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Godsend Dungeon and Godsend skills have been big part of Electus story over the years. Starting from now, we are changing the way to obtain these skills and making them easier to access but also adding some spice to it.

:x 1. Godsend Dungeon is removed.
:x 2. All Godsend Skill levels are reduced to ''Level 1'' (Only 1 Skill Up). We still __keep__ all godsend skills.
:x 3. Obtaining Godsend Skills; (Much more easy)

Kill 20 Enemy in Job Cave. Reward; 1 Godsend Skill
Kill Monsters in Jo Cave. Reward; 1 Godsend Skill
Get 100 Survival Arena Kills. Reward; 1 Godsend Skill
Farm 50 EP from jobbing. Reward; 1 Godsend Skill

:P-All above methods have daily completion limit of 1-

:x 4. Weekly reset for Godsend Skills (At weekly server update, Thursdays 6 PM)

:) An active player will unlock all godsend skills in 1-3 days after weekly server update.
:) By resetting Godsend Skills weekly, old players will no longer have disadvantage against old players.
:) By resetting Godsend Skills weekly, job cave and survival will get even more attention and activity.

Conclution: Godsend Skills needed weeks maybe months of work to unlock all levels. Now, you need only 1-2 days to unlock all skills. Freedom to use all skills in the beginning of the server as well. By removing them weekly, the activity in survival arena and job cave will be boosted especially during the weekend.

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Hello, the godsend chinese race has been strengthened a lot.

Expect buffs to dualaxe skills with onehanded by the Warrior skill tree.

It would be great if you could at least increase the damage multipliers of the onehanded and dualaxe skills.

For your information Electus team.

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