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Hello and welcome to Update #12
This is Electus' iconic end of 3rd month Update a.k.a Legendary Update.
We celebrate spending 3 months together with various events and offer you brothers new content.
Read the changelog carefully - it's a bit too long but you need to know everything about it :-)

Date: 18.07.2019
Downtime: 18:00 - 19.00 (-+30 minutes)


1/4 el sana 3adat 
e7na ben7tafal b el legendary update b 

Players hata5od + +50% BONUS SILK for donations starting from the update time - until Sunday 23:59

El event de 3ashan el legendary update w ba3d keda el bonus msh hay2ba 50% f el asabee3 el gaya hay2ba 2a2al . da 3ard mara wa7da

-Event period is based on Electus Time and available until Sunday 23:59.
-Bonus silk you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
-Your bonus silk reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (Superrewards+EPIN).

Period start: Thursday 18:00 (Electus Time)
Period end: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time)


We announced Razer Keyboard giveaway last week and today it's the day to announce the winner.
If you are not lucky enough to win this one, don't worry, follow our Facebook Page and participate weekly & monthly giveaways and you'll get something for free now or later
So... the winner out of 450 participants is... 'Arya' Congratulations! Please contact [GA]Yukie on Discord to claim your reward.\


Part 1 - Main Changelog
Part 2 - New Content

1. Increased Global Electus Point Limit by +800 (9200 > 10,000)

End-Game items (EGY B) are obtained with Electus Points and not tradeable.
All EGY B Items (Weapon, Acc, Gear) are now available at EGY B NPC.

2. Honor Buff reset

Honor Ranking et3amalaha reset w el honor buffs etshaalo mn el players . dlw2ty a7san wa2t 3ashan t farm honor points w te5osh f el owner ranking
el reset el gay kaman esboo3an

3. Discounts
Following items are now obtainable with certain discount. (Limited Time Offer)
Item Mall
- Immortal Stones now have 10% discount
- Starter Packs now have 5% discount 
- Devil<>Angel Spirit Switchers now have 15% discount 
- Character Reset Scrolls now have 50% discount 
Stat Reset Scrolls now have 50% discount
Skill Reset Scrolls now have 50% discount 
Race Switcher Scrolls now have 40% Discount 
EGY B Weapon Changers now have 20% Discount 
Devil Spirit Stones now have 25% Discount (permanent)
- Sabakun Jewels now have 15% Discount (permanent)

Avatar NPC
All Avatar Dresses, Hats and Accessories are now 50% off. This offer is valid for limited time. This offer does not include Electus Dresses in Item Mall.
 Avatars: 200 Silks
- Hats: 75 Silks
- Accessories: 25 Silks

Fellow Pets NPC
All Fellow pets are now 50% off. This offer is valid for limited time.
- Normal: 250 Silks
- Custom: 300 Silks

Character Visual NPC
All character visuals are now 25% off. This offer is valid for limited time.
- Normal Visuals: 750 Silks
- Special Visuals: 1100 Silks

3. Box Success Rate Changes
- Platinum Box Success Rate  55% > 60%
 Diamond Box Success Rate  25% > 30%
- Elite Box Success Rate 20% > 25%
 Peculiar Box Success Rate  1/750 > 1/700

4. Box Reward Changes
Following changes should contribute to boxes' values.
- Diamond Box
Nova Success Rate: 95% > 85%
SOA Gear Success Rate: 3% > 10%
SOA Accessory Success Rate: 2% > 5%

Elite Box
SOA Success Rate: 90% > 85%
EGY A Gear Success Rate: 6% > 10%
EGY A Accessory Success Rate: 4% > 5%

Peculiar Box
Grand Electus Weapon Success Rate: 100% > 50%
Grand Electus Gear Success Rate: 0% > 30%
Grand Electus Accessory Success Rate: 0% > 20%

Electus Box
SOA Success Rate: 70% > 60%
EGY A Gear Success Rate: 10% > 15%
EGY A Accessory Success Rate: 7% > 10%
10% Alchemy Boost Scroll Success Rate: 3% > 5%

5. New Players (Boost)
- Godsend Skills dlw2ty ba2o b 30M Skill points badal 60M. el ta8eer da el maffrood yesa3d el new comers 3ashan yel7a2o w yenfaso el nas el adeema
(lama testa5dam  Charecter reset scroll , hayrga3lak 30M 3ala el account badal 60M )
-lama te3mal create l New Account , el charecter haya5od Lv. 2 Starter Badge that grants various buffs.
- Auto Equipment hat2ba l7ad D11 (101) items +3 Full Blue and 41 ~61 % stat features 
XP Rate has been increased by 100%.
- End game weapons (EGY B) dlw2ty ba2o 5% 2a2al electus points 3an ma kano . fe 5elal 1-2 weeks hanbadal el EGY B weaps b Legendary EGY B weaps NPC ( WEAPONS ONLY ). b el taree2a de el players el gdeeda ely homa met25reen 3 months haykoon 3ondohom forsa akbar 2nohom yel7a2o el nas el adeema For Accs w el Gear mafish upgrades f el NPC el kalam da l el Weaps bas 

