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Date: 23-04-2020
15 minutes to 40 minutes


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Server population is around 8000's at prime time. Today is day #42. And we DONT STOP! The journey is not even there half way. Old players: You can obtain 2X SOM part per week (800 EP Limit / 400 EP per part). New players, Enough dealing with starter set and all. Now, you can get a full blue final NPC set instantly. Get in and start to TURBO FARM Electus Points.

New players can now continue to
TURBO FARM EP from Survival Arena, 6 EP per kill. Getting around 20-25 kills per event x 3 events per day would be enough to farm more than 1000 EP within JUST 1 week, only from Survival Arena event. Ride your Camel, join BA/CTF/FW and hunt enemies in job war to catch up with the old players. Remember, they have 800 EP Limit per week, YOU DONT!

Meanwhile, we will be push the limits with the advertisements and all, to hit 9000 online again. Remember, Poseidon is the BIGGEST AND THE BEST server so far. 42 days and still 8000+ online. Well, Corona situation helped people stay home and play yea, so let's use it in the best way possible and re-write the history of PSRO. We all are in this together. VIVA ELECTUS! :x

SOM Release dates as following; (You can obtain 2X SOM Part per week. 800 EP Limit / 400 EP per part)
April 16 Seal of Moon Weapons unlocked 
April 23 Seal of Moon Gear to be unlocked (Head & Shoulder)
April 30 Seal of Moon Gear to be unlocked (Chest & Hands) -- 400 EP + Coins
May 7 Seal of Moon Gear to be unlocked (Legs & Foot) -- 400 EP + Coins
May 14 Seal of Moon Acc to be unlocked (Necklace & Earring) -- 400 EP + Coins
May 21 Seal of Moon Acc to be unlocked (Ring) -- 400 EP + Coins


  • Increased Global Electus Point limit from 4500 to 5300 (+800 increase every week.)
  • EP Requirement of Seal of Moons are set. Arena Coin requirement is reduced from 140 to 125 for all SOM gear.
    - SOM Shoulder & Head is now obtainable from Moon NPC.
    - SOM Equipments are non-tradeable.
    - SOM Equipments can be transformed into any kind with transformation scrolls, in case you want to change your race or build. (Armor<>Protector<>Garment<>Robe<>Light Armor<>Heavy Armor) 

  • Reset Honor Ranking & Buffs
  • SOE Weapon & Shield upgrader scrolls are now available in Electus Shop (As announced earlier)
  • Boosted magic pop > Advanced Elixir (Shield, Protector, Accessory) Success Rate. (Weapon rate is still the same)
  • Removed Samarkand Trader NPC
  • Added advanced elixir remover scroll @ Electus Shop. This scroll removes the advanced elixir from your item. No coins / ep returned. 
  • Fixed SOX glows for several bugged weapons
  • Boosted Copper Coin drop amount from Godsend Dungeon by 50% (4x > 6x per unique)
  • Re-adjusted fees for entering certain job cave & medusa room.
  • Magic Pop & 1% Alchemy Boost Scroll price increase (5~10%)
  • Increased EP reward for winning Capture the Flag from 10 EP to 15 EP
  • Hybrid Bicheon - Godsend : STR and INT requirements have been increased to 330 -- These skills were removed from all characters and 10m sp have been added for those who had them on.
  • Hybrid Heuksal - Godsend : STR and INT requirements have been increased to 330 -- -- These skills were removed from all characters and 10m sp have been added for those who had them on.
  • Disabled all drops for ''RUIN CUTTER'' monsters in Godsend Dungeon.
  • Re-worked Elite Box (More rewarding now)
     +2% SOE Equipment chance

     +1% SOE Accessory chance
     +2% SOE Shield chance
     +2% SOA Accessory chance


Discount (Character Visuals)

  • Devil Spirit Visuals: 20% Discount (1 week only)
  • Char Visual 'Capes' : 20% Discount (1 week only)

New Players

  • New players will start with 32.5M skill points now
  • XP Rate is high enough to hit maximum level within 3-6 hours. Call all your friends in!
  • Survival Arena kills will reward you with 6 EP. Easy farm! (Old players can farm max 200 EP, new players can do 1300 without any limit!)
  • When you get to level 98, your auto equipment will grant you 10 degree last tier items (They all are 98 lv. required but they are actually equal to 3rd tier) +4 Full Blue.

Legendary Avatars

  • Removed Week #6 Avatar Dresses: Arabian Dress
  • Added Week #7 Avatar Dresses: Cursed Soul Dress



Fortress War

  • Bandit & Jangan Fortresses are available. Fortress War Starts on Sundays at 20:30, ends 21:30

Essential Information

  • Achievement #4 (Weekly jobbing challenge - 600 EP) gets reset every week at weekly maintenance, if you can't fill your achievement EP it will be gone after the next maintenance! You can continue to earn jobbing EP for achievement after hitting daily/weekly jobbing limits. You can also complete this challenge and redeem elite box more than once per week. 
  • NEW BOX: Electus BOX. Coming up next week. Only Play2Win. 100% Success Rate.
    30% bonus for all donations during the weekend period.
  • 3.png
  • You will receive 30% additional bonus silk for your donations during the weekend period.
    Event period is based on Electus Time and will last for 50 hours only.

  • Bonus silk you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
    Your bonus silk reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (PayOp+EPINs).

    Period start: Friday 22:00 (Electus Time)
    Period end: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time)

     iPhone 11 GIVEAWAY
       How to Participate:
       1. Download and install Electus App on your mobile phone. iOS: / Android:
       - If you have it downloaded already, make sure the app is up to date.
       2. Go to Giveaways section in the app and click 'JOIN'.

       3. You must have the notifications enabled for the application. Otherwise, your entry will not be valid.

Winner Announcement:
 - The winner will be announced in 4 weeks, May 8th, 1 PM.
       - When the winner is announced, you will be able to check it out in the application.
       - The winner will not pay anything (fee/transportation). The phone will be shipped to your adress. If your country's borders still closed at that time (due to COVID-19), the shipment          will be done when it's possible to do so.

 Razer Headphones & EPIN GIVEAWAY
       How to Participate:
      1. Go To Electus Facebook Page and comment your charname on the pinned post.

Winner Announcement:
 - The winner will be announced on April 30th, 6 PM.


    Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. 
    Location => Donwhang South!

    Phase 1
    Unique Event at DW South (21:30)
     Phase 2
    Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) 
    Phase 3
    Search N Destroy Event (21:55) 
    Phase 4 
    Hide N Seek Event (22:05)
    Phase 5
    Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:15)
    Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:15)
    Phase 6
    PvP Tournament (22:30)
    [ 1 vs 1 this week]
  Register here: CLICK ON ME TO REGISTER


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