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110 Cap Server Information







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Beta Phase 1 
April 5th 
PVP Mode: Start Level 110, Free Silk/Gold/SoX Items, Special Skills Enabled
Beta Phase 2 
April 13th 
PVE Mode: Start Level 1, Free Silk/Gold/SP/SoX Items, Very High XP Rate


(First 8 Players to hit 110 lv in Beta II will be rewarded with Beginner Pack in the official server. 

Also, the very first player to hit level 110 will receive an unique fellow pet that will not be sold/given away in any other way to other players. It should take about 2-4 hours with high xp rate in beta phase II).

Beta Competition will start on the 14th of April, Saturday at 8 PM.

Beta Phase 3 
April 14th 
PVP Mode: Start Level 110, Free Silk/Gold/SoX Items, Special Skills Enabled
Beta Essentials


It is essential to understand the meaning of a beta server.

During the BETA phase, the server is entirely accessible to every player in order to maximize the number of potential tests on the server.
- Players are not required to participate in open beta period and all the characters created during open beta phase will be VANISHED before grand opening.
- The server is updated very often, sometimes several times a day during the BETA phase. Maintenances might not be announced, they are made as soon as the team needs to test one or several major modifications.
- The server itself can be suspended at any moment and for any amount of time.
- Players will be informed about the beta updates and downtimes on Discord, if possible.
- Registration is not required for beta period. Any ID and Password combination can be used to login the server.
- Players are kindly requested to report back the bugs and the features that are not functioning properly on Discord bug reports section.
- Certain features will still be under development and might not function perfectly during beta period.


Electus 110 Cap Server Release will be on the 26th of April, Friday, 8 PM.



The vision and the mission
Electus Online has been in the market for 5 years and delivered 5 successful projects and built love and trust in the pSRO community.
Now that many people requested a 110 Cap server, we took our time to develop a fresh and new Electus server that is fully adapted to 110 Cap.
We haven't only build love and trust between pSRO community and Electus but we also build a giant Electus Community.
Electus Discord Server has reached more than 11,500 members in about a year. Thanks to our advertisement and marketing plans, we reached out to 41,500 people and they are in contact with Electus Online Facebook page. We are making sure to keep our community posted and informed about what's going on on daily basis.
Now let's talk about our priorities and goals.

1. Stability
Electus Servers had nearly zero stability x technical issues thanks to our programmer LENOX especially. The perfection of our server stability is probably one of the main reasons why Electus name is as big as it is now.

2. Fair-Play
It's not a pleasure to say it but we unfortunately banned around 1000 players in 2018 only. Most of those bans included IP and PC ban too. Many would agree that we are very strict about Terms of Service & Server Rules and hardly merciful when people attempt to cheat/abuse bugs and ruin the peace in the server. It's not all about punishing the people who cheat but also making sure that players are 100% safe on what they are working on. Let's say we had an emergency server restart/update which happens very rarely, we make sure to work on compensating the players. Electus is all about Fair-Play.

3. Consistency & Dedication
We are a fully dedicated team following up with every case on Website, Forums, Elitepvpers, Discord, In-game in order to make sure everything is right. We do improve the game-play continuously, update the server, set new goals for the players to keep the server alive in long term, schedule major updates for the 3rd month which is either ''Legendary Update'' or ''Cap Increase''. It's also good to see appreciation by the players, that's a big motivation for us to continue what we're doing. 

4. 24/7 Support

Our team consist of 3 developers and 3 assistants. We provide language support mainly in English, German and Arabic. You will always find 1 active team member on our Discord any time of the day and any time of the year.

We also have a volunteer team consist of players from all around the world, Turkish, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian, Hebrew and more. Those are the players with zero authority, getting no reward for offering help to the players. 
So, ''Frus'' is one of the most active Turkish volunteer players who is there to help Turkish players ingame and on Electus Discord most of the time. Of course, since they offer their help for free, it doesn't mean that they are authorized staff and they will be there to help you any time of the day. If you can catch up with them, simply ask your questions and they might be helpful. If not, they'll forward the case to Electus Assistants and they will get the thing done for you.
Anyone can apply to become a volunteer using this link. Disclaimer: The volunteers are not rewarded with any kind of reward.


Hardware / Capacity
Stability is the point where most of the people have been struggling with, ever since vsro files came out. Thanks to our extremely powerful host and stable Electus filter, problematic grand opening and frequent downtimes are over as we experienced no problems, lags, downtimes or any kind of crashes since the beginning of 2017.

As our community grow constantly over the years and considering our 100 Cap server hit 8000/8000 online players back in 2018, we set up 10,000 slots this time just in case there would be capacity issues.

ChassisHP DL380 G10 ($2000+)

CPU2x Intel Xeon Gold 6140 ($6000+)




With this Host & Electus Filter combination, you should have 40 to 80 ms ping in Europe, 70 to 110 ms in Turkey, 70 to 130 ms Egypt, 90 to 140 ms in USA, 150 to 200 ms in Australia but no more.

It's also safe to say that there have been no issues with the capacity and server performance in the recent years even though we have full capacity. Thousands of players experienced beautiful grand opening with no problems in 2017 and 2018. We hope that we will have no issues on our Grand Opening with 110 Cap release either. :)



Mastery330 (CH), 220 (EU)
XP Solo35x, XP PT30x
PC Limit2, IP Limit6
Player Capacity10.000
Server LocationNETHERLANDS
Start Level1
Start SP2.500.000
Auto EquipmentUp to Lv. 92
Guild LimitTBA (15/04)
Union LimitTBA (15/04)
Max Plus11
FortressConstantinople (80B)
FortressJangan (35B)
FortressBandit (20B)
Forgotten WorldENABLED [NEW]
Godsend DungeonENABLED
Permanent BuffsAVAILABLE
Free Silk 1 Million Free Silks Monthly




Electus Menu is giving you instant access to the most of the live statistics you will ever need. Click on the Electus icon underneath mini map to activate it.

Electus Points: Live Electus Point Statistics.

Honor Points: Live Honor Point Statistics and HP Player Ranking.
Event Timers: Live status update for the events and the uniques.
Char Lock: Enter your char-lock password and lock your character.
Ranking: Instant access to several rankings.
Ranking: Participate JackPot Event.
Achievements: Watch your achievements' status and claim your rewards once they are complete. 
Titles: Swap in between your titles any time you want.
Changelog: You will be redirected to our forum for the most up to date changelog.






As high volume of players expected, monsters re-spawn time has been reduced and the number of spawn points for the monsters have been increased (applies for the regions listed below).

Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan and Roc Mountain regions still have original monsters and spawn points.




ALEXANDRIA (101-110)




It could be good if we kept it original way, talking about job cave entrance door which is originally in Alexandria Map (Salt Post), but since the job activities are in between Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan routes, we thought having the Job Cave entrance in front of the main town (Donwhang) would be good way to start to job wars.




- Region is available only for CH characters
- Entrance level 100 required
- Monsters have high XP rate (to allow Chinese chars to catch up with leveling)




Free silks are obtained from the Events and Uniques. You win an event, you receive free silks on your account instantly. You kill an unique and pick up the silk scrolls. Of course it doesn't apply to every event and unique. We will talk about the details later on. 

We giveaway roughly $350 worthy free silk every day. Every single day. This is about 30,000 - 35,000 free silks. With a simple calculation, you will find out we giveaway $10,000 worthy free silks every month. INSANE! Isn't it?

OK but how is that even possible? Electus pays tens of thousands of dollars for the expenses every month and also manage to give away that many silks for FREE? Yes, we do. Please welcome to Electus Online. This is how we roll babe.

Taking advantage of the overpopulated server (very high demand for the items), Electus economy runs smooth and works like a charm. Surely, it doesn't come in all-in-one package. We're keeping an eye on the server market and if necessary - adjust the rarity of the items in the background to avoid inflation and/or slowdowns in economical activities.

Play2Win level: 9999

The gold and the silks are always valuable thanks to the variety of the items in the server market. 100 Silk price starts from just a few millions of gold in the beginning sticks around 400-500m after some time. Considering the fact that you can farm around 200m gold per hour via jobbing, you can basically farm $1 worthy silk within 2 hours ONLY BY DOING JOBBING! (Traders/Hunters)

And of course, you can also join the events , hunt job-cave uniques or farm Electus Boxes in Godsend Dungeon / Forgotten World and sell them to collect silks. 

Pay2Win level : Limited

It's not a secret that you will get what you want when you pay money. This doesn't only apply to SRO or other games. That's how it goes in life. However, in Electus Donators are LIMITED to low tier sox items. That means, they can not buy the best items in the game with silk. The best items in the game (which is EGY B) is ONLY and ONLY sold for Electus Points and Coins you obtain from jobbing, events/activities and the dungeons.

