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GAIA UPDATE 13.12.2022

Date: 13.12.2022
Time: 17:00
Downtime: 15-30 minutes (-+15)


  • Replaced direct SOS drops with Diamond Box.
  • Added new box [Diamond Box] with 20% SOS success rate and include the following;
    Seal of Star Weapon [5%]
    Seal of Star Shield [5%]
    Seal of Star Equipment [60%]
    Seal of Star Accessory [30%]
  • Removed 1/300K SOS drops from 104-110 monsters. Added Diamond Box drops with 1/75K rate to 104-110 monsters.
  • Added Godsend Dungeon Portal to Electus Shop NPC (Party Only).
    Solo Godsend Dungeon will be added on Thursday Update.
    Godsend Dungeon EP & SP quests are not enabled, will be enabled on Thursday along with MODIFIED Godsend Skill Obtaining System.
    Godsend Dungeon is purely for drops at the moment.

    First Room Unique (Light Spirit): 1 Diamond Box + 1 Platinum Box 
    Second Room Unique (Zielkiaxe): 1 Diamond Box + 1 Platinum Box
    Third Room Unique (Shadow Spirit): 2 Platinum Box

  • Added Diamond Box to the following uniques;
    Isyutaru: 2%
    Lord Yarkan: 5%
    Demon Shaitan: 10%
    Light Spirit (Godsend Dungeon): 1x
    Zielkiaxe (Godsend Dungeon): 1x

    Jupiter 1*: 10% (Forgotten World)
    Jupiter 2* : 70% (Forgotten World)
    Jupiter 3*: 1x (Forgotten World)
    Thief Boss Khalia 3*: 50% (Forgotten World)

    Selket & Neith: 1x
    Anubis & Isis: 2x
    Haroeris: 3x
    Homocidal Santa & Baal[STR] & Simulation: 2x
    Fat Stone Boi & Dark Soul: 1x
    Roc & Roc[STR]: 8x
    Medusa & Medusa[STR]: 6x
    Karkadann & Khulood: 50%
  • Turned Off Server dungeon during weekdays changed it to weekend days. Saturday & Sunday 20:00
  • Magic Pop Card price is increased 110m in Electus Shop
  • Boosted STR-INT-Magic-Stamina selection ratio when magic stone drops 
  • Enabled Squid Game back
  • Enabled PVP/Unique Queue
  • Anti-Inflation;
    Server Dungeon portal: 20M fee
    Survival Arena portal: 5M fee
    Squid Game portal: 10M fee
    Electus Underground: 15M fee
    FGW 1*: 95M + 2 Arena Coin
    FGW 2*: 250M + 5 Arena Coin
    FGW 3*: 750M + 10 Arena Coin

Platinum Box Rework
- Tigergirl 40%
- Cerberus 40%
- Ivy 40%
- Uruchi 50%
- Uruchi STR 50%
- Isyutaru 1x
- Isyutaru STR 1x
- Lord Yarkan 2x 
- Lord Yarkan STR 2x
- Demon Shaitan 3x 
- Demon Shaitan STR 3x
- Karkadann 2x
- Khulood 2x



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