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Date: 03-03-2022
Time: 18:00
Downtime: 60 minutes (+60 mins)

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  • Reset Honor Ranking and Buffs (Weekly Reset).
  • New Players;
    New Characters get 33M Skill Points at start.
  • Elite Boxes are now available to crack and trade.
  • Enabled Seal of Moon Weapon Quest.
  • Seal of Sun prices are Pre-Adjusted in Seal of Sun NPC (Prices are not final and may change before the released date: -+10%)
    - Coin requirements are set for Seal of Sun weapons and Seal of Sun EP requirements will be revealed next week at Update #4. Coin requirements might change -+10% before release.
    - EP and Coin requirements are set for Seal of Sun equipments/accessories except for gold coin (It will be 2 gold coin req. most likely. They are set to be 9999 so none can buy it).

  • Reworked prime time Events Schedule;
    18.00 party BA
    18.30 solo survival arena
    19.00 last team standing
    19.30 medusa equalized (You can teleport in with scrolls).
    20.00 electus underground
    20:30 neith/selket
    21:00 job ba
    21:15 donwhang south job war event
    22:00 isis/anubis 
    22.30 survival team equalized
    23.00 guild ba
    00.00 search n destroy
    00.30 haroeris
    01.00 random BA
    01.30 squid game
    02.00 random ba
    02.30 solo survival arena
  • Increased EP reward from Jobbing to the following;
    Trader: 5 EP -> 10 EP
    Hunter: 10 EP -> 14 EP
    Thief: 5 EP -> 7 EP (Note that this can change automatically depends on thieves activities)

    Players will still receive same similar amount of gold reward in storage for same work. Daily gold limit will be triggered at 100 EP instead of 50 EP (Hunters are still getting no penaly).

  • Changed Medusa Event to Equalized Event.
    Disabled Parties in Medusa Event
    Changed Medusa Event HWID to 1
    Nerfed Medusa Damage (You wont die from its damage even if you have no buffs at all)
    You can adjust your equalized inventory with any wizard char and all chars will have same items in side the event area.

    You can teleport in with scrolls, use scrolls inside.
    Drops are solo based: 100x4 Electus Cash, 1x Elite Box, 1x Diamond Box (Live Chest)

  • Removed Elite Box drops From Godsend Completely
  • Adjusted Godsend Quest #4 Reward from 1x Diamond Box to 1x Elite Box
  • Increased Luck Stone Drop Rate
  • Increased Elite Box Drops at Following Uniques
    Selket 2x, Neith 2x, Isis 2x, Anubis 2x, Haroeris 3x
  • Added Elite Box Drop to Jupiter 2* : 50%
  • Increased Rogue Imbue Cooldown to 20 Seconds.
  • Nerfed Phy and Magic Absorption from 15% to 10% on Premium.
  • Nerfed Vigor Grain % from 20 to 18
  • Added Seal of Moon Weapon Changer to Item Mall. (You can change any MOON weapon to any other MOON weapon, all stats/blues/skins/adv/glow will stay same).
  • Adjustment to Potions Price;
    Reduced Purification Pill Price From 1M to 600K
    Reduced HP and MP Price From 5000 to 4000
    Reduced Vigor Recovery Grain (Small) price from 300k to 250k
  • Reduce Vigor Recovery Grain (Small) percentage from 20% to 18%
  • Nerfed Underground Unique HP by 35%
  • Increased Max EP per Survival from 20 EP to 30 EP
  • Changed Survival Challenge Gift Reward to the Following (you get one of those only)
    Seal of Star [50%]
    Seal of Moon [2%]
    2x EP Scroll + 2x SP Scroll [30%]
    2% Alchemy Boost Scroll [4%]
    3% Alchemy Boost Scroll [2%]
    115% Speed Potion 3 Days [6%]
    Emoji Chat Pack [6%]
  • Changed Survival Arena Reward to The Following;
    TOP 1: 2 Platinum Box + 1x Elite Box + Magic Pop Card
    TOP 2: 2 Platinum Box + 1 Diamond Box  + Magic Pop Card
    TOP 3: 1 Platinum Box + 1 Diamond Box 
    TOP 4: 1 Platinum Box + Magic Pop Card 
    TOP 5: 1 Platinum Box + Magic Pop Card 
  • Enabled PVP/Unique Queue.
  • Reduced FGW Cooldown from 12 Hours to 9 Hours.
  • Changed Ukranie Character Icon Flag price to 1 Electus Cash.
    All users who bought Ukraine icon is refunded.
  • Disabled Zerk in Fortress War
  • 20% Discount on All Colorful Titles 
  • Fixed Job Level Stuck @ Level 7.
  • Fixed Quest #10 (Solo Godsend SP Quest) require to kill 3x Shadow Spirit Instead of 1x.
  • Fixed Flying Dragon - godsend lvl 3 second attack power from 2021 to 2121

Comment Event #3, Telegram Event, Fortress War Event and Discord Invite Event Winners are Announced CLICK HERE to check the winners

Giving Back to the Community

As mentioned before grand opening, we are rewarding our community for their progress in Electus Online.

Weekly Rewards

  • Job Kill Rank 1: Jeopar has won  Razer DeathAdder V2 Mouse
  • Unique Kill Rank 1: MadKing has won  Razer DeathAdder V2 Mouse

Monthly Rewards

  • Battle Royale: Player with most BR wins on March 11 will receive a 144 Hz Gaming Monitor.

Grand Prize

  • The winner guild of Fortress War Event Series will receive $10,000 cash. More info here: GRAND PRIZE $10,000

Essential Information

  • Achievement #4 (Weekly jobbing challenge - 600 EP) gets reset every week at weekly maintenance, in order not to lose progress on it, complete the achievement and redeem the gift before Thursday 6 PM. (Reminder: You can complete this challenge and redeem Diamond Box more than once per week.)
  • Second Fortress war will take place @ 06.03.2022
  • FREE EPIN from Electus Mobile App is working now, EPIN's will be granted on Saturday at 8 PM server time. Download Electus Mobile App for iOS/Android now. (Search for Electus Online in store).
  • When the 3rd tier SOX (Seal of SUN aka EGY B) weapons are unlocked in the future, you will need Electus Points, Iron/Copper/Silver/Arena Coins to purchase it. In order to keep the environment play2win based, SUN items will be UNTRADEABLE. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to farming EP+Coins already. The number of required EP+Coins to purchase SUN will be announced in the following server updates.

Donation Event

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-16 at 2.46.58 PM (1).jpeg

  • You will receive 20% additional bonus for your donations starting from Tomorrow 20:00
    Bonus Electus Cash you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
    Your bonus Electus Cash reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (PayOp+EPins+Paywant)

  • Period start: 4/3/2022 | Friday | 20:00 Electus Time. 
    Period end: 6/3/2022 | Sunday | 23:59 Electus Time.

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