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Gaia Update 05.12.2022

Date: 05.12.2022
Time: 17:00
Downtime: 15-30 minutes (-+15)


  • NEW MAP! Phantom Desert with Level 110 Monsters (Teleport from Downhang)
  • Removed Akeru/Sylaken quests
  • Reworked Dead Warrior Quest 
    Eliminate 2000 Dead Warrior (100 Lv Mob) | Reward 15% EXP and 15M Skill Point
  • Sylaken & Akeru (108-109) monsters damage been nerfed by 15%
  • Daily Achievement #6 reward increased from 20% to 30% and Skill Point from 15M to 30M
  • Job Cave Kill Enemy Achievement #9 XP reward increased from 5% to 10% and kill requirement reduced from 20 to 15
  • Survival Achievement #10 kill requirement reduced from 100 to 75 and skill point reward increased from 15M to 30M
  • Survival Arena Kill Achievement #1 reward increased from 10% to 15%
  • Camel been added to Electus Point aka PLAY2WIN NPC.
  • Maximum EP you can get each relog is 200 EP (Jobbing)
  • Fixed Stall Network not showing D11 Items
  • Samarkand and Constantinople Monsters changed to 110 Monsters (Dead Warrior)
  • Mirror Dimension monsters changed to 90-98 Monsters
  • Added different types of Lv110 Monsters in Baghdad (30% less HP compared to Dead Warrior).
    This modification will help CH fam a little. Currently they are suffering.
  • Increased Magic Stone Drop Rate from monsters 104-110 by 25%
  • Job Cave Entrance fee changed reduced from 10m to 5m
  • Removed F Hotkey for stall network (you can access it from the icon next to Electus menu)
  • Disabled League of Legend Event Temporarily (To use it's area for another map until Thursday Update)
  • Changed all teleports fees to 5000 Except Medusa Room
  • Jackpot Winners
  • Silver | Joined with 345 | Won 362
  • EwiL_CrafT | Joined with 25 | Won 362
  • Abadie | Joined with 4 | Won 362

Skill Change

  • Cleric;
    Changed STR/INT connections from 2 to 4
  • Warrior;
    Changed buff range of skill to the following
    Pain: 100M to 150M
    Physical fence: 100M to 150M
    Magical Fence: 100M to 150M

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