6. Fortress War
- Jangan Fortress is available (Reward: 60 B Gold)
The war will start on Sunday at 20.30 and end at 21.30

7. Curst Heart Quest
This quest has been disabled for now as it's abuseable with the Legendary Skills. You can use skill edit potions until we re-enable this quest.
8. Title Issue
'Braindead' title color has been changed. Available in Title NPC in Donwhang.
9. Grand Electus Equipment & Accessory Switchers
As Grand Electus Gear & Accessories mota7een dlw2ty ,handeeko el option 2noko te8yarohom CH - EU w EU - CH el scrolls mawgood f el item mall. 
Accessories momken te8yarha EU<>CH bebalash
Gears can only be swapped in between;

Armor <> Heavy Armor
Protector <> Light Armor
Garment <> Robe
10. Max Plus
Maximum available plus has been raised from 12 to 13.
Holy Water Temple
- Enter Holy Water Temple with your squad, complete the quests for special rewards and collect the drops from the uniques.

- Complete Holy Water Temple Quests to earn EP & SP Scrolls, Elixir Weapon & Protector. Quest NPC is available in Donwhang, near the storage NPC.


Quest #1: Kill 80 Maeutu Crab (EP Scroll)
Quest #2: Kill Horus (EP Scroll)
Quest #3: Kill Osiris (SP Scroll)
Quest #4: Kill Nephthys (SP Scroll)
Quest #5: Kill Sphinx (40x Elixir Weapon)
Quest #6: Kill Sekhmet (40x Elixir Protector)

Sphinx: 2 Copper Coin, 2 Silver Coin, Diamond Box (5%), Elite Box (5%), Peculiar Box (20%)
Sekhmet: 2 Copper Coin, 2 Silver Coin, Diamond Box (5%), Elite Box (5%), Peculiar Box (20%)
Nephthys: 2 Copper Coin, 2 Silver Coin, Diamond Box (5%), Elite Box (5%), Peculiar Box (20%)
Horus: 2 Copper Coin, 2 Silver Coin, Diamond Box (5%), Elite Box (5%), Peculiar Box (20%)
Osiris: 3 Copper Coin, 3 Silver Coin, 2 Iron Coin, Diamond Box 100%, Elite Box (25%), Peculiar Box 100%, Talisman Drop (4%), 500 Silk Scroll (3%), Electus Box (1%), 

Legendary Upgrader Scrolls
 You can now upgrade your end game content (EGY B or Grand Electus) to Legendary one.
-Eshtry Legendary upgrade scroll mn Electus NPC f donwhang . 7ot el EGY B / GE item f page 1 slot 1 use the scroll on it 
- awel ma tesha8al el scroll , el egy b aw el GE beta3k hay2ba upgraded l el Legendary one and its stats hatzeed ka2no b2a +2 
- kol 7aga hatfadal zay ma heya stats, plus, blues, model, glow switcher and everything , ha2yba fe ta8yeer f el glow hay2ba Legendary one . te2dar troo7 Electus Showroom E3mal teleport mn donwhang 3ashan teshoof el kalam Weaps glow 

Note: Legendary Upgrade has 3 legs. First leg is this week, Legendary Upgrader for EGY B / GE Weapons are unlocked. Next week, Legendary Upgrader for the gears will be unlocked. Accessories the following week. You can use !sox command on Discord to find out the differences between Nova, SOA, EGY A-B, Grand Electus and Legendary EGY B, Legendary Grand Electus.


Legendary Skills

Legendary Update brings the powerful legendary skills!
- Legendary Skills are so powerful that you might one hit your enemy with those, maybe not. Most likely yes you can. So yes, these are real powerful skills.
- You can not spam these skills because they have very high cooldown and on each level up, the cooldown is reduced.

Level 1 : 24 Hours
Level 2 : 15 Hours
Level 3 : 10 Hours

- These skills are not easily learned. They require 120M Skill Points per level and each skill has 3 Levels. 
- Once Character / Skill reset scrolls or Race Switcher Scroll is used, you will receive 120M Skill Points back for each Legendary Skill level learned.
- Skill edit potions can not be used on Legendary Skills (Anti-Bug Abuse)






Sunday-Funday Events
Electus' iconic Sunday events are hosted every Sunday after the fortress war.
 Meet us at Donwhang South on Sunday 21:30 Electus Standard Time

Phase 1
Unique Event at DW South (21:30)
 Phase 2
Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) 
Phase 3
Search N Destroy Event (21:55) 
Phase 4 
Hide N Seek Event (22:05)
Phase 5
Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:15)
Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:15)
Phase 6
PvP Tournament (22:30)

PvP Tournament (12th Edition)
Show them who is the best.
Go to this link to register for this week's PvP Tournament: 


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