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Electus Online

Re-Vision - Redesigned Honor Buffs & Ranking System

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Harder to get all buffs.
Easier for ''everyone'' to get ''some buffs''.
Competition to the MAX.

Why this change is good:
1. There is no more need to no-life honor farm anymore. 
2. You get to choose your favorite activity to obtain your honor buff.
3. No more single char holding all honor buffs and low-mid tier farmers are out of the league.

There are 5 Honor Leagues.

League 1 [Unique Hunting]

  • You obtain different amount of Honor Points from per Unique kills (The list TBA).
  • You also obtain EP and HP if your party member gets an unique kill. (Lower reward though)
  • Unique <> Honor Point reward sheet TBA.


  • Extra Speed, Berserker Obtaining Increase

#1 12% Moving Speed + 150% Berkserker Increase (The one from king buff)
#2-15 10% Moving Speed + 135% Berkserker Increase 
#16-50 8% Moving Speed + 125% Berserker Increase 
#51-150 5% Moving Speed + 115% Berserker Increase

League 2 [Survival Kill, Survival Win, Server Dungeon Rank]

  • You obtain honor points from per Survival Kill, Survival win and also from your server dungeon ranking.
  • Server Dungeon ranking means your party score points during daily server dungeon run. (TOP 10)
  • Survival Kill, Win Server Dungeon Rank honor point rewards TBA.


  • Damage Increase

#1 4% Damage Increase
#2-15 3% Damage Increase
#16-50 2% Damage Increase
#51-#150 1% Damage Increase

League 3 [Battle Arena Wins, Capture the Flag Wins, FW Kills]

  • You obtain honor points from Winning CTF and Battle Arena, also kills in Fortress War.
  • Battle Arena, CTF wins and FW Kill Honor Rewards TBA.


  • Damage Absorbtion

#1 4% Damage Absorption
#2-15 3% Damage Absorption
#16-50 2% Damage Absorption
#51-#150 1% Damage Absorption

League 4 [Jobbing]

  • You earn as many Honor Points as Electus Points you farm from ''Jobbing Activity'' and there is no limit to it.


  • STR and INT Combo

#1 STR 7 INT 7
#2-10  STR 5 INT 5
#11-30 STR 3 INT 3
#31-#50 STR 2 INT 2
x3 job unions.

League 5 [Job Kills]

  • Kill opponents in job mode to obtain honor points.
  • Honor Point REWARD and LOSS depend on location and job union for multiple reason. By default Traders and Hunters do not lose honor points by death, that's in order to help boost caravan's protection. But this doesn't play any role for thieves' honor league because each job union has it's own honor ranking. Thieves do lose honor points upon death (-1) so they be more organized when attacking a caravan; helps boosting the competition. Inside job cave there's always honor point penalty for death that's to avoid being AFK and keep things spicy in cave especially at job cave uniques.  Maximum HP rewards at DW South job war event in order to boost the participation at this event. There are many more reasons to why those HP rewards and loss are set very specifically for both conditions and to sum these up, it's only to keep things the most competitive at job war.


  • Parry Rate and Attack Rate combo

#1  10% Parry Rate + 10% Attack Rate
#2-10 8% Parry Rate + 8% Attack Rate 
#11-30 6% Parry Rate + 6% Attack Rate
#31-#50 4% Parry Rate + 4% Attack Rate
x3 job unions.

--Outside Job Cave--
Trader: 1EP / 4HP / no hp loss
Hunter: 1EP / 4HP / no hp loss
Thief:  1EP / 1HP / -1HP

--Inside Job Cave--
Trader: 2EP / 4HP / -3HP
Hunter: 2EP / 4HP / -3HP
Thief:  2EP / 4HP / -2HP
--Donwhang South Job War Event--
Trader: 2EP / 5HP / -2HP
Hunter: 2EP / 5HP / -2HP
Thief:  2EP / 5HP / -2HP


Last but not least, you can be in all leagues of course. You can reach all those honor buffs but that's definitely not gonna be easy and of course much harder to get all buffs compared to before. And we create a lot more space for players who doesn't spend many hours playing on daily basis.

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good idea but i think the DAMAGE  league will be more played than the others

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Nice edit so my main problem with honer buff to die on weekly tasks nice Pr0x 


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