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  1. Open the Thief Uni

    Please Prox do something about it... at the moment there are more hunters then thieves ( at least active numbers). There has to be another way.
  2. Athens Suggestions (General)

    Hello everyone, Here is my second part of suggestions and ideas that would improve overall gaming experience in Electus. I had some free time during the Open Beta so I did some testing to almost everything and my conclusion is that the game is in a decent spot, however there are few things that could use some attention, the following suggestions are not just main, they are shared by group of friends and I believe from most of the community as well. 1. Event Scheduling - The server need to have proper timings during the day and night cycle, no overlapping, no misunderstanings 2. Stackable crit scrolls - Somehow during the BETA I managed to activate a second crit scroll 20 mins before the first one was about to expire, also Visuals for 120 level from Plat boxes are they meant to drop with that level restriction or at all? 3. Force nuker build needs slight buffs - Did tested some PVP and that is the one build that could get some love, every other build seems fair and balanced in a surprising way, well done. 4. Garment set Server (80% min.) if Sos Prot/Armor doesn't get buffs similar to Seal of Eden, meaning all three sets can have additional blue Options. Ex. Sos items No blue options since it's Tier 1, Seal of Alphard small additional bonus on the blue options, just enough to make Protector and Armor set relevant etc... 5. Could we get some explanation about the Trail System, couldn't see any information on the elitpvpers thread seems to be interesting feature I would presume from past project? 6. I did manage to do a trade run from Jangan to Hotan with a friend and the following has been established: As a hunter with one 5* from Jangan to Hotan I got 3 EP 15-20m, with 6 trades you would get 18EP and about 120m A trader with 5* got just above 150m and 14 EP Are these rates final, thave they been tested? Also about the thieves one I couldn't test them, but I believe a fair reward would be about 35m and 4 EP (at least for the week one and two after that they can be changed depending on activity of course). 7. Dropping rates for stones and elixirs from (regular mobs) is a bit on the low side, hope it won't force people to bot for days just to put some STR/INT on their basic set. What I am trying to say is please don't make them too much of a ''rear asset '' and the only way to buy them to be with silks... just like so many other servers Thank you in advance! 8. Does some Uniques have fixed spawn times or it is random for all of them? 9. I do hope that the amount of Copper Coins you get from Both dungeons is good enough to reward the effort, also about the pricing of the Hall of Worship and Godsend Dungeon I hope it wont be too high (couldn't really see the pricing in the BETA, but I believe it was 200m and 300m, correct)? 10. I did some wondering around in the Mirror Dimension and I have to see the spawn rate and monster density have to be improved. 11. Can we have 10 sec Fire/Ice walls cooldown, so it can be used properly adding an extra layer to the gameplay. 12. I like what you have done with the Buff animations, wish that was the case with Ghost Walk - Godsend, when there are around 30-40 players around it causes unneccessery FPS lag, hope that won't be much of a problem to be adjusted it is quite important, thanks. 13. About the Normal growth pets and Fellow pets, are you certain that Phy. atk and the rest of the stats are different because at level 1 to level 25 that is definetely not the case, possible max level too? 14. Lastly, I do hope if not most at least some of these suggestions to be considered or made a poll so people can pick and choose. Some of them are crucial for the gameplay and longevity of the server and some not so much. However, mark my word with the current system of Coins and Boxes and the fact that you can literally buy with silks from SOS up to Seal of Eden(98+5) second best to the Moon, since they are all tradeable, I am hoping for delayed Seal of Eden and SOM content in order to actually make the server ''Long Term''... Thank you once again for reading my post! Regards