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[GUIDE] Rich Presence on Discord

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This is a step by step on how to get the ultra DOPE rich presence to show up in discord. I am doing this even though it is fairly easy because I wish for the most people to be able to use this in order to promote and support your SRO server.

First thing you need to do is to open Discord (wicked hard I KNOW!) Then click the gear link on the bottom left hand side of Discord window.


This is your user settings and from here we want to click Games on the left hand side.


From here you want to enable currently running games into your status message.


From here all you need to do is unpack and run the file from Electus Euro Rich Presence.rar

The file you have to run from the .rar is EasyRP-v1.0.exe

After running the file you will notice that under your name in discord will display like this:


And if you click on your name you will notice its different as well.


That's all there is to it! PLEASE show your support for the admins, assistants, and volunteers by doing this TODAY!

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