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Server Basic Information

  • CAP 100
  • RACE EU + CH
  • IP/PC Limit: 4/2 (You can log into your 5th char IF 1 char is stalling).
    Leveling Phase 1: 1 ~ 92 (1 day) 
    Leveling Phase 2: 92 ~ 100 (15~25 days)
    Daily XP Reward from botting: Up to 20% depending on your speed.
    Daily XP Reward from quests: Up to 35% if you complete all daily quests.
    Completing quests for XP scroll is waay faster than botting only. 
    Quests are explained here: 
    Quest Rewards
  • GUILD & UNION LIMIT: TBA on Discord
    10 dg A and B tier items are removed.
    10 dg C tier items can be equipped at 92 Lv
    You can join all events including doing jobbing at 92 Lv.
    SOS items are banned in the first 7 days.
    SOM items are banned in the first 21-30 days.
    SUN items are banned int he first 35-50 days.
    Activity Rewards, especially skill point rewards will be boosted on the first server update. 
  • Seal of Moon & Sun Weapons are purely play2win. You have to farm ACTIVITY POINT to buy your seal of moon weapon. You can later upgrade your Seal of Moon weapon to Seal of Sun weapon and keep all stats/blues/socket/advanced elixir on it. Further information TBA in changelogs.

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