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Poseidon Early Information

Turkish Version
Arabic Version

Here is what you need, here is what you want! :x
Poseidon is on it's way, you better be prepared than late & sorry.

General Server Information
Much expected and requested, there are several gameplay changes, especially play2win oriented changes that we are happy to announce.

  • SOE Weapon disabled in the first 3 weeks
  • SOE Gear/Accessories disabled in the first 1 month
  • SOA is disabled in the first 2-3 weeks
  • SOE>SOM Weapon Upgrader will remove the plus and the stats of the item
  • Magic Stones won't be extremely hard to farm (It will be not easy but not extreme hard like before)
  • Seal of Moon Release: Week #5
  • Obtaining end-game content won't be extremely hard. Players will be fully farmed (Skills & Endgame items) at the end of 4 month period if they are 100% active.
  • Several refreshing event ideas and more to come

With the above changes, the gameplay will be a little bit easier and doable for everyone. We always chose to make the gameplay very hard because we want the server to last at least 1 year and hard to obtain end-game content. But it appears that people do not stick to the servers for 1 year+ so we will adapt our gameplay accordingly and see how it will go with Poseidon. That being said, you will be able to learn all godsend skills, legendary skills, collect all SOM parts and upgrade them to SUN (Legendary Update) at the end of 4th month. Then there will be other minor updates to keep the game competitive and fun in the longer term. 

Lower Requirements for Moon
Let's be real here. Making the end-game content extremely hard as we always wanted and made never worked very well, especially after 4-5 months. So, we are lowering the requirements a little bit and here is a schedule for you (approx)

SOS RELEASE: Monday Restart (Start Date)
SOA RELEASE: Week 2 (Start Date)

SOM GEAR 2X: Week 6
SOM GEAR 2X: Week 7
SOM GEAR 2X: Week 8
SOM ACC 2X: Week 9
SOM ACC 2X: Week 10

LEGENDARY UPGRADE=> 4X Part Upgradeable Per week [WEEK 12+]
12400 EP / 120 Days, 4 Months to be fully obtain endgame content. 400 EP First Week / 800 Next weeks

Lowered SOX Values
Instead of overpowered sox items, we are checking in with the nerfed SOX values (Compared to 110 Cap & Athens Servers).

SOS: +1
SOA: +3
SOE: +5
SOM: +7

SOS: +1
SOA: +2
SOE: +3
SOM: +5

If you have a normal set, you're good. I mean, don't walk around with a normal set in the second-third week anyway but if you do, you won't be handicapped big time. If you're behind with the sox tiers, you won't be in big trouble either.

1 Year Uptime Guarantee
Your account, money and work is valued for us. No matter how many players are left in the server after 10-11 months, we are keeping the server online for you all for at least 1 year. After 1 year, if the player count is above 20, we will keep it online for longer time period, no matter we get donations or not.

These are just what I have in mind at 3 AM on a Monday night... More information to be posted on Electus Discord Channel every day.  You can also feel free to pass us your thoughts, feedback and requests in #main-lounge.

Closed Beta Phase Starts February 1st. Closed Beta Access is granted to limited people including Nitro Boosters. Become a nitro booster today to get access to Poseidon Closed Beta.

Official Release Dates

EPVP Thread, Beta & Grand Opening release dates will be announced on on Saturday 1 PM. 




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