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Activity Point System (Aka EP)


Activity Point

  • Number 1 goal in the game is to collect Activity Points.
  • Reason is Seal of Moon Weapon & All SUN items are collected with Activity Points.
  • You will need approximately 3000~3500 Activity Points to obtain a Seal of Moon weapon (of your choice).
  • Later, when SUN upgraders are enabled, you will need Activity Points again to upgrade your SOM items parts (Weapon, Acc, Gear).
  • You should follow discord announcements and weekly update changelog for further information about when SOM-SUN will be enabled.
  • As a reminder to old players, Godsend Dungeon do not exist in Nostalgia. AP farmed from Godsend Dungeon (in old servers) are replaced with CTF/BA/Unique.

How to farm Activity Point (AP)

  • There are 6 ways to collect activity points. Jobbing, Job Kills, Survival Kills, Battle Arena, Capture the Flag and Uniques.
  • You are not obligated to farm AP from all methods. You can choose which ones you like most.
  • You can farm up to 800 AP per week. Exception is the first week (400).
  • If you cannot farm 800 AP this week, you can farm more than 800 AP next week and catch up.


  • Jobbing: Max 350 AP/week.
    Trader: 5 AP
    Hunter: 7 AP
    Thief: 2 AP
  • Jobkill: Max 150 AP/week
    Per Kill: 2 AP
  • Survival Arena: 300 AP/week
    7 to 25 Kills: 20 AP
    25+ Kills: 25 AP
  • Capture the Flag: 100 AP/week
    Win: 20 AP
    Lose: 10 AP
  • Battle Arena: 100 AP/week
    Random & Party BA Win: 20 AP
    Random & Party BA Lose: 10 AP
    Job BA Win: 30 AP
    Job BA Lose: 15AP
  • Uniques: 150 AP
    Each unique AP/HP reward list can be found here: Click Here

    All methods = 1150 AP.
    Max farm = 800 AP.

    This way, you can ignore whatever method you dislike. Example: You can ignore Jobbing entirely and you can still fill your weekly limit. Or, you can ignore CTF+BA+Jobkills and complete the others, you will still max your limit per week. This flexibility allows you to enjoy the game however you like.

AP Events

  • There will be 2X AP event between Tuesday 18:00 ~ Thursday 18:00 (Update time) every week. This allows slow paced players to catch up and also keep the jobbing alive after most players completes their weekly job ap limit at the weekend.

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