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Date: 27-08-2020
Time: 18:00
Downtime: 20-60 minutes

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Gaia Week 3'
-EL 7agat el matlooba 3ashan el EGY B te2dar teshofohom fe End Game NPC

- September 10: EGY B weapons obtainable, 2x equipments (hands & chest) w rings motaa7a ( te2dar te5tar el items w el weaps ) 
- September 17: 2x equipments (head and shoulder) and 1x accessory necklace haykoon mota7een
- September 24: 2x equipments (legs and foot) w 1x accessory earring haykoon mota7een
October 15 ~ te2dar tgeeb EGY B 

quest beta3t el egy A hatafata7 el esboo3 ely gay . zawdna nesbat el drop beta3 el talisman fel FGW . (el 7agat el egy a haynfa3 te3mlhooom upgrade l egy b b nafs el ep w el gold coins  )



  • zawadana el global limit mn 1200 l 2000 (+800 every week)
  • zawdna el survival arena kills l el 7agat ely ta7t dy (max 5 kills);
    5 Arena Coin
    3 Copper Coin
    2 Iron Coin
  • zawadna el Honor point l el hunter 5 fel 1 kill
  • zawdna el gold ely ba5do el hunter ba3d ma ye5alsa el limit mn 75% l 100% 
  • Lama el hunter yemoot msh hay5sar Honor point 
  • Zawdna el diamond box ely beyo2a3 mn el godsend 2 > 4 (EVENT).
  • ta5feed 3ala el char icon  (20% DISCOUNT FOR 1 WEEK ONLY).
  • zawdna el drop rate bta3 el luck stones 7aga baseeta
  • reset l el honor rank w buff
  • Ta8yeerat el battle arena
    Changed Battle Arena 01:00 Party to Random
    Changed Battle Arena 13:00 Party to Random
    Changed Battle Arena 18:00 Party to Random
    Changed Battle Arena 21:00 Guild to Random
  • da3fna el unique beta3 el godsend  (STR characters can do almost same damage as int in godsend now).
  • Zawdna Talisman drops from Hall of Worship (FGW).
  • Zawdna Advanced Elixir in Magic Pop.
  • zawdna drops to Treasures in Battle Royale.
  • zawdna 1% chance 2nak tegeeb shield SOA mn el lap
  • zawdna 1% chance rate to obtan SOA shield from Diamond Box.
  • zawdna Elite box to dropsheet. The box have 20% Success chance. 

    Skill Changes

    • Zawdna Horror Chord - Godsend damage from 184% to 204%.
    • Zawdna Flame Body - Trial Lv 3 from 11% to 12%.
    • 8yrna Ghost Walk - Shadow moving distance to the following;
      Lv 9 : 25.5m
      Lv 10 : 26.0m
      Lv 11 : 26.5m
      Lv 12 : 27.0m

    Bug Fixes

    • Sala7na Shield Stats (Normal shield +3 equals to nova +0).
    • Shelna AP quests from job cave.
    • Sala7na Job Cave icon on Map.
    • Sala7ana BR Stage Map (next circle wasn't showing right in the stage map).
    • Sala7na God Fire Protection rebuff (player needed to rebuff it every teleport).
    • Sala7na Pacheon Boost - Godsend skill wasn't showing in buffed skills.
    • Sala7na Haroeris HP (was spawning with 75% hp).
    • Sala7na  Hybrid Heuksal - Godsend (player was able to up it while having ballons on).

    Legendary Avatars

    • Shelna Electus Creed Dress and Electus Arabian - Black Edition Dress.
    • Zawdna Electus Reaper Dress and new Black Edition Dress to item mall.



    Fortress War

    • FATA7AN Jangan Fortress. Fortress War Starts on Sundays at 20:30, ends 21:30


    Essential Information

    • Achievement#4 ( ta7dy el esboo3 - 500 EP ) beyt3amlo reset kol esboo3 ma3 el update, law ma3raftash temla el Achievement EP hatroo7 el esboo3 el gay ma3 el update! anta te2dar ta5od EP fel Achievemnts 7ata wnta me2afal el limit daily/weekly. w anta te2dar tekamal el limit w ta5od el diamond box mara kol esboo3



    • hata5od 10% extra silk lama te3mal donate fe 5elal el weekend 
      wa2t el event bey3tamad 3ala electus time.

    • Bonus silk you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
      Your bonus silk reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (PayOp+EPINs).

      Period start: Saturday 22:00 (Electus Time)
      Period end: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time)



    Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. 
    Location => Donwhang South!

    Phase 1
    Unique Event at DW South (21:30)
    Phase 2
    Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) 
    Phase 3
    Search N Destroy Event (21:55) 
    Phase 4 
    Hide N Seek Event (22:05)
    Phase 5
    Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:15)
    Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:15)
    Phase 6
    PVP Tournament CLICK HERE to register



    ma3 el client update, e7na 3amalna patch l Electus.dll, ely momken tez3ag el windows defender shwya 7ata law anta ma3mltash login momken el dll yetma7sa7 w yebawaz el update e7na bensa7ak 2nak t follow el guide de, 3ashan mato2a3sh fe moshakala ma3 el windows defender

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