Maybe some of the donators can buy low tier sox items before the non-donators do. If this didn't happen, there would be no reason to run a project like this. This logic apply to 99% of the psro servers so let's get over it already.

Also, think that way, if there were no donators to buy SOX items from the non-donators, how would non-donators even get free silk by playing then? 

Now, lets look at this:

Job Cave Uniques    16800 FREE SILKS DAILY
Events    14800 FREE SILKS DAILY



It's all about Electus Points.

The best items in the game are sold for Electus Points + Coins. NOTHING ELSE but EP + Coins. Let's find out how to farm those points first and then talk about the coins


There are 8 different methods you can use. You can choose any method you wish to farm Electus Points. Activate Electus Menu by clicking the ''E'' icon underneath theminimap. Then select 'Electus Points' window. You will see your Electus Points status live. 



Weekly Electus Points Limit (800)

There are limits for the first day players. They can only farm +800 Electus Points per week. Players who join the server late will not have 800 EP limit. They will have ability to farm as many as the first day player farmed no matter when he joined the server. 

Jobbing   -  350
Godsend Dungeon/Uniques  -  200
Survival Arena Kills  - 200
Job Kills  - 150
Battle Arena  - 100
CTF  - 50
FW Kills - 25
Alchemy  - 25


The sum of the limits above is 1100. You can farm only 800 EP. This way you have ability to choose in between the activities. For example, you hate doing Dungeon Quests, no problem, do other activities in the list and you will be able to fill your limit still.

1. Jobbing: 

- You can collect maximum of 350 Electus points through jobbing every week.
- You can collect maximum of 80 Electus Points from jobbing per day. (Electus Standard Time 00:00 - 23:59) [Reason: If we allow people to fill their weekly job limit in 2 days, the jobbing in the server will be dead for 5 days - until the next limit increase. This way, the fastest way you can fill your weekly jobbing limit is doing jobbing for minimum of 5 days.)
-You earn gold reward in storage for every EP you earn from doing jobbing (upon relog). Yet, this gold reward will drastically drop once you hit daily or weekly jobbing limit. (Avoiding inflation)
- You will continue to earn Achievement Points from jobbing even if you hit daily or weekly limit. (Electus Menu > Achievements > 400 EP = Diamond Box)
- Every point you collected through jobbing also counts as honor point.

- You will receive your Electus Points upon relog. (Applies to jobbing only)
- You will receive your gold reward in your storage upon relog. 

2. Job Kills:
- Every kill you get in job status will grant 2 Electus Points on your account.
- You can collect 150 points through killing opponents in job status in a week.
- You can not gain Electus Points by killing the same enemy in less than 8 hours.
- You can not gain Electus Points from the same enemy unless you kill 5 different opponent.

3. Survival Arena Kills:
- Every kill in Survival Arena will grant 1 Electus Point.
- You can collect 200 points through killing opponents in Survival Arena.
- You can collect maximum of 2 Electus Points from a single opponent at an event.

4. Fortress War Kills: 
- You can obtain 25 Electus Points from kills in Fortress War. 1 kill = 1 EP.
- You can not collect more than 1 Electus Point from a single opponent at a war.

5. Godsend Dungeon Quest (or) Uniques
Godsend Dungeon;
- You can complete Godsend Dungeon Quests and claim (2x) Godsend Scroll reward on daily basis
- Each Godsend EP Scroll will grant 10 Electus Points on your account. (20 EP Daily)


- You can also collect Electus Points by hunting uniques, each unique will grant a certain number of Electus Points on your account.
- You can collect maximum of 200 Electus Points per week. Killing uniques or using Godsend EP Scroll will not grand any Electus Points on your account if you hit weekly limit of 200.

Cerberus : 3
Ivy : 4
Uruchi : 5
Isyutaru : 5
Isyutaru STR: 5
Lord Yarkan: 7
Lord Yarkan STR: 7
Demon Shaitan: 10
Demon Shaitan STR: 10
Karkadann: 12
Khulood: 12 EP
Selket STR: 14
Neith: 14
Haroeris: 14
Seth STR: 14
Anubis: 16
Isis: 16
Santa: 15
Dark Soul: 15
Fat Stone Boi: 15 
Medusa: 30

6. Alchemy: 
-You can obtain up to 25 Electus Points per week.
-You can collect Electus Points by fusing ''10 degree SOX items'' to plus 7 and/or above. Electus Points you earn for fusing SOX items will also count for Achievements. (Alchemy Points)

Each +7 success grants you 2 points. 
Each +8 success grants you 10 points. 
Each +9 success grants you 20 points.
Each +10 success grants you 25 points. 
Each +11 success grants you 25 points.


We hear you saying; ''how the fu*k am i supposed to fuse to +10/11'' well probably none will... We're just noting it down.

7.Battle ArenaWin Battle Arena event to obtain Electus Points.

- You can collect maximum if 100 Electus Points from Battle Arena, per week.Random Arena Win : 10 Electus Points
Party Arena Win : 10 Electus Points
Job Arena Win : 15 Electus Points
Guild Arena Win : 20 Electus Points

8. CTF: 

Win CTF event to obtain Electus Points. 

- You can collect maximum if 50 Electus Points from CTF, per week.
- Every CTF victory will grant 10 Electus Points on your account.

Available    Jangan Trader Shop
Available    Donwhang Trader Shop
Available    Hotan Trader Shop

Hotan <> Donwhang <> Jangan

Trader    6-7 Electus Points
Hunter    8-9 Electus Points 

Hotan <> Jangan

Trader    13-15 Electus Points
Hunter    16-17 Electus Points



EP limit for the thieves is not static and will be determined depending on the number of active thieves in the server. 

*If the number of the active thieves in the server are average, EP reward for the thieves will be 2 for per 5* stolen loot.
*If there are barely any active thief in the server, EP reward for the thieves will be 4 for per 5* stolen loot.
*If there are way too many active thieves in the server, EP reward for the thieves will drop to 1 for per 5* stolen loot.
*The EP reward change for the thieves will be on the go. There will not be any update or announcement in advance.
*In case the number of the active thieves in the server are way too many and enough to ruin the economical (jobbing) activities in the server; upon admin's decision, joining thief union might be temporarily disabled with prior ingame notice.

*There will not be any poll, public discussion regarding the thieving rewards.

The reason for the above policy is to help the server economy run smoothly and provide a long term, healthy server. There is no doubt, thieving is way much more fun compared to trading which is why pretty much everyone would love to play a thief character. If we are to allow this, the server will not have a healthy economy and the achievements will become totally useless. It's the players responsibility to acknowledge above information and especially the fact that leaving the job union will result in loss of honor points earned.

Thief Count High    1 Electus Points
Thief Count Average    2 Electus Points
Thief Count Very Low    4 Electus Points

Gold Rewards

5* Loot Price : 33M

Trader    ~60m profit
Hunter    ~70m profit (6x Trader in Party)
Thief    15-30m profit x per 5*

Hunters gets the most gold and EP. 
Thieves gets lowest gold and EP as it's the most fun to play. 

Gold Limit

Once you hit your daily or weekly jobbing limit, you will still earn gold even though you will not earn any Electus Points, however the gold reward will drastically reduce for traders and thieves.

Trader    100% > 30%
Hunter    100% > 75%
Thief    100% > 30%

Weekly Electus Point Limit Upgrade

In order to keep the competition a little bit balanced, we've set a global limit of ''800 EP Per Week'' rule. We will raise this limit by +800 every week. So in general, first day players can farm 800 EP max per week. For the new players, this doesn't apply, they can farm as many as they want until they hit the global limit. 

Exception: For the first week, we will keep the limits 50% lower as everyone will be busy leveling up in the first 2-3 days and it's logically not possible to fill an entire week's limit until the first weekly update on Thursday. So it's gonna go like; 
Week 1: 400 EP Limit
Week 2: 1200 EP Limit
Week 3: 2000 EP Limit
And +800 EP for every next week.

And the best part about this system is, if you were busy let's say the last week and you manage to collect only 650 EP, you can obtain more than 950 EP the next week and catch up because the next week's limit is gonna be 1600 and your limit is only 650. :)

JOB RANKS [Job Levels x Buff]

Job levels matters in Electus. Level up to claim a better buff while jobbing. A fancy icon will appear on top of your character and will disappear as soon as you unequip your job suit. (There is no icon for job level 1)
It's important to note that if you leave your job union, your job rank, honor buffs and honor rank will be vanished.


