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Comment Event #3 Winners [50X - 09.01.2020]

1 Abdullah Akman Aizen--500 SILK (ATHENS)
2 Acc-Yehia EL-Naggar Th3OnlyOne--500 SILK (ATHENS)
3 Annh Dũng MiuMiu--500 SILK (ATHENS)
4 Jasmin Mušeljić StarShine--500 SILK (ATHENS)
5 Bora Çakıcı Adolf--500 SILK (ATHENS)
6 Ahmed Omar Dr_aallloo--500 SILK (ATHENS)
7 Erdal Tekin DarkLight--500 SILK (ATHENS)
8 Hüseyin Bağotu Megadeth--500 SILK (ATHENS)
9 Caner Istanbullu WhiteShadow--500 SILK (ATHENS)
10 Mehmet Onur Therapist--500 SILK (ATHENS)

11 MohẳḾmĕd Ặŝhrẳf RXxMaSterxXR--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
12 KåRêM ÊL Dercola--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
13 Ömer Sefa Ak Cheezinone--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
14 Stephen Maza Alejandro SoL0LeveLinG--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
15 Long Đoàn Ngọc VN_Player--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
16 Alaa Lotfy El-Dakroury HideOnButt--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
17 Ahmed Abd ElNasser Nairobi--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
18 Muhammet Ali Sever LadyAnasta--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
19 Necmi Yondemli NY--1000 SILK (ATHENS)
20 Nguyễn Chí Hiếu VN_Bow--1000 SILK (ATHENS)

21 Medo Moamen Miracle-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
22 Đức Mạnh VN_Jokerr-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
23 Turgut Yıldız HAMMER-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
24 Burhan Altıntaş aLPaGuT-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
25 Yücel Gedikoğlu DEATHSHOT-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
26 Sim Chong Aik Crazy_Newbie-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
27 Tanju Aydin LadyArwen-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
28 Danny Adel Xploska-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
29 Cengizhan Çelik Cengizh4N-- Char Visual (ATHENS)
30 Hazem Gharib Shehata The_Revenant-- Char Visual (ATHENS)

31 André Ribeiro Tocha-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
32 Sin Myousin CaoCao-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
33 Emteo Sao LADDYKILER-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
34 Koong Jia Hui James-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
35 Ahmed Maher eldance-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
36 Berk Akan ThunderLady-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
37 ALim Aslan Orochi-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
38 Abdo Abdo BigB0m_-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
39 Phengvang Vang Mundeen-- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)
40 Ferit Havli DraqhuLa -- Fellow Pet (ATHENS)

41 Mohammed Elgendey M10-- Advanced Pack (ATHENS)
42 Kenan Imamović Katara-- Advanced Pack (ATHENS)
43 Gültekin Üst logiC-- Advanced Pack (ATHENS)
44 Armando Barrera Buzurkerr-- Advanced Pack (ATHENS)
45 Tibet Tarkan Acar TDope -- Advanced Pack (ATHENS)

46 Tolga Alkaya PATRON -- Electus TShirt
47 Emad Beshara Mugin36 -- Electus TShirt
48 Mehmet Onur Therapist -- Electus TShirt

49 Vini Vici D4rkvoice -- Discord Nitro

50 _Xpesific (Charname) -- Razer Gaming Headphones

-Congratulation to all winners.
Contact Game Assistant Yukie on Discord to Claim Your Reward: CLICK ON ME TO CONTACT YUKIE ON FACEBOOK
Players must claim their reward within 48  hours. Else, they will lose their chance to obtain their rewards. For Razer Gaming Headphones Reward, it's 72 hours.
-There is a '' 144 HZ GAMING MONITOR GIVEAWAY '' coming out in a few days on ELECTUS FACEBOOK PAGE. Stay tuned!!!

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