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Athens Server Information Arabic




Electus Online Website will be available in following languages before the Grand Opening.
- English
- Turkish
- Spanish
- Arabic
- Vietnamese
- Polish
- Hungarian
- Chinese
- Hebrew








This thread will be available in the multi languages soon

Turkish : TBA - Buraya tıklayınız
Arabic : TBA - Dos Hna
Spanish : TBA-Click Aqui
German : TBA-Klick hier

October 4th, Friday, 8 PM Electus Time (GMT+3).

BETA 104.10.2019 , 20:00

BETA 211.10.2019 , 21:00

BETA 312.10.2019 , 16:00

awel player yegeeb lv 100 haya5od el rewards de 

-Rare fellow pet
-Beginner Pack
-Grinder title (Colored)

First 8 Players to hit 100 Lv will receive following Reward;

-Beginner Pack

haykoon fe Fortress War yom el 7aad , october 13th , 20:30 w el guild ely hatksab hata5od

-Rare Character Visual 
El rare visual msh hatkoon mota7aa f el le3ba 8er ba3d shahran


October 18th, Friday, 8 PM Electus Time (GMT+3).

First 100 Players to hit Level 100 will be rewarded with Silk + Server Notification their charnames.

#1 1000 Silk,
#2-10 500 Silk,
#11-30 400 Silks,
#31-50 300 Silks,
#51-75 200 Silks,
#76-100 100 Silks


1- Taree5 Electus Online 
Electus online bada2t mn 2015 , fat7na 6 servers f 5 sneen we 7alyan 3andana 3 servers sha8aleen . fat7na 3 servers mn 2015 l 2017 

were closed due to inactivity.
-100 EU/CH: 1 Year+ Online
-110 EU/CH: 6 Months+ Online
-100 CH (Athens): Closed Beta Phase


100 EU-CHONLINE [1 Year+]

110 EU-CHONLINE [6 Months+]


2. Electus Online Story
Electus online ma3roofa 2naha aktar server sabt w el nas betsada2o f el sa7a :D , 3omr el server - economy, online and offline activites sa3d el esm yekbar f el seeneen ely fatet w lsa haykabar . a5er server leena kan fe 9800/10000 w ely 2abloo kan fe 8000/8000

3- Leh el mafrood nel3ab Electus Online 
law anta bet2ra de anta 3andak 3 e5tryat 

1- iSRO
3- Electus

1-) iSRO releases new servers every now and then and they raise the cap every 2 months. Once they raise the cap, every item you own (SOM-SUN) goes into trash bin. Not to mention you won't be able to login if you don't have VIP. You will also get 1 hit from VIP players no matter how hard you farm.

2-) Roughly 15.000 pSRO servers came out in the past years and almost every single off them is closed already.
f el ayam de , el private server beymotoo f 2 weeks , a8labhom msh stable w bey2olo corrupted w 8aleban hayfta7o server ba3d esboo3 b esm tany msh hayakol ma3ana el kalam da tala3a shoof electus history 

3-) Electus has been home to hundreds of thousands of players since 2015. We are proud to announce new servers and see the community growing every day thanks to our loyal player base. The key to success were because it's proven tat Electus is providing;
- Stability
- 24/7/365 Active Admins
- Long Server Lifespan
- Strong Economy
- Variety of the builds
- Weekly updates
- No Toleration for Cheater
- Play2Win

You can donate and buy lower tier items with silks but you can not buy the best items (SOM) with silks whatsoever, because they are NON-TRADEABLE.You have to PLAY & FARM to buy the best items on Electus Online.

Silk Giveaways: We are giving away more than 1,000,000 free silk ($10,000 worth) per month through Auto-Events and Silk Scrolls drops from Uniques.

This is the best possible scenario for us to run this project. We welcome you if you like the concept.

4. Leveling / Grinding / Farming

Electus is all about activities, by all means. Leveling up usually takes 2-4 days, then the actual journey starts! Botting is allowed but it's not going to give you a big advantage. SOX Items are obtained from PARTY-BASED Dungeons and Quests. Completing dungeons will require teaming up with other players and hand-grinding.

5. Your Goal In The Game

Daily Quest: Godsend Dungeon (SP + EP Farm)
FGW: Perfect Activity for Farming Boxes/SoX
Jobbing: #1 Activity to Farm EP+HP
Survival Arena: Players #1 Choice (Activity)
CTF/BA: Farm EP+Arena Coins
Dungeons/Uniques: Farm Coins
Auto Events, Alchemy, Battle Royale and numerious activities will await you.

You will need EP+Coins to purchase the best items in the game.



Mastery330 (CH)

XP Solo30x

XP PT30x

PC Limit2

IP Limit6

Server Capacity10.000

Server LocationNetherlands

Start Level1

Start SP1.500.000

Auto EquipmentUp to Lv. 81

Guild Limit24

Union Limit3

Max Plus11

FortressHotan (50B)

FortressJangan (25B)

Dungeon 1Godsend

Dungeon 2Hall of Worship

Free Silk1 Million Free Silks Monthly (Events & Uniques)




Ezay ta5od free silks :

1-) Auto Events (Silk Granting)
2-) Uniques (Silk Scroll Drop)
3-) Farm & Sell Boxes

Electus menu betdeek access l aktar 7agat mohama anta me7tgaha 
dos 3ala electus menu ely ta7t el minimap 3ashan tesha8lha w gad3ana meni as Cocaine ba2olak dos F6 xD
English, Turkish, Spanish and German versions are available.

Wa2t el monsters ely kan beynzal fey 2aal 
3adad el amakan beta3t el mobs zadet














a7san items f el le3ba te2dar tegebha electus points + coins . wala ay 7aga tanya 8er ep + coins . ta3ala nshoof ezay te2dar tegama3 el points dol el awel ba3d keda coins 
fe 8 7agat mo8talefa te2dar testa5dmha . te2dar te5tar ay wa7da menhom 3ashan tegeeb elecus points  Activate Electus Menu by clicking the ''E'' icon underneath theminimap. Then select 'Electus Points' window. You will see your Electus Points status live. 


Weekly Electus Points Limit (800)

There are limits for the first day players. They can only farm +800 Electus Points per week. Players who join the server late will not have 800 EP limit. They will have ability to farm as many as the first day player farmed no matter when he joined the server. 

