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Date: 07-11-2019 
Time: 18:00

30-60 minutes

Welcome to Athens Server, Week #4 :x


  • Increased Global Electus Point limit from 2000 to 2800.
  • EP Requirement of Seal of Moons has been set. Seal of Moon will be obtainable on 28-11-2019
    Weapons: 4500 EP + 450 Arena Coin + Other TBA 14-11-2019
    Shield: 2500 EP + 300 Arena Coin + Other Coins TBA 14-11-2019
    Equipments: 650 EP + Other Coins TBA 21-11-2019
    Accessories: 750 EP + Other Coins TBA 21-11-2019

    Other Coins: Gold Coin, Copper Coin, Iron Coin, Silver Coin.
    Approximately, 8-10 Gold Coins, 150-250 Copper Coins, 50-100 Iron Coins, 150-250 Silver Coins for Seal of Moon Weapons. Final announcement  will be made as stated above when we know more about the market value of these coins in the next weeks.

  • Increased the rare talisman's selection ratio upon drop slightly (+0.45%) (Commander's Patch/Sereness Tears)
  • Increased STR & Luck stones selection rate upon magic stone drop slightly (+5.5%)
  • Increased NPC item drop rate by 45%
  • Added Seal of Eden shield as Forgotten World (Hall of Worship) quest reward
  • Added 10K Silk Scrolls in Item Mall (To avoid scam attempts)
  • Reduced Neith (Job Cave Unique) HP by 35%
  • Reduced Roc (Universal Unique) HP by 25%
  • Reduced Haroeris (Job Cave Unique) HP by 25%
  • Removed hidden debuff from Haroeris
  • Increased 3* FGW monsters hp by 25% (4 players were capable of completing 3* in time - this dungeon is meant to be for 6 or more players)
  • Removed Halloween Theme
  • Increased Lamp success rate from 1/500 to 1/250
  • Added Elite Box success chance in Lamp: 1/250 
  • Increased SOA weapon success chance from Lamp to 1/250
  • Replaced weekly jobbing challenge (500 EP) reward from Diamond Box to Elite Box
  • Removed Medusa spawns on Sundays (Due to Sunday Funday Events)
  • Disabled berserker status in Fortress War accordingly to public poll results (posted on Discord #announcements channel)
  • Blue stat remover scroll is now compatible with accessories only (This scroll was added specifically because accessories, now that people avoid using steady stones on equipments we are disabling it for equipments and weapons)
  • Removed Specialty Trader Seopok (Special Trader located in Bandit's Mountain)
  • Red Stat Remover scroll (Coin NPC) Price change: 30 arena coin + 50m
  • Extended Diamond Box Event, success rate will be 30% for one more week..
  • Added Elite Box (20% Success Rate)

- 10% SOA Equipment success
- 10% SOA Accessory success
- 10% SOA Shield success
- 70% SOA Weapon success

- Roc 3x Elite Box Drop
- Medusa 2x Elite Box Drop
- Haroeris 1x Elite Box Drop
- Simulation : 50% Elite Box Drop chance
- Santa : 50% Elite Box Drop chance
- Baal[STR] : 50% Elite Box Drop chance
- Fat Stone Boi : 30% Elite Box Drop chance
- Dark SouL : 30% Elite Box Drop chance
- Shadow Spirit : 30% Elite Box Drop chance
- Jupiter 3* : 10% Elite Box Drop chance

Use !drop command on Discord to see the newest drop list.

Electus' skill balance is mainly based on creating diversity of builds in the server. Below, you will find changes made accordingly to that. 

  • Added new buff for INT Bowers: Pacheon Boost - Godsend Use Time: 2minutes, Cooldown: 1 minute, 1 Level: 8% Phy. & Magical Dmg. Increase (450 INT requirement)
  • Reduced Bicheon Sword Dance - Godsend skill cooldown from 8 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Increase Bicheon Cut Blade - Godsend skills damage by 5% for each level
  • Increased Lightning Speed Piercing - Force Mag. Dmg. Increase buff by +1% for each level 
  • Increased Lightning Flow Piercing - Force Mag. Dmg. Increase buff by +1% for each level 
  • Added Phy. Atk. Pwr. 180 Increase on Bicheon Bicheon Force - Godsend skill 
  • Added extra +1 passive critical increase on each level of Cold Slayer - Godsend buff
  • Added splash dmg. for Sword Dance - Godsend skill (8.0 meters radius)
  • Increased Critical increase from 3 to 5 for Heuksal Black Spear - Godsend skill
  • Increased Dull debuff success chance for Heuksal Black Spear - Godsend skill from 8% to 12%
  • Added extra +1% Mag. Dmg. Increase for Bicheon Force - Godsend Level 1 & 2, +2% for Level 3
  • Added extra +1 critical increase for Heuksal Flying Dragon  - Godsend' skill Level 1 & 2, +2 for Level 3
  • Added Spear/Glaive requirement for Heuksal Bloody Ghost Storm & 'Bloody Snake Storm buffs
  • Reduced Mag. Def. Increase buff in Heuksal Bloody Ghost Storm' & 'Bloody Snake Storm from 1680 to 1480