Unlock WANTED buffs by killing 10 or more enemies without dying at all. Enjoy them as much as you can because you only have 8 hours until the buff expires. As soon as you die in job mode (whilst you have a wanted buff), it will be vanished.

10 kills = Wanted Lv. 1
20 kills = Wanted Lv. 2
30 kills = Wanted Lv. 3
40 kills = Wanted Lv. 4
50 kills = Wanted Lv. 5


Each job type will have it's own
 top 50 rank. The rankings are being updated every 15 minutes.

The whole honor ranking and the buffs will be removed every 2 weeks on Thursdays' weekly update. This way, people will have to work on honor buffs again, and the ones without honor buff will have ability to compete again.



1. Jobbing
- You will obtain 1 honor point for every electus point obtained from jobbing.
- There is no honor point limit from jobbing.

2. Survival Arena
- Each kill in survival arena grants 1 honor point.
- Each death in survival arena will remove 1 honor point.
- There is no overall honor point limit in survival arena.
- 2 honor points can be obtained from a certain enemy per survival arena event

3. Survival Arena Winnings
- Position #1 will grant 12 extra honor points
- Position #2 will grant 10 extra honor points
- Position #3 will grant 5 extra honor points

4. Job Kills
- Each job kill grants 2 honor point.
- Each death in job mode will remove 2 honor point.
- Killing the same opponent in job mode will not grant another honor point in the next 8 hours.

5. Unique Kills
- Each unique kill will grant honor point as it's given below.


Tigergirl STR: 3
Cerberus : 3
Ivy : 4
Uruchi : 5
Isyutaru : 5
Isyutaru STR: 5 
Lord Yarkan: 7
Lord Yarkan STR: 7
Demon Shaitan: 10 
Demon Shaitan STR: 10
Karkadann: 12
Khulood: 12
Selket STR: 14
Neith: 14
Anubis: 16 
Isis: 16
Haroeris: 14 
Seth STR: 14
Santa: 15
Simulation: 15
Medusa: 30


6. Battle Arena winnings
- Each BA winning will grant 10 honor points

7. CTF winnings
- Each CTF winning will grant 10 honor points.

8. Fortress War kills
- Each kill in fortress war grants 1 honor point.
- 1 honor point can be obtained from a certain enemy at a fortress war.
- There is no overall honor point limit in fortress war(s).




Event Basics
Electus Battle Royale Event is held in one of the most iconic regions in Silkroad map, Taklamakan.
For every Battle Royale Event, players have to create a new character in the same account. The characters will have exact same items, level, sp and everything. Literally everything the same.

The map is full of monsters and they will drop potions, elixirs and more.
You have limited time to make it to the next circle. The faster you farm, the more skills you learn, the more items you farm. So be quick.





If you fail to rotate into the next circle, you will lose ~10% HP every second and will eventually die. So you better be quick.


Event Time & Reward

The event will take place twice every day. 
17:30 and 23:30

Login Period

17:30 - 17:35 and 23:30-23:35


The winner of the Battle Royale event will automatically receive 750 Silks in 110 Cap server. (On the account he used to login Battle Royale Server)

How to Participate


There will be several in-game notices before the Battle Royale Event starts. 

Once the event starts login server will be open only for 5 minutes. You will have to 
LOG OFF from your account in 110 Cap server and LOGIN Battle Royale Server. Login server will be closed after 5 minutes and you will not be able to login anymore! During this 5 minute period, you will not get kicked out of the event even if your enemies kills you. You will get disconnected (kicked from the server/event) upon death AFTER the 5 minutes / login server is closed. You will see Battle Royale server under check status then.

After you login Battle Royale server, create a new character (every time), start the game and choose your build & stats. You will have enough SP to learn all the masteries. Learning masteries and adding start is automated. Simply click on the stat / mastery you like to add and you'll automatically get it.

In order to activate this menu, click on Electus Icon.


The time is gold. Kill as many monsters as you can and collect items, potions, elixirs and of course, vigor grains. EU/CH item drop ratio is default. So you might just be unlucky and get CH items when you create an EU character. This is all about luck.

Yes, you also need luck. Random Boxes will spawn in circle number 2, 3 and 4. If you are lucky, you'll find some of them. Kill them and collect the SOX items.

There are also uniques in circle number 3 and 4. They drop high tier SOX items and Skill Points. Many of them.



Battle Royale Event - Honor System

We have a customized honor ranking system in Battle Royale Event. Once the event starts, we will track your activities and grant honor buffs on the top 10 players once the last circle shrinks. In order to farm more Honor Points, you need to farm as many player, chest, unique kills as you can.
Once the event is over, characters in every account and honor ranking will be removed.




Claim one of the exclusive rewards by unlocking them. (The visuals obtainable through achievements are exclusive - can not be obtained from anywhere else)

(The rewards are not final and due change during beta)



Join Electus' iconic event; Survival Arena to collect Electus Points, Honor Points and try to get in TOP-5 killers list to claim special rewards such as Electus Boxes and Arena Coins. 

Survival Arena    03:00
Survival Arena    11:00
Survival Arena    15:00
Survival Arena    19:00
Survival Arena    23:00


Rewards :
Place #1 : Platinum Box, Diamond Box & 15 Arena Coins)
Place #2 : Diamond Box & 10 Arena Coins
Place #3 : Platinum Box & 10 Arena Coins
Place #4 : 10 Arena Coins
Place #5 : 10 Arena Coins

Guild names, titles and the equipment models are hidden in Survival Arena Event. (Alpha Mode)

Many people requested this feature and LENOX made this happen. Personally, I don't think this is as much fun as it was before. We'll see how it goes. We might disable this feature in Survival Arena Event later on.



Nothing very special anymore since every server got this right now... but yeah it's still fun.

This event takes place only one time every day and the winner of the event gets 500 silks.

The rules: No rules.
Goal: Kill the unique.

That's pretty much it. Both INT & STR chars have up and down sides in that event. 

1. Having an INT character will give you the damage advantage but you'll probably die very easily then. No biggie since all the players have cape on and you can revive yourself instantly. Though, if you get killed by the unique itself (Probably you won't even realize if you die to the unique or to a player) you will be ported to the town when you attempt to revive and RIP the whole damage then.

2. Having a STR character will give you the stamina advantage but you will have hard time trying to KS INT characters.

In the end, it's all about killing the unique. 1 Winner, gets 500 silks.

Event Time    20:00
Reward    500 Silk


- Event duration has been lowered to 15 minutes.
- Each member of the winner team will receive 14 Arena Coins
- Each member of the loser team will receive 4 Arena Coins
- You will get automatically disconnected if you stand still (AFK) in Battle Arena

BA Party        01:00
BA Random    02:00
BA Random    05:00
BA Random    06:00
BA Random    07:00
BA Random    09:00
BA Party        10:00
BA Party        13:00
BA Job          14:00
BA Party        17:00
BA Party        18:00
BA Guild        21:00
BA Job          22:00

Capture the Flag takes place 6 times a day, every 4 hours starting from 00:00.

Capture the Flag Event Duration : 12 minutes 

- Winning CTF grants 10 Electus Points on your account
- Winning CTF grants 10 Honor Points on your account (No Limit).
- You will get disconnected if you stand still in CTF. (AFK Kicker)
- You can not use res skills in that event. (Anti-Cheat)

CTF    00:00
CTF    04:00
CTF    08:00
CTF    12:00
CTF    16:00


Find the full list of the events below. (Auto-Event times are due change. The final list will be posted on Discord before the Grand Opening)
00:15    Trivia
00:30    Lucky Party
00:45    Search N Destroy
01:15    Trivia
01:30    KillTheGm
02:15    Trivia
02:30    Hide And Seek
03:15    Trivia
03:30    Lucky Party
03:45    Search N Destroy
04:15    Trivia
04:30    KillTheGm
05:15    Trivia
05:30    Hide And Seek
06:15    Trivia
06:30    Lucky Party
06:45    Search N Destroy
07:15    Trivia
07:30    KillTheGm
08:15    Trivia
08:30    Hide And Seek
09:15    Trivia
09:30    Lucky Party
09:45    Search N Destroy
10:15    Trivia
10:30    KillTheGm
11:15    Trivia
11:30    Hide And Seek
12:15    Trivia
12:30    Lucky Party
12:45    Search N Destroy
13:15    Trivia
13:30    KillTheGm
14:15    Trivia
14:30    Hide And Seek
15:15    Trivia
15:30    Lucky Party
15:45    Search N Destroy
16:15    Trivia
16:30    KillTheGm
17:15    Trivia
17:30    Hide And Seek
18:15    Trivia
18:30    Lucky Party
18:45    Search N Destroy
19:15    Trivia
19:35    Lottery Event Start
19:30    KillTheGm
20:00    Madness Event
20:15    Trivia
20:30    Hide And Seek
21:00    Medusa Spawn
21:15    Trivia
21:25    Lottery Winners Announcement
21:35    Jackpot Event Start
21:30    Lucky Party
21:45    Search N Destroy
22:15    Trivia
22:30    KillTheGm
22:55    JackPot Winners Announcement
23:15    Trivia
23:30    Hide And Seek


Wanna know what the next event will be? Wondering when Demon Shaitan died last time? No Panic. Press F6 to activate Electus Menu and click on Event Timers. Taa-taaa. You got this. 



