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[GUIDE] Auto Equipment D11

Auto Equipment Explained

  1. Auto Equipment will work between levels 8 -> 81
  2. You will need to click on the icon in order to claim a self teleportation queue to gather the items (The icon IMG is attached to this posting) After clicking this button you should teleport and spawn on the same location within 5 seconds.
    1. This can also be accomplished by using a return scroll, using teleports either in town or a ferry, or dying and returning to town
    2. Upon teleportation, as of degree 2 you will receive: SOS +3 Equipment and Accessories 41% stats Full blue and SOS +3 weapon 61% stats
  3. If you replace your starter item from auto equipment before you teleport you will break the auto equipment system and your items will not be upgraded
    1. In order to fix this issue there is a SOS +0 weapon at the blacksmith located in Hotan that you need to purchase and wear instead of whatever you replaced your auto equip'ed gear with. (The SOS +0 IMG is attached to this posting)
  4. European characters will have to make sure they upgrade their primary mastery before the autoEQ system will outfit them with the latest shiny gear

Additional Notes

Q- Lets say you chose the wrong weapon at creation and you want to switch.
A- You would go to the blacksmith in Hotan and buy the correct SOS +0 weapon you want to use

Q- I cant see the autoEQ button
A- Teleport or use a return scroll and you SHOULD see it. This issue appears when you check "hide client after relog" on your bot additonally this also will affect the display of the Electus menu which is fixed with the same procedure

A- Go to Hotan and buy the SOS +0 weapon level mastery and see if it works BEFORE contacting admins etc in discord

Auto Equipment Icon


SOS +0 weapon to buy to fix auto equipment



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