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Date: 21-10-2019

  • Improved server stability and performance.
  • Increased XP Rate by 2.5x
  • Activated Kill The GM Event
  • Zerk is disabled in job mode (It wasn't intentional to have it enabled in official server)
  • Removed several bugged isro quests that caused some characters to be bugged
  • Players received additional 'Starter Speed (100%), Duration: 3 days' and 5K HP & MP in their inventories
  • Fixed the sell price of 8 degree weapon's. (1 Gold > 750K)
  • Achievements will automatically refresh itself every 5 minutes (Instead of every 5 seconds)

    *Survival Arena will be enabled tomorrow (22-10-2019)
    *Gold Lottery Event, Battle Royale Event, LastManStanding Event and PvP Challenge will go live on Thursday, Server Update, 6 PM.

- Note that our weekly server updates are on Thursdays at 6 PM GMT+3, this was an emergency update to improve server stability to improve and is why is an additional update.

- Main server update will be on Thursday, 6 PM.


Step by step explanation:

  • We are always looking out to improve the quality of the gaming experience we offer to our players. 
  • We used Hyperfilter Network Services in the past several years just like every other psro server.
  • In 2019, Hyperfilter Network had frequent internet connection drops and we also couldn't get a response from them quickly - when they had problems.
  • Before the launch of Athens, I decided not to use Hyperfilter Network but Network service from a different company NFOrce.
  • As a customer of NFOrce company for 5 years now, I can tell I am 100% satisfied with their servers & customer support but we never used theor DDoS protection services until now.
  • I thought, it will be 'quality upgrade' if we change the network from Hyperfilter to NFOrce for Athens, but it didn't go as planned.
  • I contacted NFOrce's help-desk via call and used ticket system numerious times to let them know we need help & investigation on DDoS protection that is not performing.
  • We were told that 'all the engineers that is reponsibled for DDoS Protection Services are currently not available and they can only assist us starting from Monday work hours.'
  • In the meantime, we worked on improving our filters to behave as DDoS Protection, which helped us block the botnet attacks that targeted our filters & gateway for some time but it wasn't a permanent fix obviously - and we were still relying on a professional company just like every other business.
  • We also looked into alternative solutions, such as going back to Hyperfilter Network or using Google - Amazon DDoS protected Game Servers.
  • At current state, we are executing one of the plans (that would be the fastest) and we are expecting the server stability and protection to do the job successfully after the server inspection.

   We are genuinely thankful that thousands of players showed, support and understanding.
   We have also hit 50K followers on Facebook and 10K/10K online although we had stability issues.
   You guys are legend and I want you guys to know one thing, we are just starting the party, grab your party costume and let's roll!



1-) Delete temppath folder
2-) Start your launcher and update!
3-) If you get the error again, delete temppath folder again and then follow this guide:
4-) Start your launcher and update, keep trying a few more times if necessary.

* Server is offline #3 Try again later! - FIX
Download new DLL and extract in Electus Folder

* ERROR CODE 2-3-4 - FIX

If you can not fix the problem, you can also download the latest client from here, you don't have to though!

--- Server Status: ONLINE & STABLE


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