Legendary Avatars

  • Removed Week #3 Avatar Dresses: Halloween Avatar
  • Added Week #4 Avatar Dresses: Electus Omega Avatar


Bug Fixes

  • Unintended animation change for Ghost Spear - Godsend skill is reverted
  • Fixed magical damage resistence for Baal[STR]
  • Fixed Battle Royale monsters showing no HP issue
  • Fixed Survival Arena Timer (Countdown would start from 14m30s instead of 15m)
  • Fixed Grant name in Electus Menu

Fortress War

  • Jangan Fortress Gold Reward is '60B'
  • Bandit Fortress Gold Reward  is '25B'

    Fortress wars will take place every week on Sundays between 20:30 - 21:30
    You can register for fortress war 24/7 other than fortress war time.
    Fellow pets are enabled, zerk is disabled.

Essential Information

  • Achievement #4 (Weekly jobbing challenge - 500 EP) gets reset every week at weekly maintenance, if you can't fill your achievement EP it will be gone after the next maintenance! You can continue to earn jobbing EP for achievement after hitting daily/weekly jobbing limits.
  • Seal of Eden weapons can be upgraded to end game weapon with 4500 Electus Points and 450 Arena Coins. (No other coins required). Upgrader scroll will be available on 28-11-2019. This is the final price for SOE Weapon upgrader scroll. SOE Weapons are an exception due to their high value, no other SOX item can be upgraded to end game item.

  • You will receive 20% additional bonus silk for your donations during the weekend period.
    Event period is based on Electus Time and will last for 48 hours only.

  • Bonus silk you normally obtain from the packages are also included.
    Your bonus silk reward is added on your account instantly when you donate (Superrewards+EPIN).

    Period start: Saturday 00:00 (Electus Time)
    Period end: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time)

Sunday Funday Events

    Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. 
    Location => Donwhang South!

    Phase 1
    Unique Event at DW South (21:30)
     Phase 2
    Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) 
    Phase 3
    Search N Destroy Event (21:55) 
    Phase 4 
    Hide N Seek Event (22:05)
    Phase 5
    Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:15)
    Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:15)
    Phase 6
  PVP Tournament (22:30)
    Visit This Link to Register. Read the most up to date terms, restrictions and rules before you register. (BLADERS ARE BANNED FROM PVP TOURNAMENT)


Within this client update, we also patched Electus.DLL, which might trigger Windows Defender to block the update.
Even if you didn't have login-update problems before, Windows Defender can still delete Electus.DLL and interrupt the update.
We highly recommend you to follow this guide, so you never run into Windows Defender related problems. 


1,000 SILK WINNERS (10X)
1 Itay Malka
2 Cumhur Mesut Tokalak
3 Khaled BoGy
4 Ahmet Deniz
5 Mostafa Ali
6 Hamada Abou Elela
7 Do Manh Quynh
8 Efe Huseyin Oztok
9 Halef Polat
10 Andrius Jasinskas
500 SILK WINNERS (10x)
11 Pedro Andre
12 Hanii Lusio
13 Safak Umut Ozkan
14 Mohammed Ashraf
15 Rayfred Teran
16 Cassio Almeida
17 Ahmed Mahmoud
18 Fouad T. Eissa
19 Yasin Bozkurt
20 Hema ElQazaz
21 Devran Gumussoy
22 Shady YouSry
23 Lukas Hottenrott
24 Rodriguez P Marcos
25 Fia Dora
26 Muhammad Abdelrahman
27 Bemar Mordeno Joven
28 Bom Xam (Phe Hon Co My)
29 Michal Swiatlon
30 Mustafa Özdoğru
31 Mostafa Farrag Maklad
32 Mazen Selim
33 Ersin Kahraman
34 David Aflalo
35 Pablo Nascimento
36 Ramazan Yavuz
37 Mostafa Salah
38 Joao Filipe
39 Dao Quang Thang
40 Joebet Plaza
Use your 'winner Facebook account' to PM our game assistant 'Yukie' on Facebook. He will verify that you are one of the winners and pass you The E-PIN. You can redeem  your epin on electus website (Delivery time 1-2 days)

Contact Yukie using this link.
Use your 'winner Facebook account' to PM our game assistant 'Yukie' on Facebook. He will verify that you're one of the winners and he will hand you the Beginner Back in the game (Delivery Time is up to 48)

Contact Yukie using this link.
Use your 'winner Facebook account' to PM our game assistant 'Yukie' on Facebook. He will verify that you're one of the winners and he will hand you the Character Visual in the game (Delivery Time is up to 48 hours)

Contact Yukie using this link.

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Just now, __gladius__ said:

so elite boxes only for unique players?


It drops in Godsend Dungeon too. But yes, mainly universal and job cave uniques.

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On 11/6/2019 at 11:57 PM, [ADMIN]Pr0x said:

It drops in Godsend Dungeon too. But yes, mainly universal and job cave uniques.

GM, icant open my account? why? 

user id= mastah

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