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Hello and welcome,

2nharda b ne3lan 3an eftata7 server gdeed 
server gdeed hayt7at f electus network w haykoon motaa7 orayeb . el tafaseel ta7t
CAP : 100

TRAILER | SHARE EVENT (19.09.2019)
New server trailer aka Share Event will be published on Electus' Facebook Page on the 19th of September, Thursday, 1 PM.
More than 100 Share Event participants will win one of the rewards. (More info soon)
Follow Electus Facebook Page: 
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CLOSED BETA (20.09.2019)
Closed beta hatkoon mota7a f 20th september l 3adad la3bia ma7dood . dol ely mohtameen 2n homa y garabo w yel3abo electus 100 cap lazm yekoono active 3ala electus discord w ykoono intouch ma3 electus admin team . Open beta client will be handed to limited people only.
Discord link: Electus Discord 
el ma3loomat el mofasala 3an el server hatkoon mota7a ma3 el download links f 1st of October.
OPEN BETA (04.10.2019)

100 CAP Chinese server hatkoon mota7ala l kol el nas f Oct 4th - October 12th.
There will be 3 Beta Phases in total. In Beta v2.0, there will be contests & rewards for the players. More info will be provided on Discord in the following weeks.
Players will be able to register an account and donate on Electus Website starting on the 15th of October, 4 PM.

GRAND OPENING (18.10.2019)
On the 18th of October, Friday, 8 PM Electus will release 100 CAP Chinese server.
Note that, this is the only Chinese server you will see from Electus. We don't consider releasing another Chinese only server in the future. Don't miss the chance and get it 
You can join Electus Discord now and ask your questions. Click Here To Join
We will continue to support & update our currently running servers when the new server comes out:
- Electus 100 CAP EU-CH (Online for 11 months)
- Electus 110 CAP EU-CH (Online for 4 months)


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