Suggestion for new Update

There is a issue with coins and stones being somehow no one seems to want to sell them and farming them takes forever. My suggestion would be to increase the coins drop rate instead of reducing the the amount needed for egy items. That way persons still have to play to get them. The stones just require persons with multiple pcs to be botting and selling not sure what solution can be done for this but anyone can put some more suggestions about anything they think about.

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1. Increasing the rates of the coin drops would affect every single end-game item which we don't want happen.
As for the ''reducing'' part, it only apply to the weapon so the newcomers can get the weapons quickly. That's the idea behind the move.
We increase the coin drop rates time to time, might happen more frequenty if necessary in the future updates.

2. Stones, yes, they are rare because people are lazy to just set their bot and keep it online. There is not much we can do about this, one need stones, he gotta farm for it.

Overall, i understand the struggle and we are here to make it better for the players unless it's just making things super easy which ruins the fun. 

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