Jobbing   -  350
Godsend Dungeon/Uniques  -  200
Survival Arena Kills  - 200
Job Kills  - 150
Battle Arena  - 100
CTF  - 50
FW Kills - 25
Alchemy  - 25


el gam3 beta3 el limit 1100 , anta te2dar t farm bas 800 . benedeek 7oryaat el e5tyaar tegama3 mn eh bzabt maslan anta msh bet7ab el dungeon quests , mafish moshakala e3mal ay activity 8erha


Godsend Dungeon/Uniques200

Survival Arena Kills200

Job Kills150

Battle Arena100


FW Kills25



1. Jobbing: 

-te2dar tegama3 350 electus point mn el jobbing kol esboo3 

- te2dar tegama3 80 kol yom (Electus Standard Time 00:00 - 23:59) [ El sabab law sebna el nas tegama3 el weekly job f yoman el 5 teyaam el tanyeen haykono mayteen . l7ad el restart ely gay ]

- el gold beygeelak 3ala el storage w beta5od el ep awel ma te3mal relog ,el gold hay2al awel ma te5alas el limit beta3 el yoom beta3ak aw el weekly limit 

- You will continue to earn Achievement Points from jobbing even if you hit daily or weekly limit. (Electus Menu > Achievements > 400 EP = Diamond Box)

- kol no2ta anta betgeebha f el electus points betat7asab honor point bardo 

- haywssalak el  Electus Points ba3d relog. (Applies to jobbing only)
- haywssalak el  gold reward in your storage upon relog. 

2. Job Kills:

- kol kill hatgeebha in job haygeelak 2 Electus Point 3ala el account

-te2dar tegama3 150 point mn 2nak te2tal el a5sam f el esboo3

- msh hat2dar ta5od electus point mn nafs el sha5s l modat 8 sa3at

= msh hat2dar ta5d electus point mn nafs el enemy l7ad ma te2tal 5 8ero

3. Survival Arena Kills:

- koll kill f el arena hatdeek 1 electus point.

- te2dar tegama3 200 point mn 2nak te2tal el a5sam f el Arena

- a5rak tegeeb 2 points mn nafs el sha5s

4. Fortress War Kills: 

- te2dar tegeeb 25 point mn el Fortress walls 1 kill = 1 point

- a5raak tegeeb 1 point mn nafs el sha5s f el Fortress war

5. Godsend Dungeon Quest (or) Uniques

Godsend Dungeon ;

- te2dar tekamal el godsend dungeon quest w ta5od ( 2x ) godsend reward scroll kol yom

- kol scroll hatdeek 10 EP 3ala el account ye2bo ( 20 EP F el yom )




Uniques ;

- anta kaman te2dar tegama3 electus points mn 2nak temawat uniques , kol unique haydeek 3adad mn el electus points .

- te2dar tegama3 a5raak 200 EP f el esboo3 . 2nak temawat unique w tesha8al scroll msh hatgeeblak ay electus points zeyada a5rak 200 f el esboo3

Cerberus : 3
Ivy : 4
Uruchi : 5
Isyutaru : 5
Isyutaru STR: 5
Lord Yarkan: 7
Lord Yarkan STR: 7
Demon Shaitan: 10
Demon Shaitan STR: 10
Karkadann: 12
Khulood: 12 EP
Selket STR: 14
Neith: 14
Haroeris: 14
Seth STR: 14
Anubis: 16
Isis: 16
Santa: 15
Dark Soul: 15
Fat Stone Boi: 15 
Medusa: 30

6. Alchemy: 

- te2dar ta5od l7ad 25 point f el esboo3

- te2dar electus points b 2nak t fuse "d10 sox items "l plus 7 w aktar . el electus points ely hatgeebhom mn el fuse sox items hayt7asbo Achivevements ( Alchemy Points )

Each +7 success grants you 2 points. 
Each +8 success grants you 10 points. 
Each +9 success grants you 20 points.
Each +10 success grants you 25 points. 
Each +11 success grants you 25 points.


sam3eenak bet2ol ; a7a ezay ha3mal +10/11 8aleeban ma7dash hay3mlha e7na bas ban2olak

7.Battle Arena

eksab battle arena 3ashan ta5od electus points

- a5raak tegama3 100 electus points mn el battle arena f el esboo3 Arena win : 10 Electus points

Party Arena Win : 10 Electus Points
Job Arena Win : 15 Electus Points
Guild Arena Win : 20 Electus Points

8. CTF: 

Win CTF 3ashan ta5od electus points

- a5raak tegama3 50 point mn el CTF f el esboo3 

- Kol win f el CTF hata5od 3ala 10 Electus Point
Hotan <> Donwhang <> Jangan

Trader    6-7 Electus Points
Hunter    8-9 Electus Points 

Hotan <> Jangan

Trader    13-15 Electus Points
Hunter    16-17 Electus Points




el EP limit beta3 el thieves msh sabt w haytam ta7deedo 3ala 7asab el 3adad el thieves f el server


* law 3adad el thieves f el server monasb haykoon 2 EP 3al trade el 5*

*law el 3adad olayel haykoon 2 EP 3ala el trade el 5*

* law fe thieves ketter awy haykoon 1 EP 3ala el trade el 5*

* EL ta8yeer beta3 el ep l el thieves haykoon 3ala tool mn 8er notice w announcments ketter

* fe 7alt 2n el thieves f el server ketter w adryeen yebazo el job w el so2 ; el admin hay5aly 2nak te5osh thief union disabled l fatra 8er neha2aya w haykoon fe notice f el game twada7 keda

* msh haykoon fe ay no3 mn anwa3 el votes be5soos el thief rewards

El sabab mn el 7agat de 2nana ne5aly el so2 betoo3 el le3ba sha8al kwic w mashy kwic 3ashan el server ye2ba a7san w yetawaal , mn 8er ay shak 2nak tekoon thief a7san b ketter mokaratan traders 3ashan keda kol el nas bet3ooz tel3ab thieves , law e7na sam7na b keda el el server msh haykoon kwic w el achievements hatkoon msh mohama , de mas2olyaat el la3eeba 2naha tefham el kalam da kwic w 5soosan 2nak lama tseeb el job union hat5sar ma3aha el honor points ely ma3ak .


