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[GUIDE] How to add exclusions to Windows Defender

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The following is a basic walk-through on how to add an exclusion to Windows Defender in order to be able to bypass it and run the Electus (the best sro around!!! (Shamless plug..)) client and mBot as well. 



One of the first screens you will see when you open Windows Defender from your start menu will be the Windows Defender main menu:





Here you want to begin by clicking on Virus & Threat protection option at the top left hand corner of the Windows Defender main menu:


Upon entering the Virus & Threat protection option you will see I now have the ability of more options you want to choose Virus & Threat protection settings.


The next windows is quite confusing for most but don't worry Enigma has got you covered. Scroll down (Possibly) and you will see the option for Exclusions:


You want to click on Add or remove exclusions. After that the next menu again may look confusing but do not fret! We will get you through this!:


Click on the '+' mark and Add an exclusion. Then select Folder:


Choose folder and now you need to navigate on your HDD (Hard Drive) to find the appropriate 'home directory' or often referred to as the parent directory. First we will add the Electus client's folder aka the client's directory to the exclusion list: (At this time the current home directory for my Electus SRO client is c:\Electus Online - Season IV)


Please note before this happens you may get a Windows Defender administration request. It is ok to allow this.

After that you'll see that the electus client's directory has been added to the list. YAY you now have added an exclusion for the Electus client! After that you click on Add an exclusion again and choose the directory for your mBot (OPTIONAL) (My current mBot directory is c:\Electus mBot - Conundrum):


After you add the exclusion for your mBot you will see that it is now also added to the exclusion listing. At this point after you add those 2 directories or folders to the exclusons list you should always keep your Electus client and your mBot in the same directory. You will also need to now reinstall the client and the mBot or install if you have not tried installing it as of yet.


Any questions I can be found in game with IGN(s) SamWise and TheRiddler Or, I am on discord at this time with the name Enigma - SamWise. Any questions or additions please get with me and I would be willing to edit if reasonable.






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