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Nostalgia Changelog 25.10.2023

Date: 25.10.2023
Time: 18:00
Downtime: 45 Minutes to 120 Minutes (Watch #main-lounge for updates)


  • 1-91 is now 10x easier than grand opening (lowered exp required) 92-100 is reverted to originall.
  • Server Dungeon, Survival Team, Medusa, Underground, Jackpot and Gold Lottery events are activated.
  • Activated Diamond Box, Survival Box, Job Challenge Box. Cracking them will be possible on Friday 20:00, live patch.
    Job Challenge Box (Achievement #4 reward - repeatable)

    Survival Challenge Box (Achievement #1)

    Diamond Box drops from major uniques now.
    Tigergirl, Ivy, Uruchi 4%
    Isyutaru 5%
    Lord Yarkan 5%
    Demon Shaitan 9%

    Selket, Neith, Isis, Anubis: 2X Diamond Box
    Haroeris: 3x Diamond Box

    Santa, Simulation, Fat Stone Boi, Dark Soul, Electus Goddess 2x Diamond Box
    Medusa: 3x Diamond Box
    Karkadann,Khulood 50% chance Diamond Box

  • Added Dungeon Gift Box to Server Dungeon Uniques;
    Shadow Spirit 2x
    Light Spirit 1x
    Electus  Defender 6x
    Electus Guardian 6x

    Server Dungeon Quest Rewards; (Don't forget to take quests from quest manager before going into the dungeon)
    Phase #1: Eliminate Bone Shatter Phase #1 Monster 30 times, reward: 10x Each Elixir + 15m SP
    Phase #2: Eliminate Bone Shatter Phase #2 Monster 30 times, reward: 10% Exp, 3x Copper Coin, 1x Iron Coin, 5x Silver Coin
    Phase #3: Eliminate Bone Shatter Phase #3 Monster 30 times, reward: Dungeon Gift Box + 15 Arena Coins
  • Added Forgotten World Quests and Rewards
    #1: Kill Jupiter 1* and obtain 1x Crypto Box + 1 Copper Coin + 5M Skill Points
    #2: Kill Jupiter 2* and obtain 1x Dungeon Gift box + 1x Copper Coin + 5M Skill Points
    #3: Kill Jupiter 3* and obtain 1x Dungeon Gift Box + 1x Crypto Box + 1x Platinum Box + 1x Copper Coin + 1x Luck Stone + 5M Skill Points

    Forgotten World Cooldown is 10 hours.
    FGW quests are repeatable type.
    Premium is required to enter FGW (To avoid bots running 24/7)

  • Changed the price of FGW to the following;
    1* 125m to 105m
    2* 340m to 595m 
    3* 605m to 1345m
  • Nerfed transpets, Behemoth and Silverpack Job Pets HP by 20%
  • Added Premium Requirement to the following; (Requirement were disabled for the first week)
    CTF, BA, Job Cave, Survival Arena, Server Dungeon, Underground

    Added gold requirements everywhere to control inflation. (All these teleports were free for the first week until gold enters the market)
  • Changed Price of job cave portal to 3M
  • Server Dungeon is activated. It will take place every weekend, saturday and sunday at 7pm. Great rewards!
    Server Dungeon Info: 
    Server Dungeon Info (PS: Quest 2 XP reward is increased 5 to 10)
  • Changed all Trade Routes Ferries price to 500k
  • Changed Server Dungeon Entries to 30m
  • Changed Job Penalty Remover price from 398 silk to 278
  • Changed Pet Lv. Up scroll 498 silk to 298 silk
  • Changed Survival Arena entries to 3m
  • Changed D10 lucky powder price to 250k
  • Fixed Recovery - Godsend skill in rogure requirement for level 92 both warrior/rogue
  • 35% Grand Opening Silk Bonus will continue until 31.10.2023

Weekly Cash Winners

  • Capture The Flag;
    Rank 1: TheBest: $30
    Rank 2: Mahtamaa: $20
    Rank 3: Armz: $10
    Rank 4: Maxiio: $5
    Rank 5: Madness: $5
  • Battle Arena;
    Rank 1: TheBest: $30
    Rank 2: Insane: $20
    Rank 3: Nairobi: $10
    Rank 4: Mahtamaa: $5
    Rank 5: Armz: $5

Contact GM Yukie on discord to claim your reward. Visit $18.000 USD PRIZE POOL to read more about the events.

Congratulation to Vortex for Rank #1 in Job Kills and he received the title
Congratulation to Insane for Rank #1 in Survival kills and he received the title
Congratulation to CantKillme22 for Rank #1 in Unique Kills and he received the title

Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. 
Location => Donwhang South!
Phase 1
Unique Event at DW South (21:30)
Phase 2
Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) 
Phase 3
Search N Destroy Event (22:00) 
Phase 4 
Hide N Seek Event (22:05)
Phase 5
Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:20)
Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:20


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