Thief Count High    1 Electus Points
Thief Count Average    2 Electus Points
Thief Count Very Low    4 Electus Points

Gold Rewards

5* Loot Price : 33M

Trader    ~60m profit
Hunter    ~70m profit (6x Trader in Party)
Thief    15-30m profit x per 5*

El hunters beya5do aktar gold w EP

El thieves beya5do 2a2ol gold w ep 3ashan heya aktar 7aga momta3a


Gold Limit

aw ma tewsal l el daily limit beta3ak , hat2dar lesa ta5od gold bas mafish ay Electus points tany , w el reward beta3 el gold hay2al b nesaab de

Trader    100% > 30%
Hunter    100% > 75%
Thief    100% > 30%

Weekly Electus Point Limit Upgrade


3ashan ne5aly el ta7ady naw3an motwazen , 5alaena el global limit " 800 EP f el esboo3" shart . e7na kol esboo3 han3aly el limit da +800 , awal ayam el players ye2daro y farmo bas 800 EP max f el esboo3 . l el new players el kalam da msh far2 , ye2daro yefarmo l7ad ma yegeebo el global limit 

Estasna2: l Awel esboo3 han5aly el limit l awel esboo3 50% 2a2al 3ashan hankoon mash8oleen awel yoman aw 3 f el el lvl up w b el 3a2l ma7dash hay2dar 2no yemla el full week limit l7ad awel weekly update yom el 5amees fa hatkoon keda ; 

Week 1: 400 EP Limit
Week 2: 1200 EP Limit
Week 3: 2000 EP Limit

And +800 EP for every next week.

w a7san 7aga f el system da 2n , law anta kont mash8ool el esboo3 ely faat w adarbt bas tegeeb 650 , te2dar tegeeb aktar men 950 EP el esboo3 ely ba3do 3ashan el week's limit haykoon 1600 w anta 650

JOB RANKS [Job Levels x Buff]


El job level btefr2 fe electus. Kol matlavel fl job hata5od buffat a7sn. Icon htezhar fo2 el character we hat5tfy awl ma t2l3 el job suit ( mafeesh icon le job level 1)

Mohm gdn enk te3rf enk law sebt el job ,el job rank , honor buffs well honor rank hytms7.

Hygeelk wanted buffs kol lama te2tel 10 aw aktr men 3’er matmoot , modet el wanted buffs 8 s3at aw lama temoot fel job ,ht5tfy.

10 kills = Wanted Lv. 1
20 kills = Wanted Lv. 2
30 kills = Wanted Lv. 3
40 kills = Wanted Lv. 4
50 kills = Wanted Lv. 5



kol no3 mn el job haykoon fe  top 50 rank , Update haykoon kol rob3 sa3a

EL honor rank kolo w el buffs haytshalo kol 2 weeks yom el 5amees f el weekly update , b el taree2a de , el nas haykoon lazm teshta8al 3ala el honor buffs tany . w el nas ely mn 8er honor buffs haykoon 3andaha el kodra 2naha tewsalhom tany



1. Jobbing

Hta5od 1 honor point le kol electus point 5ataha mn el job.
Mafesh honor point limit lel job. 

2. Survival Arena

Kol kill fel survival arena hatdek 1 honor point.
Kol mara tmoot hyn2as menak 1 honor point.
Mafesh honor point limit fl survival arena .

3. Survival Arena Winnings

Position #1 hya5od 12 extra honor points.
Position #2 hya5od 10 extra honor points.
Position #3 hya5odt 5 extra honor points.

  4. Job Kills

Kol kill hatdek 2 honor points.
Kol matmot fl job hyshel menk 2 honor points.
Law atlt  player atlto abl kda fl job fe 5lal 8 s3at mesh hta5od honor points.

5. Unique Kills
Kol mate2tel unique hta5od honor points zay ma mktob t7t. 

Tigergirl STR: 3
Cerberus : 3
Ivy : 4
Uruchi : 5
Isyutaru : 5
Isyutaru STR: 5 
Lord Yarkan: 7
Lord Yarkan STR: 7
Demon Shaitan: 10 
Demon Shaitan STR: 10
Karkadann: 12
Khulood: 12
Selket STR: 14
Neith: 14
Anubis: 16 
Isis: 16
Haroeris: 14 
Seth STR: 14
Santa: 15
Simulation: 15
Medusa: 30

6. Battle Arena winnings

 Kol matksb battle arena hta5od 10 honor points.

7. CTF winnings

  Kol matksb ctf hata5od 10 honor points.

8. Fortress War kills


Kol kill fel fortress hatdek 1 honor point.

El honor points bta5odha men nas mo3yna fl fortress war.
Mafesh limits lel honor points fl fortress wars.


Electus Battle Royale Event takes place twice a day a the winner gets 750 Silk reward.

Electus battle royale ma7toota f 7eta mn aham el 7etat f silkroad , Taklamakan 

l kol battle royale event el players , lazm ye3mlo accounts gdeeda 3ala nafs el account el chars haykoon ma3aha nafs el items , level, sp w kol 7aga kol 7aga 7arfayan

el map kolaha wo7oosh w hayw2a3o potions w elixirs w 7agat tanya 

anta 3andak wa2t 3ashan te3mlha w troo7 el next circle , kol ma t-farm asra3 , hatfta7 skills aktar w hatfarm items aktar fa 5aleek saree3 








law fashalt troo7 l el next circle , hatn2as 10% hp kol sanya l7ad ma temoot fa 7awel tekoon saree3


Event Time & Reward
The event will take place twice every day.
17:30 and 23:30

Login Period

17:30 - 17:35 and 23:30-23:35


The winner of the Battle Royale event will automatically receive 750 Silks Athens Server . (On the account he used to login Battle Royale Server)

How to Participate


Haykoon fe kaza notice gowa el game abl ma el Battle Royale tebda2

awel ma el event tebda2 haykoon fe 5 d2ay2 bas masmoo7lak ted5ol fehom lazm te3mal LOG OFF   mn accountak f el 110 Cap server and LOGIN Battle Royale server

el login l el server beta3 el Battle royale hayt2afal f 5 minutes w msh haykoon massmoo7lak ted5ol ba3deeha , fe 5elal awel 5 da2ya2 dol msh hatatla3 bara law 7ad atalak , w ba3d el 5 d2ay2 ely f el awel dol hata5od disconnect mn el server/event law 7ad 2atalak w ba3deeha lama tetla3 hatshoof el Battle royale server check " ba3d el 5 mintues el awalnyeen "


ba3d ma t-login f el battle royale server , e3mal char gdeed kol mara ebda2 el game w e5taar el buiild w el stats . haykoon ma3ak SP kefaya 3ashan tefta7 kol el masteries , 2nak tefta7 el mastries hatkoon automatic , bbasata click 3ala el mastrey ely anta 3ayzha w hatat3amal automatic 

