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Date: 12.01.2023
Time: 18:00
Downtime: 45-60 minutes (-+15)


  • Starter Items
    Devil Spirit
    30M Gold @ Level 101
    5x Godsend Skills
    50x Reverse Return Scroll
    10k HP
    10k MP
    2K Pills
    400 Vigor Grains 
  • Activated SOM Head & Chest & Legs. 
    Shoulder, Foot, Hands will be unlocked next week (19.1.2023)
  • Increased Elixir Reward for server dungeon quest 30x > 40x (removed shield elixir though)
  • All Godsend Dungeon uniques have 30% Elite Box drop chance now.
  • 3* Jupiter now drops Elite Box with 80% chance. (25% to 80%)
  • Removed Gold Coin drop from Medusa
  • Increased Unique KS event monster hp by 300%
  • Added SOS Race Switcher for Equipments and Accessories, available in item mall. Reduced price from 500 silk to 100 Silk (80% discount)
    SOS-SOM-SUN Robe <> Garment
    SOS-SOM-SUN Light Armor<> Protector
    SOS-SOM-SUN Heavy Armor <> Armor
    SOS-SOM-SUN EU Accessory <> CH Accessory

    Enjoy switching race/build very cheap...
  • Fixed Haroeris Phy. Def.
  • Added ADV B protector elixir to Platinum Box. Also in Magic Pop (Low-Mid rate)
  • Changed Achievement #4 Reward from Elite Box to Jobbing Challenge Box which contain the following;
    Seal of Star Weapon [3%]
    Seal of Star Shield [3%]
    Seal of Star Equipment [10%]
    Seal of Star Accessory [7%]
    Seal of Moon Weapon [1%]
    Seal of Moon Shield [2%]
    Seal of Moon Equipment [10%]
    Seal of Moon Accessory [7%]
    ADV A Weapon Rare [2%]
    ADV A Equipment Rare [2%]
    ADV A Shield Rare [2%]
    ADV A Accessory Rare [1%]
    5% Alchemy Boost Scroll [5%]
    Random Fellow Pet [15%]
    Random Character Visual [9%]
    Random Christmas Outfit [15%]
    Character Reset Scroll [2%]
    Skill Reset Scroll [2%]
    Stats Reset Scroll [2%]
  • Increased Elixir/Stone Drop Rate by 22% (104-110 monsters)
  • Reworked rewards for Survival Arena Solo Rewards for TOP-5 (Extra rewards)
    Rank 1: 125 silks, 2 platinum box, 1x Diamond Box
    Rank 2: 75 silks, 1 platinum box, 1x Diamond Box
    Rank 3: 50 silks, 1 Diamond Box, 1 Platinum Box
    Rank 4: 50 silks, 1 platinum box.
    Rank 5: 1 platinum box.
  • Battle Arena Changes;
    Changed 01:00 Battle Arena Party to Random
    Changed 17:00 Battle Arena Party to Job
  • Added 10 EP to #1 Godsend Dungeon Quest (Party)
  • Added 10 EP to Solo Godsend Dungeon Quest (Solo)


Donation Event



  • You will receive 30% additional bonus for your donations starting from Friday 20:00
    Bonus Electus Cash you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
    Your bonus Electus Cash reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (EPins+Paywant)

  • Period start: 13.01.2023 | Friday | 20:00 Electus Time. 
    Period end: 15.01.2023 | Sunday | 23:59 Electus Time.

Top Job Kills-Unique-Survival

  • Congratulation to Rank #1 Job Kills xxxx and he won 1x Exclusive Character Visual. 1x Character Name Color. Job Kills #1 Title and Job Kills #1 Role on Discord
  • Congratulation to Rank #1 Unique xxxx and he won 1x Exclusive Character Visual. 1x Character Name Color. Unique #1 Title and Unique #1 Role on Discord
  • Congratulation to Rank #1 Survival xxxx and he won 1x Exclusive Character Visual. 1x Character Name Color. Survival Killer #1 Title and Survival Killer #1 Role on Discord

Fortress War and PVP Tournament

  • Fortress War will take place This Sunday and winner will get 150 Silk worth gold (x32 members)
    PVP Tournament will take place this Sunday! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
    #1 Place will receive $150 Cash + Permanent/Colorful GAIA Champion Discord role + In-game title.
    #2 Place will receive 
    $100 Cash 
    #3 Place will receive $50 Cash

Essential Information

  • Achievement #4 (Weekly jobbing challenge - 450 EP) gets reset every week at weekly maintenance, in order not to lose progress on it, complete the achievement and redeem the gift before Thursday 6 PM. (Reminder: You can complete this challenge and redeem Jobbing Challenge Box more than once per week.)
  • Increased weekly EP Limit by +800
  • Reset Honor Ranking and Honor Buffs

Sunday Funday Events

Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. 
Location => Donwhang South!

Phase 1
Unique Event at DW South (21:30)
Phase 2
Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) 
Phase 3
Search N Destroy Event (22:00) 
Phase 4 
Hide N Seek Event (22:05)
Phase 5
Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:20)
Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:20)
Phase 6 

PvP Tournament (22:45) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Note: Bicheon STR/Hybrid is banned from the tournament

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