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New NPC: Converter

Hello guys,

my suggestion is pretty simple and fixes silk price and makes Diamond Box for example still worthy, even in lategame/endgame.

My idea is to implement a "Converter NPC". Following i will list you what converts could be possible etc.:

1. Convert Silk into Gold or otherwise for a fixed price which can vary weekly OR every exchange costs taxes (taxes better in my opinion) because hardcore donator pressure the price so low, as you can see on poseidon, price is still not back to normal...  E. g. 100s = 300m; and 350m = 100s and every change costs taxes. (Like silk lottery a random value will be given to winners, so you can generate every week a random tax).

2. Convert low tier sos items into coins (diamond box worthy issue). E. g. SOS Item gives you 1 Copper + 1 Iron; SOA for example gives 2 Silver + 3 Copper; and so on... This would secure that the boxes are not "useless" in the late endgame when moon comes out. Quite contrary, ppl would farm and ask for diamond boxes to drop sos/soa etc..  -- and maybe even a gold coin chance, of course very rare, maybe more then adv b chance xD

I dont have any more in my mind now, but maybe there will be somebody who can expand my idea.

Hope this is going to be considered and implemted somehow.

Looking forward for your answer dear Electus Team.

HF GL and Best regards,


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