3ashan tefta7 el electus menu dos 3ala el icon


el wa2t b floos , mawat monsters 3ala ad ma te2dar lem items w potions w elixirs w akeed vigor grains , eu/ch el drop ratio beta3hom default msh ma3dleen fey ya3ny , fa momken tekoon msh ma7zooz w yegelak items ch w anta eu aw el 3aks f el a5er heya 7aaz

w ah, anta bardo met7ag 7az boxes hatspawn f 2 w 3 w 4 circle law anta ma7zooz hatla2ehom kasrhom w hatla2y 7agat sox 

w bardo haykoon fe unique f el circle rakam 3 w 4 dol bey2a3o sox 3aly w skill points ketter awy



Battle Royale Event - Honor System

e7na 3amlna honor ranking f el battle royale event . awel ma el event tebda2 e7na hanshoof nashtatkom w ta5do honor buffs a3la 10 la3eeba awel ma a5er circle shrink tebda2 3ashan t farm honor points lazm te-farm chests w unique kills 3ala ad ma te2dar 

awel ma el event te5las kol el chars f el kol el accounts w el honor ranking hatatshaal 



5od reward mn el 7agat de b 2nak te3mlhom unlock (el visual ely f el betgeebhom mn el achievements ga7da - msh momken tegeebha mn ay 7eta tanya ) 
( el rewards de msh neha2aya momken yet8yaro fe 5elal el beta ) 




Join Electus' iconic event; Survival Arena to collect Electus Points, Honor Points and other special rewards.

Survival Arena03:00 AM

Survival Arena11:00 AM

Survival Arena03:00 PM

Survival Arena07:00 PM

Survival Arena11:00 PM

Rewards :

Place #1 : Platinum Box, Diamond Box & 15 Arena Coins)
Place #2 : Diamond Box & 10 Arena Coins
Place #3 : Platinum Box & 10 Arena Coins
Place #4 : 10 Arena Coins
Place #5 : 10 Arena Coins

Guild names, Character names and the titles are hidden in Survival Arena Event.


mafeehash 7aga momayaza 5alas bma 2n kol server 3amlha dlw2ty ... bas eshta lsa fun

el event de hatat3amal mara wa7da kol yom w l kasban haya5od 500 silk

The rules: No rules.
Goal: Kill the unique.

This event takes place once every day and the winner of the event gets 500 silks and 45 Honor Points.

Event Time20:00

GoalKill Rage Cloud

Reward500 Silks+45 HP


- Event duration has been lowered to 15 minutes.
- Each member of the winner team will receive 14 Arena Coins
- Each member of the loser team will receive 4 Arena Coins
- You will get automatically disconnected if you stand still (AFK) in Battle Arena

BA Party01:00

BA Random02:00

BA Random05:00

BA Random06:00

BA Random07:00

BA Random09:00

BA Party10:00

BA Party13:00

BA Job14:00

BA Party17:00

BA Party18:00

BA Guild21:00

BA Job22:00



Capture the Flag takes place 6 times a day, every 4 hours starting from 00:00.

Capture the Flag Event Duration : 12 minutes

- Winning CTF grants 15 Electus Points on your account
- Winning CTF grants 30 Honor Points on your account (No Limit).
- You will get disconnected if you stand still in CTF. (AFK Kicker)
- You can not use res skills in that event. (Anti-Cheat)







00:15 - Trivia

00:30 - Lucky Party

00:45 - Search N Destroy

01:15 - Trivia

01:30 - KillTheGm

02:15 - Trivia

02:30 - Hide And Seek

03:15 - Trivia

03:30 - Lucky Party

03:45 - Search N Destroy

04:15 - Trivia

04:30 - KillTheGm

05:15 - Trivia

05:30 - Hide And Seek

06:15 - Trivia

06:30 - Lucky Party

06:45 - Search N Destroy

07:15 - Trivia

07:30 - KillTheGm

08:15 - Trivia

08:30 - Hide And Seek

09:15 - Trivia

09:30 - Lucky Party

09:45 - Search N Destroy

10:15 - Trivia

10:30 - KillTheGm

11:15 - Trivia

11:30 - Hide And Seek

12:15 - Trivia

12:30 - Lucky Party

12:45 - Search N Destroy

13:15 - Trivia

13:30 - KillTheGm

14:15 - Trivia

14:30 - Hide And Seek

15:15 - Trivia

15:30 - Lucky Party

15:45 - Search N Destroy

16:15 - Trivia

16:30 - KillTheGm

17:15 - Trivia

17:30 - Hide And Seek

17:30 - JackPot Winners Announcement

18:15 - Trivia

18:30 - Lucky Party

18:45 - Search N Destroy

19:15 - Trivia

19:35 - Lottery Event Start

19:30 - KillTheGm

20:00 - Madness Event

20:15 - Trivia

20:30 - Hide And Seek

17:30 - JackPot Event Start

21:00 - Medusa Spawn

21:15 - Trivia

21:25 - Lottery Winners Announcement

21:35 - Jackpot Event Start

21:30 - Lucky Party

21:45 - Search N Destroy

22:15 - Trivia

22:30 - KillTheGm

23:15 - Trivia

23:30 - Hide And Seek


Press F6 to activate Electus Menu and then open Event Timers.



Box 1 (Platinum): Scrolls, Globals, Visuals and such.
Box 2 (Diamond): Seal of Star Items (Weapon, Acc,Gear)
Box 3 (Elite): High Tier SoX items (Not available in the first few weeks)






1. Platinum Box


Rarity: Common, Success Rate 50%
Source: All Uniques and Dungeons

SuccessGold Dragon Flag (M) STR 3 - INT 3

SuccessGold Dragon Flag (F) STR 3- INT 3

SuccessLegendary Dragon Flag (F) STR 5 - INT 5

SuccessLegendary Dragon Flag (F) STR 5 - INT 5

Success1 DG Powder (Doubles Devil/Angel Spirit Alchemy Rate)

Success10 DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase)

Success10 DG Blessed Magic Powder (4% Probability Increase)

Success2% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll

Success3% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll (Rare)

Success5% Alchemy Rate Increase Scroll (Legendary)

SuccessAstral Stone Pack (3x)

SuccessLottery Scroll (Doubles the Lottery Event Winning Chance)

SuccessSilverback Lizard (Unique transpet with 40% HP Increase)

SuccessDraco (Unique transpet with 20% Speed Increase)

SuccessGuild Penalty Remover

SuccessJob Penalty Remover

SuccessCircus Bear Pick Pet (Rare Item)

SuccessPikachu Pick Pet (Rare Item)

SuccessCharmander Pick Pet (Rare Item)

SuccessCharizard Attack Pet (Rare Item)

SuccessGhost Pick Pet (Rare Item)

SuccessGolden Pig Pick Pet (Rare Item)

SuccessGhostman Pick Pet (Rare Item)

SuccessFox (Rare Attack Pet)

SuccessUnicorn (Rare Vehicle Pet, 20% Speed Increased)

SuccessBattle Scroll (50% Attack Rate & 50% Parry Rate Increase, 1hour)

SuccessCritical Scroll (10 Crit Increase , 1hour)

SuccessGlobal Pack (3x)

SuccessReverse Pack (3x)

SuccessRandom Electus Trail (Explained in Electus Trails Section)


2. Diamond Box



Rarity: Rare, Success Rate 25%
Source: FGW, Godsend Dungeon, Low Rate @ Uniques, High Rate @ Job Cave Uniques, Santa, Simulation (Uniques)

SuccessSeal of Star Weapons

SuccessSOS Shield

SuccessSOS Equipments

SuccessSOS Accessories


3. Elite Box



This box is disabled in the first 2 weeks.

