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Date: 09 - 01 - 2020
Start Time: 18:00
Downtime: 30-120 Minutes


1/4 of the year is GONE!
We are celebrating the Legendary Update with 

Players will receive +50% BONUS SILK for donations starting from the update time - until Sunday 23:59
This event is legendary update special and the bonus will NOT be +50% in the next weeks but lower. This is one time offer.

-Event period is based on Electus Time and available until Sunday 23:59.
-Bonus silk you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
-Your bonus silk reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (Superrewards+EPIN).

Period start: Thursday 18:00 (Electus Time)
Period end: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time)

So... the winner out of 500+ participants is... '_Xpesific' Congratulations! Please contact [GA]Yukie on Discord to claim your reward.
And of course this is not the only gift, the other 49 winners are announced 
Razer Headset.png
Part 1 - Main Changelog
Part 2 - New Content


- Increased Global Electus Point limit from 9600 to 10600
- Honor Ranking & Buffs are reset now.
- Seal of Moon & Grand Electus Equipment Switchers are now available in Item Mall (Garment <> Protector <> Armor)
- Coin & Silk drops sheet has been fully updated (Including changes in FGW/Godsend/Roc etc.) We worked on the rarity of the coins, gold and silk in order to protect the value of them. Full dropsheet can be found on Discord #drops channel during the downtime
- Advanced Elixir Weapon (+1) is now available in Magic Pop with mid-hard rate
- Advanced Elixir Shield & Protector & Accessory are available in Electus Shop
- Lottery Event has been re-worked as the server population is 1/6th now
- Increased '' Lamp '' success rate from 1/250 to 1/100

1/100 Seal of Eden Accessory
1/100 Seal of Eden Equipment
3/100 Elite Box
95/100 10x Arena Coin

-Elite Box now has 1/100 success rate for Grand Electus Equipment [*20%]
-Survival Arena teleporter now require additional 5M gold
- A new transpet is available in Item Mall now (Additional 1 loot slot available)
- 20% Discount for a limited time: ''Character Visuals: Horns''
- 25% Discount for a limited time: ''Character Reset Scroll'' (Resets+Restores Stats & Skills)
- ~5% Discount for Seal of Moon Weapons (Available in SOM NPC)
- ~5% Discount for SOE to SOM Weapon Upgrader Scroll
- Reduced Job Cave Uniques' HP by 20%
- All players registered before today will receive ''Veteran Player Badge'' (Neutral Buff)
- All players creating a new char from today on will receive ''Newcomer Badge'' (Neutral Buff)
- 2+2 Slow Glow Changer Scrolls are added to Item Mall for Legendary GE & Moon Weapons
- All rare avatars are available in Item Mall now for a limited time.

 - Holy Water Temple -
- Enter Holy Water Temple with your squad, complete the quests for special rewards and collect the drops from the uniques.

- Complete Holy Water Temple Quests to earn EP & SP Scrolls, Elixir Weapon & Protector. Quest NPC is available in Donwhang, near the storage NPC.

Quest #1: Kill 80 Maeutu Crab (EP Scroll)
Quest #2: Kill Horus (EP Scroll)
Quest #3: Kill Osiris (SP Scroll)
Quest #4: Kill Nephthys (SP Scroll)
Quest #5: Kill Sphinx (20x Elixir Weapon)
Quest #6: Kill Sekhmet (20x Elixir Protector)

Sphinx: 2 Copper Coin, 2 Silver Coin, Diamond Box (5%), Elite Box (5%), Peculiar Box (20%)
Sekhmet: 2 Copper Coin, 2 Silver Coin, Diamond Box (5%), Elite Box (5%), Peculiar Box (20%)
Nephthys: 2 Copper Coin, 2 Silver Coin, Diamond Box (5%), Elite Box (5%), Peculiar Box (20%)
Horus: 2 Copper Coin, 2 Silver Coin, Diamond Box (5%), Elite Box (5%), Peculiar Box (20%)
Osiris: 3 Copper Coin, 3 Silver Coin, 2 Iron Coin, Diamond Box 100%, Elite Box (25%), Peculiar Box 100%, Talisman Drop (4%), 500 Silk Scroll (3%), Electus Box (1%), 

