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Electus League Event (EQUALIZED)

Proud to announce Electus way of MOBA event. (League of Legends style).

We pushed SRO limits to best to create the best MOBA event possible. It still lacks some MOBA mechanics and we are working on improving it. Your feedback is also important!


1- First you will need a party made of 5 players, party master can register from Electus Menu, once you get in, everyone will have equalized items D10 Tier 2 type normal. Event duration is 15 minutes (We might change this later).
2- Your target is to destroy enemy towers (in order) and then The Heart. In the meantime collect rewards, points and honor buffs from killing enemies, elites, uniques and towers.

Points does not mean anything if you kill enemy heart. However, if no heart is destroyed in 15 minutes, the team with higher points win.

Killing Enemy: 50 Points
Elite: 15 Points
Unique: 100 Points
Tower: 250 Points
Heart: 500 Points

Towers: 1x STR Scroll, 1x INT Scroll, 1x HP Scroll, 1x MP Scroll, 5x Sos items, 5x Som items and 1x Sun item (Equipment and Accessories)
Uniques: 1x Sos Weapon, 1x Som Weapon, 20% Chance to drop Sun weapon

Burrowing Slayer: PHY/MAG DMG absorption 3% and attack rate increase 20% for whole team (respawn every 2-4 minutes)
Fear Monger: PHY/MAG DMG increase 3% and movement speed 10% for whole team (respawn every 2-4 minutes)


There will be 2 uniques, one spawning in the mid of mid-top lane and the other in the mid of mid-bot lane.
When you die, you will have 20 seconds before you are able to respawn at your base.

Winner team gets 30 Electus Points + 40 Honor Points
Loser team gets 15 Electus Points + 20 Honor Points

Killing an unique will grant your entire team 2 specific honor buffs (out of 4), 100 Points and drops.


- IP & PC Limit is 1.

- If you are in a party with more than 5 players or less than 5 players you won't be able to register.

- In order to attack the second tower you first must kill the first tower and so on till you reach the heart.

- If one of your party members left the party or disconnected after the party master registered and before the event started, event won't start for you but you will be able to register again. 

- You cant register with job mode.

- If you try to buy anything from item mall inside the event you will get disconnected.

- If you get disconnected in the event area, you will spawn outside event area and won't be able to go inside again, you will lose your round as well.

- You can play the event twice per day, reset @ 00:00.
- When the event ends and you are teleported out, any buff-item you obtained in the event area will be gone. You will continue to play ''Your Character'' like normal.


- Get atleast 4 players in your party (total 5 players per team)
- Party master need to open electus menu, click on League Arena and register his party, he will get queued to join against other teams that registered


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