SOE Equipments, Accessories and Shields will come out of that box with 20% success rate.
(EGY A Weapons can ONLY be obtained through Forgotten World [HALL OF WORSHIP] quest)

Rarity: Very Limited, Success Rate 20%
Source: Simulation, Dark Soul, Santa, Haroeris, Medusa (Uniques)

Success SOA Weapons & Shields

Success SOA Equipments

Success SOA Accessories

Success SOE Shield

Success SOE Equipments

Success SOE Accessories




Seal of Star98 +1 (Atk. Rate, Critical, Reinforce Boost v1)

Seal of Alphard98 +3 (Atk. Rate, Reinforce Boost v2)

Seal of Eden98 +5 (Atk. Rate, Reinforce Boost v3)

Seal of Moon98 +7 (Atk. Rate, Reinforce Boost v4)


Seal of Star98 +1 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v1)

Seal of Alphard98 +3 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v2)

Seal of Eden98 +5 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v3)

Seal of Moon98 +7 (Parry, Reinforce Boost v4)


Seal of Star98 +1

Seal of Alphard98 +3

Seal of Eden98 +5

Seal of Moon98 +7



All 10 and 9 degree shields are nerfed by 1 degree.

Seal of Star98 +4 (Block Rate Boost v1)

Seal of Alphard98 +6 (Block Rate Boost v2)

Seal of Eden98 +9 (Block Rate Boost v3)

Seal of Moon98 +11 (Block Rate Boost v4)


SOX equipments come along with additional blue options. You can mix up different type of SoX items, that's OK. You will still receive the blue option reward.


SOS- Head
SOS - Chest
SOE - Legs
SOS- Shoulder
SOA- Hands
SOA- Foot























Godsend Dungeon hya el main Dungeon fe Electus Online. 3shan el server Dungeon based, el source el asasy le el SoX items hykon el dungeon de. feh kaza sabab y5lyk t3ml el dungeon de.

1. Complete Godsend Dungeon Quests 

Ama bt5ls el dungeon quests, hygylak 20 Electus Points wa 30M Skill Points kol mara

2. Collecting Coins and Boxes 

El uniques htnzl coins wa boxes. el coins ht7tagha 3shan tgyb el EGY B items. el Boxes hya el try2a el w7yda 3shan tgyb SoX items. shof el unique drop list 3shan t3rf el drops aly htnzl fe el Godsend Dungeon.

El dungeon feha garden htla2y feha monsters kter
wa 3 rooms motslen be el garden.

3shan t2dr t5osh el rooms de lazm tmwt kol el monsters aly fe el garden.

Awl ama tmwt kol el monsters wa Electus Unique "Light Spirit" aly fe el room, el room el tanya htft7 wa b3d ma tmwt kol aly fe el room el tanya, el room el talta htft7 wa htla2y el "Shadow Spirit" mstnyk hnak.
El Uniques de aly samemha wa 3amlha hwa Simulation. ana mot2kd enohom hy3gbok. mosh mot2kd enk ht3gbhom xD. A7na bnns7k enk tt5ol el dungeon de m3 3la el a2l 5-6 players, ya ema htb2a s3b enk t5ls el dungeon fe 60 minutes. Lw ml72tsh t5ls-ha, anta wa el team bta3k hyt3mlko teleport le el town.... aly hwa mosh cool 5als xD.


1. Cooldown: Awl ama tt5ol el dungeon, htla2y cooldown bada2 be 22 hours. et2kd enk t5ls el quests 2abl ma el w2t y5ls.

2. Party-Banish : Awl ama tt5ol el dungeon, el party ban httl8y mo2akatan 3shan nemna3 el players enohom ya5do el drops lw7dohom. El dungeon t2dr tt5olha mara wa7da bs fe el yom wa el quests/drops kwaysen gdn fa a7na mosh 3ayzyn ay 7ad yt3knen 3lyh be ice-cream sucker xD.

Godsend Dungeon Teleporter

El Dimensions mwgoda fe Donwhang Electus NPC gnb el guild manager. el dimension 8alya shwaya fa tby3y enk tsharek el party bta3k fe tamanha. 5lybalk bardo 3shan mosh kol el nas t2dr tathek feha, et2kd enk tt3awn m3 el guild mates bto3k aw m3 so7abak 3shan ttgnb el scam.


Godsend Dungeon aslan m3mola a3tmadan 3la el TEAM PLAY. bs bardo fehsolo players wa Chinese STR characters aly homa momkn myl2osh party be s-hola. fa 3shan ndyhom forsa enohom y5lso el quests, 3mlna nfs el dungeon bs le el SOLO players

El goz2 el 7lw: enk mosh mo3tamed 3la ay 7ad. t2dr t5ls el dungeon wa el quests lw7dak.

El goz2 el w7sh : Mfysh drops fe el dungeon de. anta t2dr ta5od bs el solo godsend dungeon quest wa t5ls-hom. el SP quest reward htdyk 10M SP bdl 15M SP. anta momkn tftkr enha mlhash lazma bs feh players m7tagen el solo dungeon wa talaboha. A7na bnns7 kol el nas enohom yt5olo el main godsend bs bardo anta 3ndak el forsa enk tt5ol el solo godsend dungeon. el dimension mwgoda bardo fe Electus Shop


Forgotten World gdeda Simulation aly 3amlha, a7na samenaha Hall of Worship.

El sabab aly m5ly el FGW momayaza 3shan el card collection quest aly btft7lk EGY A weapons, el try2a el w7yda 3shan tgyb EGY A weapons enk tkamel el FGW Cards Collection quest. Tany 7aga feh 3 uniques wa homa byw23o boxes wa coins bardo.