For many people, box system is cancer and they hate Electus because we brought box system into psro.

Listen up, yes, we did bring box system into psro scene but we are not the ones who ruined it. I've seen many videos on Youtube, people cracking hundreds of boxes and getting NOTHING. Waste of time and source. This is not how you do it.

Okay, now in Electus, 
we don't have ridiculously low success rates for the boxes. We don't have 100 different boxes. We only have 3 boxes you should know of and the success rates are

55%, 25% and 10%.

The one with 10% success rate is not even available in the beginning of the server so dont you worry. 55% and 25%. Easy life! No confusion. Just simpl and easy. 

In Electus, you don't get SOX drops from monsters or uniques. You obtain Electus Boxes from the Dungeons (Godsend Dungeon + Forgotten World) and the uniques and crack them to claim your reward (SOX or special item). When you crack the box, the item will be granted in your 
STORAGE upon success.


1. Platinum Box


Rarity: Common, Success Rate 55%
Source: All Uniques and Dungeons

Success    Gold Dragon Flag (M) STR 3 - INT 3
Success    Gold Dragon Flag (F) STR 3- INT 3
Success    Legendary Dragon Flag (F) STR 5 - INT 5
Success    Legendary Dragon Flag (F) STR 5 - INT 5
Success    1 DG Powder (Doubles Devil/Angel Spirit Alchemy Rate)
Success    11 DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase)
Success    11 DG Blessed Magic Powder (4% Probability Increase)
Success    2% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll
Success    3% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll (Rare)
Success    5% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll (Legendary)
Success    Astral Stone Pack (3x)
Success    Lottery Scroll (Doubles the Lottery Event Winning Chance)
Success    Silverback Lizard (Unique transpet with 40% HP Increase)
Success    Draco (Unique transpet with 20% Speed Increase)
Success    Guild Penalty Remover
Success    Job Penalty Remover
Success    Circus Bear Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success    Pikachu Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success    Charmander Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success    Charizard Attack Pet (Rare Item)
Success    Ghost Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success    Golden Pig Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success    Ghostman Pick Pet (Rare Item)
Success    Fox (Rare Attack Pet)
Success    Unicorn (Rare Vehicle Pet, 20% Speed Increased)
Success    Battle Scroll (50% Attack Rate & 50% Parry Rate Increase, 1hour)
Success    Critical Scroll (10 Crit Increase , 1hour)
Success    Global Pack (3x)
Success    Reverse Pack (3x)
Success    Random Electus Trail (Explained in Electus Trails Section)

2. Diamond Box

Rarity: Rare, Success Rate 25%
Source: FGW, Godsend Dungeon, Low Rate @ Uniques, High Rate @ Job Cave Uniques, Santa, Simulation (Uniques)

Success    Seal of Nova Weapons
Success    Seal of Nova Shield
Success    Seal of Nova Equipments
Success    Seal of Nova Accessories

3. Elite Box
This box is disabled in the first 2 weeks.

EGY A Equipments, Accessories and Shields will come out of that box with 10% success rate. (EGY A Weapons can ONLY be obtained through Forgotten World [HALL OF WORSHIP] quest)

Rarity: Very Limited, Success Rate 10%
Source: Simulation, Dark Soul, Santa, Haroeris, Medusa (Uniques) 

Success    SOA Weapons & Shields
Success    SOA Equipments
Success    SOA Accessories
Success    EGY A Shield
Success    EGY A Equipments
Success    EGY A Accessories


4. Peculiar Box
This box is disabled in the first 8 weeks.

Rarity: Common, Success Rate 0.1%
Source: All Uniques (Drop Chance) 

The best part.

You'll probably farm several Peculiar Boxes every day and you can sell each for 150-300 silks. You don't have to be an unique killer to get them. They'll also drop in the Dungeons. 

The reason why this box is so special is that this box has 1/1000 success rate for Grand Electus items. Grand Electus is tradeable version of EGY B items meaning the best items you can get in the server. If you think you're lucky, simply crack the box and you might get an GE item. Or just say fuck the risk and just sell the box. Easy money. But for this to happen, you will need to wait for 2 months.

Success    Grand Electus Weapons
Success    Grand Electus Shield
Success    Grand Electus Equipments
Success    Grand Electus Accessories


The most important part! 


In iSRO 110 Cap, there are 3 different SoX items. Nova, EGY A, EGY B. We have exactly the same SoX items in Electus. On top, we have SOA, too. Now let's discuss why.

In 100 Cap; we have SOS, SOA, SOE and SOM. 4 units of SoX and it's proven that 3x lower tier tradeable SoX and 1x highest tier non-tradeable SoX combination is the best for pSRO, at least for Electus.
If we are to compare 100 cap to 110 Cap;

SOS =    Nova (Tradeable)
SOA =    SOA (Tradeable)
SOE =    EGY A (Tradeable)
SOM =    EGY B (Non-Tradeable)

This is how it will look like then. 



We're going into the details simply because 110 Cap server style is not usual in PSRO nowadays and I want to make sure that you understand the logic behind the SoX System / Values and why they are done that way.

In iSRO, the value differences between Nova, EGY A, EGY B are huge. If we are to keep the values original, the difference between a player with normal set and EGY A set will be so distanced, donators will beat the fuck out of the other players because this is no like isro and sox items are not extremely hard to get like isro. Therefore, we nerfed the SoX items values tiny bit. Just tiny bit so it's at least a little bit balanced yet still worthy to upgrade your sox items to the higher tier one. I must say, the difference is still bigger compared to 100 Cap which is not very ideal but there isn't so much i can do about it. Let's find out now. 

PS: Ignore Grand Electus items for now, they won't exist in the server in the until people get first SoM items. Short info; Grand Electus items are 1:1 EGY B items that are tradeable. They are very rare to find though. For now.... ignore it.

PS2: In 100 Cap, there are 3 tiers (90,94 and 94 weapons). In 110 Cap however, there is only 1 tier item which is 101. This is why the value differences are way too much compared to 100 Cap. Don't think it's insane. It's just how 110 Cap is and it's actually balanced enough.


Seal of Nova    101 +3 (Atk. Rate, Critical, Reinforce Boost v1)
Seal of Alphard    101 +5 (Atk. Rate, Reinforce Boost v2)
EGY A            101 +7 (Atk. Rate, Reinforce Boost v3)
EGY B            101 +9 (Atk. Rate, Reinforce Boost v4)
Grand Electus    101 +9 (Atk. Rate, Reinforce Boost v4)

Seal of Nova    101 +3 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v1)
Seal of Alphard    101 +5 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v2)
EGY A    101 +7 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v3)
EGY B    101 +9 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v4)
Grand Electus    101 +9 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v4)

Seal of Nova    101 +3
Seal of Alphard    101 +5
EGY A    101 +7
EGY B    101 +9
Grand Electus    101 +9

The shields have special conditions. First of all 11 and 10 degree non-sox shields are nerfed by 1 degree. There are significant differences between 11 degree non-sox and sox shields.

Seal of Nova    101 +4 (Block Rate Boost v1)
Seal of Alphard    101 +6 (Block Rate Boost v2)
EGY A    101 +9 (Block Rate Boost v3)
EGY B    101 +11 (Block Rate Boost v4)
Grand Electus    101 +11 (Block Rate Boost v4)

And before you think shields are OP, 101 level npc shields are now basically equal to 90 level shields. So basically you'll be using 10 degree shields. 


As for the SOX equipments, they come along with additional blue options. HP Increase, DMG absorption, Attack - Parry Rate increase and more. Each set type is specifically designed for certain builds. Choose what suits the best for you. You can mix up different type of SoX items, that's OK. You will still receive the blue option reward.


Nova- Head 
Nova - Chest 
EGY A - Legs 
EGY B- Shoulder 
Nova- Hands 
SOA- Foot

[photo=]Heavy Armor[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor[/photo]

Significant boost. STR 10 , INT 10 

Attack rate 8% increase - percentage is not visible), Blocking rate 1 Increase , STR 5 , INT 5

Critical Resistance 20 Increase

Critial 3, HP 1800 Increase. 

