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  • Guild limit has been changed (24>32)
  • The change is based on the Poll posted & resulted on Discord
  • Thief Union Job XP requirement has been doubled. (It's 2x harder to level up as thief now)
  • Hunter Union Job XP requirement has been reduced by 50%. (It's 2x easier to level up as hunter now)
  • Title library is reworked. Up to 240 titles are now available in various colors. Available at Title NPC in Donwhang.
  • Electus Menu: Fixed all typos for all language translations.
  • Re-worked unique drop list: TBA here on 14.10.2019
  • Added new daily quest. Available at Donwhang Quest Manager
    Kill [75] Devil Sandman (Job Cave)
    Reward: Lamp (1/5000 Rate SOA Weapon, 4999/5000 Rate 1x Arena Coin)
    Quest Type: Repeatable (1x Per Day)
  • Honor Point Reward changes:
    Job kill +2HP to +3HP
    Job Death -2HP to -3HP
    Survival Arena Kill +1HP to +2HP
  • Added Timer in LMS / Battle Royale / Survival Arena
  • Boosted Force Nuke Godsend skill by 10%
  • Forgotten World / Godsend Dungeon uniques' HP/Attack Pwr./Defence Pwr will be adjusted before the Grand Opening.
  • Bicheon - Iron Castle Shield duration 12 seconds > 10 seconds
  • Registration: 15.10.2019 | 16:00
    Donation: 15.10.2019 | 16:00
    Grand Opening: 18.10.2019 | 20:00

    BONUS 1: Players will receive more bonus silk for bigger packages.
    BONUS 2: In the name of Grand Opening Week, players will receive Second Bonus of +5% until 20.10.2019, Sunday, 23:59


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