1. Cooldown: Awl ama tt5ol el dungeon, hyb2a feh 7 hours cooldown.

2. Party-Banish : Awl ama tt5ol el dungeon, el party ban httl8y mo2akatan 3shan nemna3 el players enohom ya5do el drops lw7dohom. El dungeon t2dr tt5olha kol 7 sa3at wa el quests/drops kwaysen gdn fa a7na mosh 3ayzyn ay 7ad yt3knen 3lyh be ice-cream sucker xD.

Hall of Worship (FGW) Teleporter

El Dimension mwgoda fe Donwhang Electus NPC gnb el guild manager. El Dimension 8alya shwaya fa mn el taby3y enk tsharek el party bta3k fe tamanha.




El quest t2dr ta5odha mn Quest Manager NPC fe Donwhang, wara el Storage
El reward b3d ma tkml el Hall of Warship collection enk t5tar EGY A (POWER)Weapon El shield mosh mn domnohom, el shield hyb2a mwgod fe Elite Boxes bs



El quest t2dr ta5odha mn Quest Manager NPC fe Donwhang, wara el Storage
El reward b3d ma tkml el Hall of Warship collection enk t5tar EGY A (POWER)Weapon El shield mosh mn domnohom, el shield hyb2a mwgod fe Elite Boxes bs



El hadaf mn el quest de hya enk hta5od ``Godsend SP Scroll`` aly htdyk 10.000.000 skill points 3la el sha5sya bt3tak.
El quest enk tmwt 100 soldier of God wa Light Spirit gwa Godsend Dungeon, wa el reward htb2a 2x scrolls ama tsalem el quest.
El quest t2dr t3mlha mara wa7da bs fe el yom


Zy ma mwada7 abl keda, anta ht5ls el quest wa ta5od Electus Points yawmyan.
El quest enk tmwt Shadow Spirit wa Zielkiaxe 3shan ta5od 2x Godsend EP Scrolls. Kol scroll htdyk 10 Electus points 3la el sha5sya bt3tak
El quest t2dr t3mlha mara wa7da bs fe el yom

Mn el mohm enk t3rf 3shan el uniques tt7sb fe el quest b3d ma tmot en el party ykon EXP-SHARED


El quests de t2dr t3mlha mara wa7da bs fe el yom, t2dr t5ls el quests kolaha wa ta5od 5x2M sp scroll = 10m SP egmaly kolo y3y (fe el yom).
lw 5lst Godsend SP quests + Job Cave SP Quests, ht2dr tgm3 30M SP fe el yom wa tft7 1 skill kol yomen.

awl 4 quests el mobs htzhr fe Unique rooms (Selket, Neith, Isis, Anubis). El uniques htnzl wa el room httft7 4 mrat fe el yom, htfdl mfto7a le modet sa3ten.

Fa be keda el 4 rooms m7doda wa htb2a mfto7a le modet 6 s3at bs fe el yom
3shan t3rf el rooms btft7 emta ektb " !jobcave " 3la Discord fe #bot-spam channel.

Job Cave Quest #1 
Room: Sanctum of Restriction (Selket Room)
Kill 100 Selchion 
Reward; SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #2 
Room: Sanctum of Blue Eye (Neith Room)
Kill 100 Harmeth 
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #3 
Room: Sanctum of Atonement (Isis Room)
Kill 100 Priest of Defense
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #4 
Room: Sanctum of Punishment (Anubis Room)
Kill 100 Priest of Flames
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)

Job Cave Quest #5 
Room: Sanctum of Audience
Kill 100 Imhotep 
Reward: SP Scroll (2 Millions)


Feh 5 Anwa3 mn el coins.

3shan tshtry EGY B items, anta m7tag el coins de wa Electus Points.
Arena Coin = Events
Silver/Iron/Copper Coin = Dungeons/Job Cave
Gold Coin = Buy with gold @ Electus Shop/Simulation/Medusa Uniques


Arena Coin -  Battle Arena, CTF, Survival Arena
Silver Coin  -  All Uniques
Copper Coin -  FGW (Hall of Worship), Godsend Dungeon
Iron Coin  -  Job Cave Uniques+Godsend+105/110 Mobs
Gold Coin -  Electus Shop+Roc+Simulation



Everything you need to know is in the image below. (There are STR versions of Isyutaru, Lord and Demon Shaitan as well, consider they'll also drop what the original versions will drop)





We advice you to login #AthensBeta and test it out yourself. Experiment with new builds like force nuker and such, we made the magic! :-)





2x Active Skill
1x Passive Buff

Snow Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power > 2682 - 2938 (305%)
Slayer - Godsend : Critical Increase 8 (STR Requirement 400)
Cold Shot - Godsend : Magical attack power > 2682 - 2938 (255%)

2x Active Skill
2x Active Buff

Ghost Walk - Godsend: Moving Speed 118% Increase
Holy Spell - Godsend: Weakening, Restriction, Curse Series Probability Reduce 30%, Cooldown 180 seconds.
Lightning Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power 2682 - 2938 (305%)
Lion Shout - Godsend : Magical attack power 1564 - 2076 (100%)

2x Active Skill
3x Active Buff

Flame Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 2699-3366 (265%)
Fire Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 2546-3177 (315%)
Fire Wall - Godsend: HP 27616, Mag. Absorption 105
Fire Protection - Godsend: Magical defense power 480 Increase
Flame Body - Godsend : Physical damage 20% Increase

7x Active Skill
1x Active Buff

Fear Spot - Godsend: Fear Probability 30%, 8 Seconds
Force Nuke - Godsend: Magical attack power 2546-3177 (315%)(450 INT Required)
Force Holy Spell - Godsend : Weakening, Restriction, Curse Series Probability Reduce 30%, Cooldown 200 seconds.
Teleport - Godsend : Moving distance 17.0m
Dark Force - Godsend(Imbue) : Mag attack power 1266 - 2276 (100%) - Better than Fire imbue.
Magical Ravage - Godsend : Weaken Probability 60% - Simultaneous attack 4
Force Ravage - Godsend : Decay Probability 60% - Simultaneous attack 4
Group Rebirth - Godsend : Surrounding range 30.0m, Simultaneous attack 8.

