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Date: 05.01.2023
Time: 18:00
Downtime: 45-60 minutes (-+15)

  • New Starter Items (Updated)
    Devil Spirit
    30M Gold @ Level 101
    5x Godsend Skills

    50x Reverse Return Scroll
    10k HP
    10k MP
    2K Pills
    400 Vigor Grains 
  • Increased Job Battle Arena EP/HP to 80
  • Added Shield Race Changer to Item Mall
  • Added SOM Equipment Race Changer to Item Mall
    Robe <> Garment
    Light Armor <> Protector
    Heavy Armor <> Armor

  • Increased Vigor % from 17 to 20
  • Increased Diamond Box Drop (Including STR Version of the Unique too);
    Tiger Girl: 5%
    Cerberus: 5%
    Captain Ivy: 5%
    Uruchi: 5%
    Isy: 7%
    Lord Yarkan: 10%
    Demon Shaitan: 20%
    Jupiter 1*: 25%
    Jupiter 2*: 1x
    Princess Miyene: 1x
    Selket: 2x
    Neith: 2x
    Santa, Baal, Simulation: 3x
    Fat Stone Boi, Dark Soul: 2x
  • Changed Godsend Dungeon Quest Reward from Dungeon Box to Diamond Box (For 1 Week Only)
    10% SOS Success > 20% SOS success
    (2X Reward basically)
  • Increased Godsend Dimension Portal price to 960M
  • Changed Server Dungeon Quest #3 requirement from 30 monster to 20 and its reward from dungeon box to diamond box (2X Reward basically)
  • Increased Magic Pop price in Electus Shop to 135M
  • Survival Challenge Gift Rework; (Much more SOS % now)
    Seal of Star Equipment: 20%
    Seal of Star Accessory: 10%
    Seal of Star Weapon: 5%
    2% Alchemy Boost Scroll: 6%
    3% Alchemy Boost Scroll: 2%
    5% Alchemy Boost Scroll: 2%
    Legendary Gold Dragon Flag: 2%
    Random Advanced Elixir A Type (Non-Sox): 10%
    Random Advanced Elixir A Type (SoX): 3%
    4x Lamp: 20%
    5x Magic Pop Card: 10%
    10x Luck Stone: 10%
  • Added ADV B Shield and Accessory to Magic Pop with low rate.
  • Added ADV B Shield and Accessory to Platinum Box.
    ADV B Protector and Weapon will not be enabled next week but in the future updates.
  • Increased Elixirs Reward from Server Dungeon Quest #2 from 25x to 30x each.
  • Nerfed Produced Flags from 25% to 22%
  • Enabled Stall Network
  • Max Plus increased from +10 to +11 with ADV B only.
  • Reduced Flying Dragon - Godsend Critical to 10
  • Removed Daily Limit from CTF Achievement #3
  • Incrased Job Cave Challenge Achievement #9 EXP Reward from 50% to 100%
  • Changed Achievement #4 Progress Requirement from 500 to 450
    You can finish the achievement 10% faster now and obtain an Elite Box for free that worth approximately 700 Silk.
  • Changed Lamp Reward to the following;
    Seal of Star: 6%
    10x Arena Coin: 92%
    Elite Box: 2%

Discounts for This Week Only!

Reduced Character Icon Price From 89 Silk to 69 Silk
Reduced Character Visual Price From 332 Silk to 249 Silk
Reduced Item Mall Avatars Price From 498 Silk to 298 Silk
Reduced Colorful titles Price From 998 Silk to 555 Silk
Reduced Black Titles Price From 1498 Silk to 999 Silk


Donation Event



  • You will receive 30% additional bonus for your donations starting from Friday 20:00
    Bonus Electus Cash you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
    Your bonus Electus Cash reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (EPins+Paywant)

  • Period start: 06.01.2023 | Friday | 20:00 Electus Time. 
    Period end: 08.01.2023 | Sunday | 23:59 Electus Time.

Top Job Kills-Unique-Survival

  • Congratulation to Rank #1 Job Kills Marvelous and he won 1x Exclusive Character Visual. 1x Character Name Color. Job Kills #1 Title and Job Kills #1 Role on Discord
  • Congratulation to Rank #1 Unique Marvelous and he won 1x Exclusive Character Visual. 1x Character Name Color. Unique #1 Title and Unique #1 Role on Discord
  • Congratulation to Rank #1 Survival Marvelous and he won 1x Exclusive Character Visual. 1x Character Name Color. Survival Killer #1 Title and Survival Killer #1 Role on Discord

Fortress War and PVP Tournament

  • Third Fortress War will take place This Sunday and winner will get 40B Gold
    Top #1 in killer guild will be getting $300 CASH
  • PVP Tournament will take place this Sunday! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
    #1 Place will receive $200 Cash + Permanent/Colorful GAIA Champion Discord role + In-game title.
    #2 Place will receive 
    $100 Cash 
    #3 Place will receive $50 Cash

Essential Information

  • Achievement #1 and #4 (Weekly jobbing challenge - 450 EP) gets reset every week at weekly maintenance, in order not to lose progress on it, complete the achievement and redeem the gift before Thursday 6 PM. (Reminder: You can complete this challenge and redeem Jobbing Challenge Box more than once per week.)
  • Increased weekly EP Limit by +800
  • Reset Honor Ranking and Honor Buffs
  • Reset Skill Points to 5 Million and added 1 NEW LEVEL to Godsend Skills (Applies to most skills but not all)

Sunday Funday Events

Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. 
Location => Donwhang South!

Phase 1
Unique Event at DW South (21:30)
Phase 2
Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) 
Phase 3
Search N Destroy Event (22:00) 
Phase 4 
Hide N Seek Event (22:05)
Phase 5
Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:20)
Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:20)
Phase 6 

PvP Tournament (22:45) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Note: Bicheon STR/Hybrid is banned from the tournament


EPVP Event Winners

omentcz - 500 Electus Cash
indogaruda - 500 Electus Cash
huawei - 500 Electus Cash
panda4152 - 500 Electus Cash
karlos3733 - 500 Electus Cash
embodiment1337 - Character Icon
dankhope - Character Icon
FlexiArts - Character Icon
xCripss - Character Icon
jaren - Character Icon
volcano wezza - Character Icon
immortalboy511 - Character Icon
Maikonas1995 - Character Icon
loudazz - Character Icon
modylovess - Character Icon
anafalawkas1 - Character Name Color
omaryehia990 - Character Name Color
Nachuij - Character Name Color
_PRZEMAN_ - Character Name Color
enerlein - Character Name Color
jdm14000 - Lamp
salvatore92 - Lamp
claudiu1988 - Lamp
HydraLisk - Lamp
ajempanda - Lamp
mostafa25558 - Lamp
JuniooreK - Lamp
Salty - Lamp
yaraband - Lamp
marciuz7 - Lamp
madexpro15 - Lamp
kekemen - Lamp

Congratulation to all winners.
Contact us on EPVP to Claim Your Reward: CLICK ON ME TO CONTACT YUKIE ON EPVP
Players must claim their reward within 48  hours. Else, they will lose their chance to obtain their rewards.
It Takes up to 48 Hours from messaging us to claim your reward

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