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Hello and welcome to very first server update for Babel :x
With this server update, we are going to enable more events and will make some changes to quest system at Dungeons. (FGW/Godsend).

But first, let us introduce the newest event, the biggest upcoming meta of pSRO ''Server Dungeon'' and the other activated events today;

  • Server Dungeon is activated (First Server Dungeon Run at 20:00)
  • Server Dungeon Info + Drops:
  • Electus Underground is activated
  • Survival Arena Activated. All Survivals are SOLO. Party & Team will be added on Thursday.
  • Alchemy Event is activated
  • Squid Game Event is activated (500 Electus Cash Reward per winner)


  • Increased Magic Stone drop rate once again with +15% for 94-100 mobs (All have same rate)
  • Increased NPC item drop rate once again with +35%
  • Reduced Vigor Grain price by -25%
  • Reduced HP-MP price by 5%
  • Reduced entry fee for Server Dungeon from 20M to 10M gold
  • Diamond Box Success rate reduced from 25% to 23%
  • Godsend Dungeon Quest #4 [Kill Shadow Spirit 4 Times > Kill Shadow Spirit 5 Times]
  • Forgotten World 1* Quest is removed from Quest NPC.
    Drops: Jupiter 1* will drop 2 Copper Coins, 1 platinum box and 15% diamond box drop chance
  • Forgotten World 2* Quest [Kill 3x Jupiter 2* > Kill 5x Jupiter 2*] 
    Quest Rewards: 3x Platinum Box, 1x Diamond Box, 10 Copper Coins
  • Forgotten World 3* Quest [Kill 2x Jupiter 3* > Kill 4x Jupiter 3*]
    Quest Rewards: 4 Platinum Box, 1 Diamond Box, 14 Copper Coins + Talisman Drop Rate 20% at Jupiter each run.

Bug Fixes

  • Guild Emblems are fixed
  • Jackpot window text fixed (start/end time)
  • Stall Network hotkey is removed. You can use the icon under minimap to open it.


Important Notes;

  • The talisman quest (Seal of Moon) is disabled in the first weeks. However, you can still collect talismans and wait for the quest to be ready.
    Those talismans drop from FGW 3* & Server Dungeon. There are 2 rare talismans ''Diamond Watch'' and ''Mermaid Tears''.
    Diamond Watch is an exclusive talisman that drops only in FGW 3* Jupiter.
    Mermaid Tears is an exclusive talisman that drops only in Server Dungeon.
  • If you had progress on any kind of modified FGW/Godsend Quests, your progress remains and you do not lose anything. We only change the total kill #'s and rewards.
  • If you had progress on Forgotten World (1 STAR) quest this one is for you:
    Players who took this quest AND had progress on it will receive GOLD COMPENSATION because the quest is deleted. Compensation depends on their progress on the quest.


Still reading? Woo :o It's time to go back in the game and farm the EP you need for Seal of Sun!!!!!!! :D

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