5x Active Buff
3x Active Skill
1x Passive Buff

Bicheon Scud - Godsend: Moving Speed 250% Increase, Continuous hours 12 Second.
Bicheon Force - Godsend: Physical damage 10% Increase, Magical damage 11% Increase, Phy def power of shield 105% Reduce, Phy attack power 235 Increase
Bicheon Active - Godsend: Chance of Obtaining Berserk Gage 40% Increase, Continuous hours 120 Second.
Cut Blade - Godsend: Phy attack Power 1240-1493
Sword Dance - Godsend: Phy attack power 1698-1816
Blade Force - Godsend: Phy attack power 1308-1554, Knock-down 50%
Bicheon Spirit - Godsend: MaximumHP 1620 Increase - Int requirement : 480
Celestial Protection - Godsend: Damage Disperse Rate 35%, Number of Connections 2
Power Shield - Godsend : Phy damage 10% Increase, Critical 3 Increase continuous hours 12 Seconds

4x Active Skill
1x Active Buff
1x Passive Buff

Ghost Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 1485-1881
Flying Dragon - Godsend: Phy attack power 1585-1981, Critical 10 Increase
Soul Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 1485-1881 (Stun 10Level Probability 10% 3Time/times)
Celestial Protection - Godsend: Damage Disperse Rate 35%, Number of Connections 2
Spear Flashback - Godsend : Phy-mag def power 103 Increase, Magical damage 3% Increase
Black Spear - Godsend : Phy attack power 1851-2608

3x Active Skill
2x Passive Buff
2x Active Buff

Black Arrow - Godsend: Phy attack power 1358-1792, Attack rate 35 Increase, Bleed 11Level (Probability 20%), Darkness 10Level (Probability 20%)
Resistance - Godsend: Phy def power 200 Increase (400 INT REQUIRED)
Anti Devil Bow - Godsend: Phy attack power 1045-1379
Celestial Protection - Godsend: Damage Disperse Rate 35%, Number of Connections 2
Fire Hawk - Godsend : Attack Rate 94 Increase
Pacheon Passive - Godsend: Phy def 175 Increase, Mag def 260 Increase, Phy attack - Mag attack 2% Increase
7 Arrow Combo - Godsend : Phy attack power 1329 - 1692 (47%)










Save time and money. Choose your style and buy one of the beginner packs to save silks.



Maximum plus 5. Ideal to keep it plus 3.
Using 1 degree magic powder doubles the success rate.
New Devil & Angel Spirits are available. They are same as original devil/angel except they have visual difference.

Check them out:


1. Devil spirit & Leviathan Spirit

+0 = 13% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+1 = 14% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+2 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+3 = 18% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
+4 = 19% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
+5 = 21% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 2 passive, ignore monsters defence lv 1]

2. Angel Spirit or Almighty Spirit

+0 = 10% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+1 = 11% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+2 = 12% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+3 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+4 = 16% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]]
+5 = 18% HP - MP increase passive [35% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive, ignore monsters defence lv 2][


Normal Alchemy;
By starting to play in Electus server, you accept the Alchemy Challenge in advance.

+1/5 = Do-able
+6/7 = Challenging
+8 = Hard
+8/9 = Very hard

Better lower your expectations to have above +9 already because +10 and +11 success rates are 1% (Excluding premium, avatar, alchemy scroll).

Devil Spirit alchemy;
Using 1dg magic powder increases the success rate by 100% (Obtainable from Platinum Boxes)
Maximum limit is +5

+1/3 = Do-able
+4/5 = Very hard










These are the currently default SoX glows and we will probably modify them during beta.







In Electus, there are 2 alternative SoX glows you can apply to any of your ( SoX weapon(s). The scrolls can be purchased from Item Mall / SoX Glow Changer section.












Electus 16dg Weapon Skins/Models






Available FortressesJangan, Bandit, 
FW TimeEvery Sunday, 20:00 (Electus Time) 
Jangan Slots750 
Jangan TaxTBA 
Bandit Slots500 
Bandit TaxTBA 
PC Limit1


Feh gold reward le el "GUILD" aly hya5od el fortress. el gold htt7t le el guild master inventory b3d ma el fortress war t5ls.

El gold reward aly fo2 be el t2ryb. el rakam el asasy hn3ln 3no fe 2 may fe el (weekly update - changelog) 3shan hykon m3ana m3lomat kafya 3n el silk price fe el server market w2taha.
Guild wa union limit polll lesa sh8al 3la el Discord channel bt3tna wa a7na hn3ln 3n el natyga yom 15 april
El fortress owners y2dro ynzlo Behemoth (+25% Loot, 40% Higher HP mokarna be el normal trans pets) wa attack, defense flags a3la

Fellow wa attack pets fe vSRO do3af gdn. Aktr el private servers mosh byhtamo enohom y5lohom y5lyhom lehom ay ahmya.

Fe Electus el Attack wa el Fellow pets hyfr2o m3ak 3shan a7na 3dlnahom wa dlw2ty by3mlo Damage kways mosh zy el awl, wa m3loma basyta en el Fellow pets bt3ml damaga a3la mn el Attack petsFellow Pets











Growth Pets











Pick Pets














El fadl le LENOX, el players y2dro yshofo el total damage aly tl3 3la el unique wa homa bydraboh. el window de htzhr awl ama tdos 3la el unique wa ht5tfy awl ama t3ml teleport aw el unique ymot.

El window de htzhr 8 players damage fe el mara, el total damage be el t2ryb wa mosh 100% madmon, el damage aly zahr fardy (mosh party based). el window de hts3dk enk t3rf el total damage bta3k 3la el unique, bs lesa bntawar feha bardo.




Jackpot event is a simple and fun event that consist of a silk prize pool that is filled by players and 5 lucky winners.

Once the event start, players will have ability to add silks to the jackpot for some time. (You can add any amount and as many times as you want). Every silk will be marked as 1 line in our database. So the more silks you add to the pool, you have higher chance to be one of the winners of the event.

Let's make a quick calculation. If 5000 players to add 20 silks to the jackpot at an event, the silk prize pool will have 100,000 silks in it. The system will randomly select 60% to 100% ratio and 5 numbers in the prize pool.


Ratio: 80% (Example)
Lucky Numbers: 1, 5000, 15000, 50000, 95000.

Players who matches with these lines will share total of 80,000 silks equally which means, by adding 20 silks to the jackpot, the player will receive 16000 silks. That's about $150 worthy silks. Well, maybe less or more people will participate or maybe average silks added to the pool by the players will be lower or higher than 20 silks but in general that's how the system works.

Once again, the more silks you add to the pool, the more lines you will have in the database which will automatically higher your chance to win. So, let's say if you are there are 6 participants, first 5 with 1 silk entry and the 10th guy with 10 silks. There is a chance for this guy to not win (which is low chance but mathematically possible but also he will have 10 times more winning chance compared to the other players).