- Legendary Upgrader Scrolls -
- You can now upgrade your end game content (Seal of Moon or Grand Electus) item to Legendary one.
- Purchase a Legendary Upgrader scroll from Electus NPC in Donwhang. Place your Moon/GE item in page 1 slot 1 and use the legendary upgrader scroll on it.
- Once the scroll is used, your Moon / GE item will be upgraded to Legendary one and it's stats will be increased by +2.
- Your items stats, plus, blues, model, glow switcher and everything will remain as it is. For the weapons, the glow will be changed to Legendary one. You can visit Electus Showroom (Teleport from Donwhang) to find out more about the Legendary Weapon glows. Legendary Weapons do have alternative (Marvelous & Superior) glow changer scrolls as well (Check Item Mall).

Tradeability of the Items & Scrolls
- Legendary Moon items are untradeable just like Moon items
- Legendary Grand Electus equipments & accessories are non tradeable. Legendary GE Weapon is tradeable as an exception
- All legendary upgrader scrolls are non tradeable


- Legendary Skills -

Legendary Update brings the powerful legendary skills!
- Legendary Skills are so powerful that you might one hit your enemy with those, maybe not. Most likely yes you can. So yes, these are real powerful skills.
- You can not spam these skills because they have very high cooldown and on each level up, the cooldown is reduced.

Level 1 : 24 Hours
Level 2 : 15 Hours
Level 3 : 10 Hours
Level 4 : 9 Hours
Level 5 : 8 Hours
Level 6 : 7 Hours

- These skills are not easily learned. They require 40M Skill Points per level and each skill has 6 Levels. 
- Once Character / Skill reset scrolls or Race Switcher Scroll is used, you will receive 40M Skill Points back for each Legendary Skill level learned.
- Skill edit potions can not be used on Legendary Skills (Anti-Bug Abuse)

Battle Royale Skill Changes
Sword Dance - Battle Royale: + 8 Critical Increase
Cut Dance - Battle Royale: + 5 Critical Increase
Flying Dragon - Battle Royale: +Phy attack power 1639 - 1936, Crit 10>15
Resistance - Battle Royale: +Phy def power 355 Increase
Snow Storm - Battle Royale: INT 380 Requirement
Ghost Walk - Battle Royale: Bug Fix
Fire Protection - Battle Royale: Mag def power 522 Increase

Fortress War
Jangan Fortress is enabled. Gold Reward for occupying Jangan Fortress is '100 B'
Fortress wars will take place every week on Sundays between 19:30 - 20:30
You can register for fortress war 24/7 other than fortress war time.
Zerk is disabled, Fellow pets are enabled in Fortress War.

Legendary Avatars

All legendary avatars are now available in Item Mall for a limited time now.

PRIZE : $500

-Tournament will take place on January 25, Saturday between 15:00 - 23:00
-Event Details including registration information can be found here

1-) Players will receive 2X Electus Points from Survival Arena, Job Kills, CTF and Battle arena.

-Event Start Time: 18:00 | Monday
-Event End Time: 17:45 | Thursday  

2-) Players will receive 2X Electus Points from Jobbing.

-Daily jobbing limit will be increased to 160 during the event time.
-Players will not receive 2X Gold during the event time.
-Players will not receive 2X achievement EP during the event time. (Electus Box - Weekly Jobbing Challenge, Achievement #4)

-Event Start Time: 18:00 | Monday
-Event End Time: 17:45 | Thursday  


          Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 20:30. 
         Location => Donwhang South!

  • Phase 1

    Unique Event at DW South (20:30)

  • Phase 2

    Unique Event at Whole Map (20:50) 

  • Phase 3

    Search N Destroy Event (20:55) 

  • Phase 4 

    Hide N Seek Event (21:05)

  • Phase 5

    Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (21:15)
    Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (21:15)

  • Phase 6

    PVP Tournament (21:30)
    Visit This Link to Register.

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