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The End of New World Game World

Players in the Amazon Games New World Beta are discovering the boundaries of the coming MMO world and revealing what happens to those who cross them.

The public beta for Amazon Games New World ended in the early hours of Monday morning. The game recorded an impressive number of visitors in this short span of time, with a peak of over 141,000 concurrent players on day one. That's still a remarkable number, even if the game can't quite hold it.

The purpose of the public beta, of course, is to give players a chance to test the game's limits. A New World player seems to have taken this literally by finding the edges of the map and pointing out what happens when players cross the line.

Reddit user Glorf_Warlock found a short video and uploaded it to Reddit. The clip shows his character approaching the translucent, glowing yellow wall that divides the edge of the game world. On the other hand, their health starts to wane quickly and completely disappears after about two seconds. The player is then left in a fallen state that can technically be revived, although other players are unlikely to be there to help.

The edge of the world is a yellow wall of death. From New World Games
With crossing boundaries causing so much damage so quickly, why aren't players killed instantly when they go through the wall? The alternative is that the developers at New World could make the border wall impassable, as they do in many games. While most players never run into problems, it seems a bit tough to let players go through there but give them very little time to escape. Granted, the huge glowing yellow wall makes it unlikely that many players will accidentally walk out.

Glorf_Warlock's discovery sparked some humorous comments from New World gamers on Reddit. One joked that Amazon was secretly planning to turn New Worlds into a battle royale game. Two other proposed cosmic explanations are that the wall was a magical construct erected by one of the many supernatural beings in the New World. Another assumption is that Glorf_Warlock found the entrance to the first expansion of the New World. A fifth Reddit user also noted that the slight absurdity of the game still leaves players in a state of frustration and that no one can get there to rejuvenate them.

New Worlds is slated for launch later this month and has already attracted a lot of attention despite the mixed reactions to the internal beta earlier this year. Criticized were inter alia. the lack of diversity of opponents, the unbalanced economy in the game, frequent crashes and a multitude of bugs. One of these concerned Twitch hosts who were automatically banned from milking.

One of the reasons Amazon has postponed the new world is to give developers time to fix the issues players encountered in the closed beta. Based on the comments on Fan Reddit, the effort seems to have been largely successful, but there are still some bugs and balance issues. However, the fact that the number of players in the New World peaked so early in the beta could be a red flag. However, it is probably too early to make meaningful predictions about the success of MMOs.

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