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Weekly Maintenance & Update Period(s)


As you all know, we have weekly maintenance & update period on Thursdays at 18.00
Now that the server is huge and at some point the gameservers can't handle the insanity, we think it will help the server to be as much stable as it is now and also avoid any potential crashes if we restart the servers on Mondays at 18.00 as well.

You leave a SRO serverĀ alone it just crashes if it's overloaded and under constant pressure. That being said here are the weekly maintenance / update periods for Electus Servers from now on.

WEEKLY UPDATE => Every Thursday 18.00 (Maintenance + Update)
The downtime for the weekly updates are 20 to 60 minutes (usually).

WEEKLY RESTART => Every Monday 18.00 (No Update - Quick Restart)
The downtime for the server restart is approximately 15 minutes.

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