Long story short, add as much silks as you can and you'll have a high chance to win this event. Too bad if you don't, someone else will walk away with all that free silk biggrin.gif


Don't be surprised if you have a survey window pop up in the middle of your screen out of nowhere because we do run surveys in the game time to time.

The survey window will disappear once you vote. Helps both us and the community a lot and is easy & instant for us to get feedback from you, thanks to lenox for giving us that ability.



Electus Filter features, limitations, restrictions, bug-fixes and server protection. All Credits: [GM]LENOX

Limit2 Characters allowed to login per device

Limit6 Characters allowed to login from a certain IP

Limit1 Character allowed to enter Hall of Worship

Limit1 Character allowed to equip job suit

Limit1 Character allowed to enter Godsend Dungeon

Limit1 Character allowed to enter Battle Arena

Limit1 Character allowed to enter CTF

Limit1 Character allowed to enter Survival Arena

Limit1 Character allowed to enter Fortress War

LimitMaximum plus +11

CooldownReverse Scroll Cooldown in job mode, 4 minutes

Bug FixesExchange bug fixed

Bug FixesStall bug fixed

Bug FixesMbot pill bug fixed

Bug FixesExit bug fixed

Bug FixesSpeed bug fixed

Server NoticeAlchemy fuse +8 and above

RestrictionPK Mode disabled

RestrictionSoX items can't be fused to +6 w/o immortal (Player Protection)

RestrictionScrolls use is not allowed in Survival Arena

RestrictionGuild Point donation disabled

RestrictionKicking party-members in Godsend Dungeon is not allowed

RestrictionKicking party-members in Hall of Worship is not allowed

RestrictionDropping gold on the floor is not allowed

RestrictionDropping SOX items on the floor is not allowed

RestrictionRes is disabled in Battle Arena

RestrictionRes is disabled in Capture the Flag

RestrictionPHbot is disabled

RestrictionRestarting the client is disabled

GuardAFK-Kicker in Battle Arena is activated (120 seconds)

GuardAFK-Kicker in Capture the Flag is activated (120 seconds)

GuardPick-pet pages will have only 2 pages

AbilityColored globals and player notification texts enabled

AbilityAbility to ban IP and HWID's

AbilityAbility to detect dll bypassers

AbilityAbility to detect VPN users


So... there are so many alternative visuals in the game and you want to go grab them. But you are not sure which one is the best for you and obviously you won't buy every single of them and try 1 by 1.

Hold up, wait a minute. We have got your back. The nice guy [Simulation] designed a beautiful showroom for all of you. In this room, you will have ability to see every single SOX Glow, Plus Glow, Item Skins and pretty much every visual item we have in the game.

It's entirely free and easy to get into this room. Use Donwhang teleporter to teleport into ''Electus Showroom'' and figure which visual is the best for




- Modified CTF Duration (20 minutes > 12 minutes)
- Modified Battle Arena Duration (20 minutes > 15 minutes)
- Removed item drop penalty upon death to monsters
- Removed thunder sound
- Always sunny
- Added zoomhack
- Added custom Electus intro
- Guild Start level 5
- Removed Chinese buff animations
- Trace Mode is disabled for Hunters

FE electus , server updates betata3amal kol esboo3 yom el 5amees el sa3a 18:00 server time - ela lama yekoon fe 7aga darooraya 
EL UPDATES beykoon feha el electus point increase w bug fixes w 7agat tanya w el honor reset w el buff betatshal kol 2 weeks 
el patch notes betkoon metargma 




We appreciate for the donations and they help us to provide and improve Electus Online.

Donation period will start on the 15th of October at 4 PM (GMT+3)

We will accept donations on our website donation section. Following payment methods are available and the reward will be added on your account instantly.

1. Credit Cards (VISA)
2. Bank Card (VISA)
3. PaySafeCard
4. Skrill, Rixty
5. Bank Transfers
6. Centili
7. Allopass
8. Daopay
9. PaymentPinLand
10. MOLPay,
11. Fortumo
12. PayNearMe


El Payment dol sh8alen fe kol el dwal m3ada Egypt wa Venezuela.
El Masryen hy2dro ysh7no mn Milky_Way
el Venezuelan players mosh hy2dro y3mlo donate 3shan el providers mosh btt3aml m3 el banks fe Venezuela bsabab el ektsad 3ndohom.

Zy ma kol el nas 3arfa en el private servers leha 3omr mo3yan, mo3zam el servers btmot fe awl kam yom aw awl esbo3, enma Electus Servers byb2a ma ben 7 months le 1 year. Wa el sabab enna bn2fl el server mosh en mlosh 3a2d la enma eno mosh byb2a nashyt wa byb2a “inactive” b3d 7 le 11 shahr.

A7na Electus Team, sh8alen 3la tol mn 8er ay ayam ra7a, awl ama bn3ln 3n server, 3la el a2l le modet 15 sa3a fe el yom (t2dr tklmna 3la discord 24/7 fe ay w2t hnrod 3lyk 3la tol ela lw kona sh8alen 3la 7aga mo3yana) a7na bardo bn3ml kol aly n2dr 3lyh 3shan ntawl mn 3omr el server be enna n7ot 7agat gdeda wa updates t5ly el game active, wa a7na bnhdef le en el server yb2a online le modet sana aw aktr.

As a guarantee for you, 

Lw a7na hn2fl el server fe el most2bal le ay sabab, hn3ln 3n en el server hy2fl ablyha be 60 yom wa hn3ml refund le kol el donations aly htigi mn awl el yom aly a3lna feh el shutdown l7d ama el server y2fl.

T2dr tklmna 3la [email protected] 3shan t3ml refund.

8er keda, el donations mt2drshy trg3 t7t ay zrof, lw 3mlt chargeback fe ay electus server aly fato wa 3mlt donate fe el server el gded mn el reseller - el account bta3k hya5od ban awl ama nktshfo

3shan t2dr tl3b fe el server el gded wa anta chargebacker adem, lazm ttklm m3 el server admin wa t2bal el shrot aly hy2olhalk (el shrot de btntb2 3la kol electus servers aly sh8ala)



We are giving away around $4000 worthy prizes within this grand opening.

Prize Pool;

15x Electus T-Shirt (Charname + Guild logo option)
180.000+ FREE SILK (Including EPins, Beginner Packs and more!)


Share Event #1;

Share Event #2; TBA

Share Event #3: TBA

Comment Event #1 ;

Comment Event #2 ;

~Electus Team,


Electus Support Team,


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