Attack Rate 20, Parry Rate 20 Increase. 

Damage Absorption 5. 


[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor Egy A[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor Egy B[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor D12[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor D13[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor D14[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor D15[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector Egy A[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector Egy B[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector D12[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector D13[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector D14[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector D15[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment Egy A[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment Egy B[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment D12[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment D13[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment D14[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment D15[/photo]

[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor Egy A[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor Egy B[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor D12[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor D13[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor D14[/photo]
[photo=]Heavy Armor/Armor D15[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector Egy A[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector Egy B[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector D12[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector D13[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector D14[/photo]
[photo=]Light Armor/Protector D15[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment Egy A[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment Egy B[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment D12[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment D13[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment D14[/photo]
[photo=]Robe/Garment D15[/photo]




Godsend Dungeon is the main Dungeon in Electus Online. As the server is Dungeon based, main source of the SoX items will be this dungeon. You will have multiple purposes to complete the dungeon.

1. Complete Godsend Dungeon Quests 

By completing the dungeon quests, you will receive 20 Electus Points and 30M Skill Points per run.

2. Collecting Coins and Boxes 

The uniques will drop coins and boxes. Coins are needed for EGY B items. Boxes are the only way to get the SoX items. Check the unique drop list to find out what drops you will get in Godsend Dungeon.

The dungeon consists of a garden where you'll find tens of monsters in 
and 3 rooms connected to it.

In order to remove the seals of the rooms, you have to kill all the monsters in the garden.

As soon as you hunt all the mobs and the iconic Electus Unique ''Light Spirit'', you will have access to the second room; after cleaning up the room, you will have access to the third room where ''Shadow Spirit'' unique will welcome you. 
Those uniques designed and developed by
Simulation. I'm sure you'll like them. Not very sure if they'll like you though. It's recommended to enter the dungeon with at least 5-6 party members, else, you will have hard time to complete the dungeon within 60 minutes. If you can't manage to complete it, you and your team mates will be teleported back to town... which is not cool.


1. Cooldown: Once you enter the dungeon, you will have 22 hours cooldown. Make sure take and complete the quests before the time runs out.

2. Party-Banish Once you enter the area, party banish feature will be disabled temporarily in order to avoid people stealing the drops. The dungeon can be entered only once a day and the quests/drops are quite valuable so we don't want anyone's day to be ruined by an ice-cream sucker.

Godsend Dungeon Teleporter

The dimensions are located in Donwhang Electus NPC near the guild manager. The dimension is costy so it makes sense to share the cost with your team mates. Watch out though, not everyone is trustable. Make sure to collabrate with your guild mates or with people you know of in order to avoid scam.


Godsend Dungeon is meant to be TEAM PLAY BASED. However, there are solo players and Chinese STR characters who might not have very high chance to find a party. In order to give them ability to collect the quest rewards, we duplicated the Godsend Dungeon and made a SOLO version available.

Good Part: You are not relying on anyone. You can complete the dungeon & the quests alone.

Down Side: There are no drops in this dungeon. You can only take the solo godsend dungeon quest and complete them. SP Quest reward also grants you 10M SP instead of 15M SP. You might think this is not useful enough but there are people who are in need of solo dungeon and requested it. We advice everyone to stick to main godsend dungeon yet you also have opportunity to go for the solo godsend dungeon. The dimension is also avaialble at Electus Shop.




Brand new Forgotten World, created by Simulation. We name it Hall of Worship.

The reason why FGW is special is because of the card collection quest which unlocks EGY A weapons. The only way to obtain EGY A weapon is to complete the FGW Card Collection quest. Second of all, there are 3 uniques in there and they drop boxes and coins too.

1. Cooldown: Once you enter the dungeon, you will have 7 hours cooldown. 

2. Party-Banish Once you enter the area, party banish feature will be disabled temporarily in order to avoid people stealing the drops. The dungeon can be entered only once a day and the drops are quite valuable so we don't want anyone's day to be ruined by an ice-cream sucker.

Hall of Worship (FGW) Teleporter

The dimensions are located in Donwhang Electus NPC near the guild manager. The dimension is costy so it makes sense to share the cost with your team mates.





The quest can be taken from the Quest Manager NPC in Donwhang, next to the hunter shop. 
The reward for completing Hall of Warship collection is a choice of 
EGY A (POWER)Weapon. The shield does not count, it is only obtainable from Elite Boxes.



The purpose of completing the quest is to obtain ''Godsend SP Scroll'' that grants 15.000.000 skill points on your character.
You will be asked to hunt
100 Soldier of God and Light Spirit in Godsend Dungeon and you'll be rewarded with 2x scrolls when you deliver the quest.


As it is already mentioned previously, you can complete quests to earn Electus Points on daily basis.
You will be asked to hunt
Shadow Spirit and Zielkiaxe in order to obtain 2x Godsend EP scrolls. Each scroll will grant 10 Electus Points on your character. 

It's important to know that in order to have the unique kills counted, you must have a EXP-SHARED party. 


These are the daily quests you can complete once per day. You can complete all quests and claim 5x2M sp scroll = 10m SP in total (on daily basis).
If you complete Godsend Dungeon SP Quests + Job Cave SP Quests, you can farm 30M SP per day and unlock 1 skill every 2 days.

The first 4 quests mobs appear in Unique rooms (Selket, Neith, Isis, Anubis). The uniques appear and unlock the doors 4 times a day for 2 hours. 

So basically, these 4 rooms are limited to 6 hours per day.
To find out when the rooms are unlocked, type '' !jobcave '' command on discord #bot-spam channel.

Job Cave Quest #1 
Room: Sanctum of Restriction (Selket Room)
Kill 100 Selchion 
Reward; SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #2 
Room: Sanctum of Blue Eye (Neith Room)
Kill 100 Harmeth 
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #3 
Room: Sanctum of Atonement (Isis Room)
Kill 100 Priest of Defense
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #4 
Room: Sanctum of Punishment (Anubis Room)
Kill 100 Priest of Flames
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #5 
Room: Sanctum of Audience
Kill 100 Imhotep 
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)


There are 5 types of coins. 

To buy an EGY B item, you need these coins and Electus Points.
Arena Coin = Events
Silver/Iron/Copper Coin = Dungeons/Job Cave
Gold Coin = Buy with gold @ Electus Shop/Simulation/Medusa Uniques


Arena Coin -  Battle Arena, CTF, Survival Arena
Silver Coin  -  All Uniques
Copper Coin -  FGW (Hall of Worship), Godsend Dungeon
Iron Coin  -  Job Cave Uniques+Godsend+105/110 Mobs
Gold Coin -  Electus Shop+Roc+Simulation


Everything you need to know is in the image below. (There are STR versions of Isyutaru, Lord and Demon Shaitan as well, consider they'll also drop what the original versions will drop)





- Cold imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.
- Snow Shield INT requirement:
/ Snow Shield - Novice: 300 INT (Lv 1: 10%, Lv 2: 11%, Lv 3: 12%, Lv 4: 13%, lv 5: 14%, lv 6: 15%)
/ Snow Shield - Adebt: 330 INT
/ Snow Shield - Freeze: 400 INT
/ Snow Shield - Intense: 440 INT
/ Snow Shield - Swift : 450 INT

- Light imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Force Piercing Force last tier 18% to 19%
- Last tier walk speed is 105%.
- Last tier cold meteor/nuke atk. pwr. is equal to last tier light nuke

- Fire imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Phy DMG increase buff last tier 9% to 13%
- Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.

- Force cure series skill tree: Shared cooldown, 10 seconds cooldown
- Impotent:80% to 45
- Weaken: 80% to 60
- Decay: 80% to 60
- Division 80% to 55
- Stun 80% to 60

- Summit & Depth Bicheon Force: Bonus 10% magical damage increase.
- Demon Blade Force: Knock Down Probability 50% to 45%
- Ocean Blade Force: Knock Down Probability 50% to 45%
- Flying Stone Smash and Twin Energy Smash cooldowns linked.

