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Date: 17-03-2022
Time: 18:00
Downtime: 30 minutes (+30 mins)

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-16 at 9.16.32 PM.jpeg

According to SOX Release Dates announced before Server Release, today we are unlocking Seal of Sun weapon and Seal of Sun HANDS.

It's essential to know best items in all Electus Servers are designed to be play2win oriented. Therefore, SUN items are non-tradeable and can only be obtained with in-game activity (Electus Points + Coins). This helps us balance the gap between donator and non-donators. Second of all, we do not unlock all SUN items at once that's also to balance the gap between VERY ACTIVE users and others. The gap between donator and nondonator (item +) and the gap between very active and other users (more sun parts) is the benefit one can have.

17.03.2022 | Seal of Sun Weapons, Seal of Sun Hands Available Now
24.03.2022 | Seal of Sun Head, Seal of Sun Earring Unavailable
31.03.2022 | Seal of Sun Chest, Seal of Sun Necklace, Seal of Moon Weapon Upgrader Unavailable
07.04.2022 | Seal of Sun Leg, Seal of Sun Ring Unavailable
14.04.2022 | Seal of Sun Shoulder, Seal of Sun Foot Unavailable
21.04.2022 | Legendary Upgrade Unavailable


  • New Players will start with the following boost;
    Boosted EXP
    New Characters get 155M Skill Points at start. (10x Skill Up)
    Beginner Premium (1 Week, Untradeable)
    Devil Spirit (1 Week, Untradeable)
    Santa Dress (Untradeable)
    Start Level 92 with 10dg sos items
  • Reset Honor Ranking and Buffs (Weekly Reset).
  • Added 1x Copper Coin per kill in survival arena (max 4 per event)
    Added 1x Silver Coin per kill in survival arena (max 4 per event)
    Added 1x Arena Coin per kill in survival arena (max 4 per event)
  • Enabled Tradeability/crackability of Peculiar Box
  • *On a side note, Peculiar Box is a ''common'' box with extremely low success rate. By cracking this box, you have 1 out of 1000 chance to obtain Grand Electus Weapon. Grand Electus Weapon is equivalent of Seal uf Sun Weapon and tradeable. This SOX type is a duplicated version of SUN, a very rare item. 
    It has two benefits
    - Peculiar Box or Grand Electus Weapon existence helps users sell the box-item for a good value.
    - Grand Electus Weapon helps users who starts the server very late and didn't have opportunity to farm EP for SUN like the other users.
  • Added all types of Advanced Elixir B to Electus Point NPC (UNTRADEABLE). EP + Coin requirement.
  • Boosted Green Stone Drop Rate (especially for new users).
  • Job Cave - Job Kill Achievement (#9) quest reward is boosted (3M SP to 5M SP)
  • Disabled Stall Network temporarily.
  • Changed Spawn time of major uniques to the following;
    Homocidal Santa: will take from 7 to 8 hours to spawn
    Baal[STR]: will take from 6 to 7 hours to spawn
    Fat Stone Boi[STR]: will take from 6 to 7 hours to spawn
    Dark Soul: will take from 6 to 7 hours to spawn
    Simulation: will take from 7 to 8 hours to spawn

    (!) If the uniques doesn't appear within above time range, do not report it. That's how SRO works, it should appear soon.
  • Removed Copper Coin from Haroeris (To avoid drop limit)
    Increased Iron Coin from Haroeris from 6 to 10.
    Removed 100 electus cash drops from Haroeris and added 3x 250 electus cash (To avoid drop limit)
  • Removed Copper Coin from Selket, Neith, Isis and Anubis (To avoid drop limit)
    Increased Peculiar Box drop from each to 5
  • Increased Peculiar Box drop from the following uniques to 4 each;
    Homocidal Santa, Baal[STR], Fat Stone Boi[STR], Dark Soul, Simulation.
  • Increased Peculiar Box Drop From Jupiter 3* to 3
  • Added 1x Peculiar Box Godsend Quest #4 (Current rewards are still there)
  • Updated Lamp (Daily Quest Item) rewards to the following;
    8/100 Seal of Star
    2/100 Seal of Moon
    90/100 15x Arena Coins, 4x Copper Coins, 4x Silver Coins
  • Added Grand Electus Weapon Switcher to Item Mall 
  • Added Seal of Sun Weapon Switcher to Item Mall
  • Added Universal Race Switcher Scroll to Item Mall 
    Note: Scroll change the race only and works on Seal of Sun and Grand Electus Only, it will change the race of the item example garment <> robe, light armor <> protector, armor <> heavy armor and for shield EU <> CH.
  • Changed Squid Game Reward to the following;
     600 Electus Cash + 3x Peculiar Box.

Weekly Top Job and Unique Hunters

  • Both winners will receive permanent and colored Discord Badge, Exclusive Char Visual (Wing), Charname Color Changer (His Choice)
    Top Job Killer of the Week: Superrail
    Top Unique Hunter of the Week: Superrail

Grand Prize

  • The winner guild of Fortress War Event Series will receive $10,000 cash. More info here: GRAND PRIZE $10,000
    WhatsApp Image 2022-03-16 at 9.16.54 PM (1).jpeg

Essential Information

  • Achievement #4 (Weekly jobbing challenge - 600 EP) gets reset every week at weekly maintenance, in order not to lose progress on it, complete the achievement and redeem the gift before Thursday 6 PM. (Reminder: You can complete this challenge and redeem Electus Box more than once per week.)
  • Fourth Fortress war will take place @ 20.03.2022
  • FREE EPIN from Electus Mobile App is working now, EPIN's will be granted on Saturday at 8 PM server time. Download Electus Mobile App for iOS/Android now. (Search for Electus Online in store).
  • Seal of Moon weapons will be upgradeable to Grand Electus Weapons 2 weeks AFTER seal of sun weapons are unlocked. Grand Electus Weapons are 1:1 equal to Seal of Sun and can be tradeable. The upgrade scroll will be available on March 31st.
    Note: Glow and model will reset when you upgrade your SOM weapon to GE. Stats, Blue and Plus will remain
    Note: only weapons are upgradeable, shields wont be upgradeable

Donation Event

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-16 at 2.46.58 PM.jpeg

  • You will receive 30% additional bonus for your donations starting from Tomorrow 20:00
    Bonus Electus Cash you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
    Your bonus Electus Cash reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (PayOp+EPins+Paywant)

  • Period start: 10/3/2022 | Friday | 20:00 Electus Time. 
    Period end: 13/3/2022 | Sunday | 23:59 Electus Time.

Sunday Funday Events

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-16 at 9.16.40 PM (2).jpeg

Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. 
Location => Donwhang South!

Phase 1
Unique Event at DW South (21:30)
Phase 2
Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) 
Phase 3
Search N Destroy Event (22:00) 
Phase 4 
Hide N Seek Event (20:05)
Phase 5
Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (20:20)
Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:20)

Phase 6
PVP Tournament Register FROM HERE [Blader is Banned]


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