Dresses: Electus Christmas Dress (Red)
    • Added Week #11 Avatar Dresses: Electus Christmas Dress (Green)
      Electus Christmas dresses are Designed & Created by [GM]Simulation

    • You will receive +40% additional bonus silk for your donations during the event period.
      Event period is based on Electus Time and will last for 48 hours only.

    • Bonus silk you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
      Your bonus silk reward is added on your account instantly.

      Period start: Saturday 00:00 (Electus Time)
      Period end: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time)

      COMMENT EVENT (50X Winners)

      -1x Razer Gaming Headphones
      -10x500 Silk EPIN
      -10x1000 Silk EPIN
      -10x Character Visuals
      -10x Fellow Pets
      -5x Advanced Beginner Packs
      -3x Exclusive Electus TShirts
      -1x Discord Nitro

      -Like the Post
      -Comment Your Charname
      -Winners 16/01/2020

      :) Click On Me to Join :) 

      1-) EL LA3EEBA HATA5OD 2X ELECTUS POINT from Survival Arena, Job Kills, CTF and Battle arena.

      -Event Start Time: 30/12/2019 | 18:00 | Monday
      -Event End Time: 02/01/2020 | 17:45 | Thursday  

      2-) Players will receive 2X Electus Points from Jobbing.

      -Daily jobbing limit will be increased to 160 during the event time.
      -Players will not receive 2X Gold during the event time.
      -Players will not receive 2X achievement EP during the event time. (Electus Box - Weekly Jobbing Challenge, Achievement #4)

      -Event Start Time: 30/12/2019 | 18:00 | Monday
      -Event End Time: 02/01/2020 | 17:45 | Thursday  

      PRIZE : $500

      -Tournament will take place on January 25, Saturday between 15:00 - 23:00
      -Event Details will be posted on Electus Facebook Page soon. Stay tuned!

      Match 1: 3 PM
      Match 2: 4.30 PM
      Match 3: 6 PM
      Match 4: 7.30 PM
      Match 5: 9 PM


              Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 20:30. 
             Location => Donwhang South!

    • Phase 1

        Unique Event at DW South (20:30)

    • Phase 2

        Unique Event at Whole Map (20:50) 

    • Phase 3

        Search N Destroy Event (20:55) 

    • Phase 4 

        Hide N Seek Event (21:05)

    • Phase 5

        Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (21:15)
        Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (21:15)

    • Phase 6

        PVP Tournament (21:30)
        Visit This Link to Register.

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