Increased (Additional) Critical Increase by 5 (Compared to Electus Chinese server's skill balance)

- Celestial Beast Arrow: Fear Debuff Lv 11 (20%)
- Anti Devil Bow Strike: Extra Critical +10 (45)
- Anti Devil Bow Annihilate: Extra Critical +10 (50)
- Anti Devil Bow Demolition : Extra Critical +5 (50)
- Increased Ice Hawk Attack rate 37>84


- Stun and bleed success probability has been slightly reduced for axe skill; Sudden Twist
- Pain Quota and Ultimate Screen skills have been removed from their original skill trees and added as Godsend Skill (You can unlock them through quests)
- Sprint Assault knockback and stun chance has been reduced.
- Concentration passive has been nerfed 8>5
- Dare Devil Knock-back possibility has been nerfed 25% > 15%

- Increased HP consume from 10% to 15% for; Prick
- Other changes (due change during beta)

- Added new Life Turnover as Godsend Skill/Buff
- Other changes (due change during beta)

- Increased the cooldown of the debuff skills [1 > 3 seconds]
- Increased passive magical damage increase buff (108% to 120%)
- Added INT requirement for range stun skill
- Removed Advanced Reflect buff from it's original skill tree and added as Godsend Skill.
- Removed Scream Mask buff from it's original skill tree and added as Godsend Skill.

- Increased passive magical damage increase buff from 108% to 115%
- Removed last tier Dance Skills and added them as Godsend Skill
(make sure to check out godsend skills, bard now has new attack skills and passive def. increase)

- Integrity (debuff remover) and Innocents skills now share the same cooldown
- Removed level 13 and 14; Bless Spell
- Removed level 2 and above; STR - INT last tier skills


Godsend Skill series are the extended skill serios; offering higher attack values and giving you ability to go for exclusive builds like ICE-FIRE-HEUKSAL Glavier instead of ''usual'' FIRE-FORCE-HEUKSAL Glavier build and it will give you unique capabilities that you'll forget about FORCE mastery entirely. They come along with fluffy skill effects and shiet.


2x Active Skill
1x Passive Buff

Snow Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power > 2682 - 2938 (305%)
Slayer - Godsend : Critical Increase 8 (STR Requirement 400)
Cold Shot - Godsend : Magical attack power > 2682 - 2938 (255%)

2x Active Skill
2x Active Buff

Ghost Walk - Godsend: Moving Speed 118% Increase
Holy Spell - Godsend: Weakening, Restriction, Curse Series Probability Reduce 30%, Cooldown 180 seconds.
Lightning Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power 2682 - 2938 (305%)
Lion Shout - Godsend : Magical attack power 1564 - 2076 (100%)

2x Active Skill
3x Active Buff

Flame Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 2699-3366 (265%)
Fire Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 2546-3177 (315%)
Fire Wall - Godsend: HP 27616, Mag. Absorption 105
Fire Protection - Godsend: Magical defense power 480 Increase
Flame Body - Godsend : Physical damage 20% Increase

7x Active Skill
1x Active Buff

Fear Spot - Godsend: Fear Probability 30%, 8 Seconds
Force Nuke - Godsend: Magical attack power 2546-3177 (315%)(450 INT Required)
Force Holy Spell - Godsend : Weakening, Restriction, Curse Series Probability Reduce 30%, Cooldown 200 seconds.
Teleport - Godsend : Moving distance 17.0m
Dark Force - Godsend(Imbue) : Mag attack power 1266 - 2276 (100%) - Better than Fire imbue.
Magical Ravage - Godsend : Weaken Probability 60% - Simultaneous attack 4
Force Ravage - Godsend : Decay Probability 60% - Simultaneous attack 4
Group Rebirth - Godsend : Surrounding range 30.0m, Simultaneous attack 8.

5x Active Buff
3x Active Skill
1x Passive Buff

Bicheon Scud - Godsend: Moving Speed 250% Increase, Continuous hours 12 Second.
Bicheon Force - Godsend: Physical damage 10% Increase, Magical damage 11% Increase, Phy def power of shield 105% Reduce, Phy attack power 235 Increase
Bicheon Active - Godsend: Chance of Obtaining Berserk Gage 40% Increase, Continuous hours 120 Second.
Cut Blade - Godsend: Phy attack Power 1240-1493
Sword Dance - Godsend: Phy attack power 1698-1816
Blade Force - Godsend: Phy attack power 1308-1554, Knock-down 50%
Bicheon Spirit - Godsend: MaximumHP 1620 Increase - Int requirement : 480
Celestial Protection - Godsend: Damage Disperse Rate 35%, Number of Connections 2
Power Shield - Godsend : Phy damage 10% Increase, Critical 3 Increase continuous hours 12 Seconds

4x Active Skill
1x Active Buff
1x Passive Buff

Ghost Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 1485-1881
Flying Dragon - Godsend: Phy attack power 1585-1981, Critical 10 Increase
Soul Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 1485-1881 (Stun 10Level Probability 10% 3Time/times)
Celestial Protection - Godsend: Damage Disperse Rate 35%, Number of Connections 2
Spear Flashback - Godsend : Phy-mag def power 103 Increase, Magical damage 3% Increase
Black Spear - Godsend : Phy attack power 1851-2608

3x Active Skill
2x Passive Buff
2x Active Buff

Black Arrow - Godsend: Phy attack power 1358-1792, Attack rate 35 Increase, Bleed 11Level (Probability 20%), Darkness 10Level (Probability 20%)
Resistance - Godsend: Phy def power 200 Increase (400 INT REQUIRED)
Anti Devil Bow - Godsend: Phy attack power 1045-1379 
Celestial Protection - Godsend: Damage Disperse Rate 35%, Number of Connections 2
Fire Hawk - Godsend : Attack Rate 94 Increase
Pacheon Passive - Godsend: Phy def 175 Increase, Mag def 260 Increase, Phy attack - Mag attack 2% Increase
7 Arrow Combo - Godsend : Phy attack power 1329 - 1692 (47%)




3x Active Buff
4x Active Skills
1x Passive Buff

Pain Quota - Godsend: Damage Disperse Rate 50% (Max lv) 
Ultimate Screen - Godsend: Phy. Def. Incr. 1521, Mag. Def. Incr 1901
Ultimate Skin- Godsend: Phy def power 1586, mag def power 1894 
Rising Impact - Godsend : 50% KD , Phy. Atk. Pwr. 1849~2189 (210%)
Shield Crush - Godsend : Phy. Atk. Pwr. 1715~2074 (91%), Dull 11lv, KB 50% Rate, Maximum Successive shots 3x (Simulatenous 3x)
Mighty Bash - Godsend : Phy attack power 1715 - 2074, Critical 3 Increase
Concentration - Godsend : Critical 4 Increase
Absolute Hunting - Godsend : Phy attack power 1859-2239 , Impotent Probability 30% Increase

2x Passive Buff
2x Active Buff
4x Active Skill

Wide Sight - Godsend : Shot Range 6,5m (lv3)
Death Weapon - Godsend : Imbue, Use Time 7sec (Poison Status)
Triple Shot - Godsend : Phy. Atk. Pwr. 1809~2189 (78%), KB Probability 75% (3x Shots)
Double Impact - Godsend : Phy Atk. Pwr. 1745~2104 (90%) (2x Shots)
Hawk Eye - Godsend : Attack Rate Increase 58 (Lv2)
Recovery - Godsend : HP 11260 Recovery - It Requires to have 110 Rogue and 110 Warrior Mastery
Sonic Knife - Godsend : Phy attack power 1715-2074 (175%) - Critical 3 Increase (Range dagger throwing skill)
Kneel Shot - Godsend : 1859-2239 (330%), Critical 3 Increase

3x Active Skill
2x Active Buff
1x Passive Buff

Life Turnover - Godsend : Mag. Atk. Pwr. Increase 1414, Mag. Dmg. Incr. 25%, MaximumHP Reduce 50%
Mesh Root - Godsend : Stun Probability 35%, Duration 5.0 Seconds
Earth Shake - Godsend : Mag attack power 2684-3258 (390%)
Magic Distance - Godsend : Shot Range 5.0m Increase
Earth Fence - Godsend: Physical damage 50% Absorption, Continuous hours 25 Seconds
Lightning Hurricane - Godsend : Mag attack powe 2884-3558 (330%)

3x Active Skill
2x Active Buff

Scream Mask - Godsend : Stun 11Level (Probability 20%, 5.0Second)
Interruption - Godsend : Stun 11Level (Probability 65%) - Front Range Radius 11.m, Simultaneous attack 4
Evil Flower - Godsend: Mag attack power 2352 - 2808 (215%)
Advanced Reflect - Godsend: Damage Return Probability 25%, Return Ratio 65%, Simultaneous attack 8
Deadly Darkness - Godsend : Mag attack power 2884-3458, Bleed 11Level (Probability 25%)

3x Active Buff
4x Active Skill
1x Passive Buff

Dancing Of Fight : Physical damage 26% Increase, Surrounding Range Radius 60.0m
Dancing Of Wizardy : Magical damage 26% Increase, Surrounding Range Radius 60.0m
Bard Teleport - Godsend: Moving Distance 21.0m
Magic Armor - Godsend : Phy def power 265 Increase, MaximumHP 2504 Increase - Int Requirement 350
Horror Cord - Godsend : Mag attack power 3084 - 3658 (184%)
Booming Wave - Godsend: Mag attack power 2834 - 3458 (368%) - Knockback probability 45%
Swing March - Godsend : Moving Speed 123% Increase
Offering - Godsend : Mag attack power 2484 - 3058 (767%)

4x Active Skill
3x Active Buff

Glut Healing - Godsend : Absoluteness Damage 14800
Reverse Oblation : Revival 110, Physical-Magical damage 20% Absorption, Maximum HP 25% Increase, Physical-Magical damage 15% Reduce
Pure Offering - Godsend : Mag attack power 2484 - 3058 (767%)
Force Deity - Godsend : STR 32 Increase - Number of Connections 3
Mental Deity - Godsend : INT 32 Increase - Number of Connections 3
Trial Hit - Godsend : Mag attack power 3084 - 3658 (199%)
Bless Spell - Godsend : Phy def power 1888 Increase, Mag def power 3020 Increase, Continuous hours 30 Seconds


Forum :




Save time and money. Choose your style and buy one of the beginner packs to save silks.



Maximum plus 5. Ideal to keep it plus 3. Using 1 degree magic powder (comes out of Platinum Box) multiples the success chance by two.[/B]

Check them out:


Or check this one:

1. Devil spirit

+0 = 13% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+1 = 14% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+2 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+3 = 18% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
+4 = 19% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
+5 = 21% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 2 passive, ignore monsters defence lv 1]

2. Angel Spirit

+0 = 10% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+1 = 11% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+2 = 12% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+3 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+4 = 16% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]]
+5 = 18% HP - MP increase passive [35% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive, ignore monsters defence lv 2]


Normal Alchemy;
By starting to play in Electus server, you accept the Alchemy Challenge in advance.

+1/5 = Do-able
+6/7 = Challenging
+8 = Hard
+8/9 = Very hard

Better lower your expectations to have above +9 already because +10 and +11 success rates are 1% (Excluding premium, avatar, alchemy scroll).

Devil Spirit alchemy;
Using 1dg magic powder increases the success rate by 100% (Obtainable from Platinum Boxes)
Maximum limit is +5 

+1/3 = Do-able
+4/5 = Very hard


These are the currently default SoX glows and we will probably modify them during beta.



In Electus, there are 2 alternative SoX glows you can apply to any of your ( SoX weapon(s). The scrolls can be purchased from Item Mall / SoX Glow Changer section. (Seal of Moon glow changer will be added to Item Mall once weapons are enabled)

Electus 16dg Weapon Skins/Models
[photo=]D16 1 Hand Sword & Shield[/photo]
[photo=]D16 2 Hand Sword[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Axe[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Harp[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Cleric & Shield[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Crossbow[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Staff[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Dagger[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Warlock & Shield[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Blade & Shield[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Bow[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Glavie[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Spear[/photo]
[photo=]D16 Sword & Shield[/photo]



Available Fortresses    Jangan, Bandit, Constantinople (Main)
FW Time    Every Sunday, 20:30 (Electus Time)
Jangan Slots    750
Jangan Tax    35B
Bandit Slots    500
Bandit Slots    20B
Constantinople Slots    1000
Constantinople Tax    80B Gold
PC Limit    1


There is additional gold reward for the ''GUILD'' that occupies the fortresses. The gold reward will be granted in Guild Master's inventory after the fortress war.

The gold reward mentioned above is approximate. Exact gold reward will be announced on May 2nd (Weekly Update - Changelog) as we will have more reliable information regarding silk price in the server market then.
Guild and Union limit poll is still running on our Discord channel and we will announce the final result on the 15th of April. 
Fortress owners are able to produce 
Behemoth (+25% Loot, 40% Higher HP compared to normal trans pets) and high tier attack and defence flags.



Fellow and attack pets in vSRO is indredibly low by default. Most of the private servers don't bother making them valuable. 

In Electus, Attack and Fellow pet's attack values are re-worked and they DO deal a decent damage. On a side note, Fellow pet deals higher damage compared to the attack pets. Make sure to check out their attack power in Beta, you might want to have one in the official server.

Fellow Pets

[photo=]Lava Roar Hound[/photo]
[photo=]Magic Wolf[/photo]
[photo=]Half-Moon Jaguar[/photo]
[photo=]Rubino Phoenix[/photo]
[photo=]Red Dragon[/photo]
[photo=]Tiger Girl[/photo]
[photo=]Ancient Tribal Bear[/photo]
[photo=]Blood Armor Dino[/photo]
[photo=]Yellow Sparkle Oestrich[/photo]

Growth Pets

[photo=]Three Footed Crow[/photo]
[photo=]White Wolf[/photo]
[photo=]Grey Wolf[/photo]

Pick Pets

[photo=]Pharaoh Dog[/photo]


Thanks to LENOX, the players have ability to see their current total damage on an unique while attacking it. The window below will pop up once you select an unique and will disappear when you teleport or the unique is dead.

The window will show total of 8 players' damage at a time. Total damages are approximate and doesn't show 100% reliable information and the damages are individual damages (not party based). This feature will help you to find out your total damage on an unique, however is still being optimized. 



Jackpot event is a simple and fun event that consist of a silk prize pool that is filled by players and 5 lucky winners.

Once the event start, players will have ability to add silks to the jackpot for some time. (You can add any amount and as many times as you want). Every silk will be marked as 1 line in our database. So the more silks you add to the pool, you have higher chance to be one of the winners of the event.

Let's make a quick calculation. If 5000 players to add 20 silks to the jackpot at an event, the silk prize pool will have 100,000 silks in it. The system will randomly select 60% to 100% ratio and 5 numbers in the prize pool.


Ratio: 80% (Example)
Lucky Numbers: 1, 5000, 15000, 50000, 95000.

Players who matches with these lines will share total of 80,000 silks equally which means, by adding 20 silks to the jackpot, the player will receive 16000 silks. That's about $150 worthy silks. Well, maybe less or more people will participate or maybe average silks added to the pool by the players will be lower or higher than 20 silks but in general that's how the system works.

Once again, the more silks you add to the pool, the more lines you will have in the database which will automatically higher your chance to win. So, let's say if you are there are 6 participants, first 5 with 1 silk entry and the 10th guy with 10 silks. There is a chance for this guy to not win (which is low chance but mathematically possible but also he will have 10 times more winning chance compared to the other players).

Long story short, add as much silks as you can and you'll have a high chance to win this event. Too bad if you don't, someone else will walk away with all that free silk :D


Don't be surprised if you have a survey window pop up in the middle of your screen out of nowhere because we do run surveys in the game time to time.
The survey window will disappear once you vote. Helps both us and the community a lot and is easy & instant for us to get feedback from you, thanks to lenox for giving us that ability.




Electus Filter features, limitations, restrictions, bug-fixes and server protection. All Credits: [GM]LENOX



Limit    2 Characters allowed to login per device
Limit    6 Characters allowed to login from a certain IP
Limit    2 Character allowed to enter Hall of Worship
Limit    1 Character allowed to equip job suit
Limit    1 Character allowed to enter Godsend Dungeon
Limit    1 Character allowed to enter Battle Arena
Limit    1 Character allowed to enter CTF
Limit    1 Character allowed to enter Survival Arena
Limit    1 Character allowed to enter Fortress War
Limit    Maximum plus +11
Cooldown    Reverse Scroll Cooldown in job mode, 4 minutes
Bug Fixes    Exchange bug fixed
Bug Fixes    Stall bug fixed
Bug Fixes    Mbot pill bug fixed
Bug Fixes    Exit bug fixed
Bug Fixes    Speed bug fixed
Server Notice    Alchemy fuse +8 and above
Restriction    PK Mode disabled
Restriction    SoX items can't be fused to +6 w/o immortal (Player Protection)
Restriction    Scrolls use is not allowed in Survival Arena
Restriction    Guild Point donation disabled
Restriction    Kicking party-members in Godsend Dungeon is not allowed
Restriction    Kicking party-members in Hall of Worship is not allowed
Restriction    Dropping gold on the floor is not allowed
Restriction    Dropping SOX items on the floor is not allowed
Restriction    Res is disabled in Battle Arena
Restriction    Res is disabled in Capture the Flag
Restriction    PHbot is disabled
Restriction    Restarting the client is disabled
Guard    AFK-Kicker in Battle Arena is activated (120 seconds)
Guard    AFK-Kicker in Capture the Flag is activated (120 seconds)
Guard    Pick-pet pages will have only 2 pages
Ability    Colored globals and player notification texts enabled
Ability    Ability to ban IP and HWID's
Ability    Ability to detect dll bypassers
Ability    Ability to detect VPN users



Simulation re-worked the login screen animation and the character login screen background. 

It's just sweet, isn't it? Start your launcher and hop in to find out.



Nowadays skins-accessories are a big thing. We've made sure you have enough visuals so that you can personalize your character. Make sure to check out all the visual items that are obtainable from Character Visuals NPC (located behind Donwhang Storage NPC). 

These visuals do not provide with any kind of blue option / technical advantage versus other players.

[photo=]Cape of Azure[/photo]
[photo=]Cape of Blood[/photo]
[photo=]Cape of Confiagration[/photo]
[photo=]Cape of Emerald[/photo]
[photo=]Cape of the Ghostly[/photo]
[photo=]Crown of Azure[/photo]
[photo=]Crown of Blood[/photo]
[photo=]Crown of Confiagration[/photo]
[photo=]Crown of the Ghostly[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type A)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type B)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type C)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type D)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type E)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type F)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type G)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type H)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type I)[/photo]
[photo=]Graceful Wings (Type J)[/photo]
[photo=]Holy Wings of Amaranthine[/photo]
[photo=]Holy Wings of Azure[/photo]
[photo=]Holy Wings of Blood[/photo]
[photo=]Holy Wings of Confiagration[/photo]
[photo=]Holy Wings of Prism[/photo]
[photo=]Holy Wings of Sward[/photo]
[photo=]Holy Wings of the Ghostly[/photo]
[photo=]Horns of Azure[/photo]
[photo=]Horns of Blood[/photo]
[photo=]Horns of Configaration[/photo]
[photo=]Horns of Emerald[/photo]
[photo=]Horns of Ghostly[/photo]
[photo=]Wings of Azure[/photo]
[photo=]Wings of Blood[/photo]
[photo=]Wings of Confiagration[/photo]
[photo=]Wings of the Ghostly[/photo]


So... there are so many alternative visuals in the game and you want to go grab them. But you are not sure which one is the best for you and obviously you won't buy every single of them and try 1 by 1.

Hold up, wait a minute. We have got your back. The nice guy [Simulation] designed a beautiful showroom for all of you. In this room, you will have ability to see every single SOX Glow, Plus Glow, Item Skins and pretty much every visual item we have in the game.

It's entirely free and easy to get into this room. Use Donwhang teleporter to teleport into ''Electus Showroom'' and figure which visual is the best for you. :)




Tired of playing the same character? You don't only have option to reset your character (Stats/Skills) but also have option to switch from European to Chinese and Chinese to European race.

The scrolls are available in Donwhang, right next to the guild manager.



- You have to unequip all your items including avatar parts and devil spirit

Upon use;

- You will get disconnected
- Upon relog, you will spawn with the character skin you selected
- You will spawn with 0 mastery levels
- Your skills points used for Godsend Skills will be restored on your account (+2M SP to learn normal skills)
- Your inventory will remain the same (no change)



Be unique and switch your weapons SOX Glow to ''Superior'' or ''Marvelous'' one. SOX glow switchers are available in Item Mall. 
Each SOX type has 2 unique glows available. (You can check out all the SOX Glows for free in Electus Showroom - Use Donwhang Teleporter to get in.)
When you change the sox glow of your weapon, all the values your weapon has remains the same. (The plus, blues, stats, sox glow and everything). 



Not a big fan of 11 degree? Switch your weapon model (skin) to other degrees. 

When you change the skin of your weapon, all the values your weapon has remains the same. (The plus, blues, stats, sox glow and everything). 


There are non-tradeable items in the game which will limit you to your own specific build. Yet there are weapon transformation scrolls that will solve the issue for you.
If you want to change your race/build to another one and holding a non-tradeable weapon in your hand, you will need to use a weapon changer scroll that is available in Item Mall.




There are small edits might worth noting down. See below;

- Modified CTF time (20 minutes > 12 minutes)
- Modified BAtime (20 minutes > 15 minutes)
- Removed item drop penalty upon death to monsters
- Removed thunder sound 
- It's always sunny
- Added zoomhack.
- Added custom Electus intro.
- Guild Start level 5.
- Disabled SOX drops from the monsters. 
- Removed Chinese buff animations


In Electus, server updates are taking place once a week on Thursdays at 18:30 Server Time - unless emergency restarts/updates required.

The updates include weekly Electus Point limit increase, bug fixes and more. Honor Ranking and the buffs are removed every 2 weeks.

In order to avoid confusion, we do send in-game notices regarding the weekly maintenance period in the game starting from 2 hours in advance and keep you updated about the maintenance period simultaneously on Discord Channel. 

Patchnotes are usually posted on Discord, Facebook, Elitepvpers and on our Forum shortly after the maintenance. The changelog is available in English during the maintenance. Shortly after, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Chinese and more language translations become available.

Emergency server maintenances however, might require to shut down the server in a very short period of time if a game breaking bug is discovered. In such case, information about the compensation will be provided. (This doesn't happen often)



Changelogs are now one click away after the first login. Clicking this button will redirect you to the latest changelog.



We appreciate for the donations and they help us to provide and improve Electus Online.

Donation period will start on the 23rd of April as the registrations will be enabled (Around 3-4 pm).

We will accept donations on our website, donation section. Following payment methods are available and the reward will be added on your account instantly.

1. Credit Cards (VISA)
2. Bank Card (VISA)
3. PaySafeCard
4. Skrill, Rixty
5. Bank Transfers
6. Centili
7. Allopass
8. Daopay
9. PaymentPinLand
10. MOLPay, 
11. Fortumo
12. PayNearMe

These payment methods apply for every country except Egypt and Venezuela.
Egyptian players can only donate through the reseller Milky_Way
Venezuelan players may not be able to donate as the providers are not dealing with the banks in Venezuela due to the country's economical situation.

As everyone already know, private servers have their own lifespans. While most of the psro servers die in a few days / week, Electus servers have much longer lifespan, talking about 7 months plus up to a year. And the reason for the shutdown is not the income but due to ''inactivity'' and ''low population'' after 7 to 11 months.

As Electus Team, we are actively working every day with no days off by the time we release a project, for at least 15 hours a day (You can contact us on Discord 24/7 - we reply instantly unless we are working on something). We also do our best to extend the lifespan of the server by adding new content on weekly and monthly basis and aiming for 1 year plus for the lifespans.

As a guarantee for you, 

If we are to shut down this server in the future by any chance; we will announce it 60 days in advance and will refund 100% of the donations made starting from that date - until the shut down of the server.

You can contact us on to claim your refund.

Other than that, donations can not be claimed back under any circumstance. If you chargedback in any Electus server in the past and also donated in the newer servers via resellers (EPIN) - your account will get banned once we figure out.

To be able to play on the newer servers as an old chargebacker, you will have to communicate with server admin and accept the terms and conditions given. (This policy apply to all the running Electus servers.)


E-Pin sales are alternative payment method for purchasing Electus Cash (Silk). E-PIN sellers may not available 24/7. You can contact authorized E-Pin sellers on Discord

Authorized Third Party E-Pin Sellers:

EPin sales are limited. Epin sellers might run out of epins any time. 

1. Ivan (PayPal Sales) He will provide with his work-hours every day at 00:00 on Discord. You have to follow his announcements up on Discord for PayPal donations.
2. Milky_Way Players from Egypt can only donate through Milky_Way reseller. He's also providing E-PIN's for those who want to pay via Western Union, Bitcoin and MasterCard.

How to Redeem EPINs

Applying EPIN codes are instant. Once you redeem, you will have your Electus Cash on your account right away.

1. Login
2. Click on DONATE
3. Click Apply EPIN Code
4. Copy-Paste your EPIN code and press SUBMIT.


We are giving away around $4000 worthy prizes within this grand opening. 

Yes, this is real. This is Electus Online. 

Prize Pool;


- 21x Electus T-Shirt (Charname + Guild logo option)
- 40x Beginner Packs (700 Silk Worthy Pack incl. Premium & Devil)
- 2x Advanced Beginner Packs (1500 Silk Worthy Pack incl. Premium & Devil)
- 1x Rare Avatar Set 
- 41x Full Avatar Set 
- 31x Fellow Pets
- 66,000 Silks

Share Event #1;

Share Event #2; April 15th, Monday 1 PM

Share Event #3: April 29th, Monday 1 PM

Comment Event #1;

Comment Event #2;


10 people with Electus signature on EPVP will be rewarded with 500 silk before the grand opening. Use the signature below on Elitepvpers and leave a comment with your character name to participate.


~Electus Team,


Electus Support Team,


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