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Friday, Oct 18, 2019

 A. Terms & Conditions

1. Electus Online accepts streamers for Facebook, Twitch and Youtube platforms and in any language.

2. It's mandatory to stream 5 times a week and at least 20 hours on weekly basis to become and remain as a ''Electus Streamer'' and be eligible for ‘Streamer Benefits’.

3. Electus Online is not obligated to but might reward Electus streamers in silks on weekly basis depending on their stream hours, viewer count, quality, promotion level, viewers’ feedback and admin's decision. (There is no reward for the first week, Grand Opening till the first Thursday night - We will look at streamer’s first week streamstats to reward / sponsor your first giveaways in the next week.
4. Electus Streamers will have opportunity to host sponsored silk giveaways if they are eligible.
5. Electus Streamers will be granted Electus Streamer title if eligible.
6. Electus Online, is not obligated to, might reward the streamers if they promote Electus on Twitch/Youtube on a good level and meets all the conditions that will be provided below.

7. Electus Streamers accept that they will run the giveaways (if they are eligible) on the livestream in a way that they can see and agree on it's fairness.

8. The streamers should be in touch with the other streamers to avoid running hosted giveaways at the same time. There is supposed to be a weekly schedule for giveaways (Hosted by Electus Online) so there is no multiple giveaways on a single day.

9. Electus will start to sponsor 1 streamer every day starting from October 25th, Friday. Priority will be given to those who have highest stream stats (Viewer count x Streamer Hours x Feedback x Admin's Decision).  For details, read below.

10. Electus Streamers agree that their role will be removed and permanently suspended without prior notice if your  discord appears as ‘Playing X PSRO Server’ other than Electus Online. We understand and respect that they play & stream other PSRO servers, however, we can not let them promote X PSRO Server on our own Discord Channel, especially that the streamers have Streamer Role and appear on top of users, seen to thousands of Discord users of Electus Online.

11. Streamer's role will be removed immediately and and their account(s) will be banned upon attempting to sell silk, items or any kind of Electus currency for cash, insult-bully Electus Online server(s), management, any team member or Electus belongings during the stream, in the game chat or 3rd party websites, groups, apps, forums.  It’s considered as betray if Electus Online is compared to any other PSRO server on the livestream (in a bad way), or other server is promoted in any way. The streamer is RESPONSIBLE for keeping the chat clean and removing any viewer comment on the stream when the comment is promoting a different pSRO server.

12. You agree to promote the “ElectusOnline” Twitch/YouTube Bot’’ to moderator role on your channel. Electus Bot will write messages on behalf of Electus Online from time to time (Mostly promoting Electus Youtube Videos, Share – Comment Events and such) when you are streaming Electus content. This messages can be customized on a content and language level by you and the Electus Team.

15. Electus Streamers confirms that they will never use any third party service ''such as bots'' to boost your stream activity or viewer count. Electus System is able to detect those and will delete your whole Streamer activity for abuse attempt for ever.
16. Streamers must contain following information in their stream title

' Electus Online New Server ATHENS` '

B. Stream Benefits

We will track and rewards streamers if they meet our requirements. Their activity will be based on their Stream Hours, and average viewers during 1 week period. We will measure the streamer’s activities each week and reward them for the next week. Being approved as Electus Streamer (Getting the role on Discord) doesn’t necessarily mean you will benefit from below rewards.

might benefit from one or more listed below IF ELIGIBLE!;
- Electus Streamer Badge on Electus Discord Channel
- Silk Giveaways
- Silk Reward
- Streamer Title (Colored)
- Cash reward

A. Weekly Stream Credits (WSC)
Average Viewer Count x Streamed Hours Per Week = Weekly Stream Credits.
*English stream language has 1.5x multiplier. (This is an International Server at the end)

B. WSC Recording Period:
Friday 00:00 to next Thursday 23:59

Getting Electus Streamer badge on Electus Discord Channel require a decent streamer setup which should contain;
- Stream Quality in 720p or higher
- URL in your Stream Title
- Running Electus Rich Presence during your Livestreams
- Any sort of ‘design’ for your stream (So, it looks more professional)
- Getting approval from Electus Admin

If a streamer meets below conditions, we will consider they promoted Electus Online enough to deserve a Silk Giveaway for their followers and they will be sponsored for 1 giveaway per week.

- Weekly average viewer count must be 20 or higher/week
- Weekly total stream hours must be 20 hours or higher/week
- If above requirements are met,
the streamer’s stream hours x average viewer count is the number of silks they will be sponsored for their giveaways (Min 500 Silks, Max 2000 Silks per week)

* If there are less than 7 eligible streamers (for Silk Giveaways in particular), the most active streamers might be granted rights & silks to host sponsorship multiple times a week upon Admin’s decision.
** Sponsorship will start on October 25th, Friday, 2019.
*** There will be an exception for the first 3 days. Certain streamers will host Silk Giveaways each on October 18th, 19th and 20th.
****  Mentioned Sponsorship and rewards might be changed by Electus Admins with prior notice at any time.

If a streamer meets below conditions, we will reward them in Silk on weekly basis.

- Your weekly average viewer count must be 20 or higher/week.
- Your weekly total stream hours must be 20 hours or higher/week.
- Your WSC is the number of silks you will receive as Silk Reward. (Minimum 1000, Maximum 2000 WEEKLY)

Following streamers who prove their worth in previous Electus Servers will receive their Streamer title within the first 24 hours, after the official server release
 If streamer’s name is not listed below, he will be monitored between October 18-25 and might granted Streamer title then (ingame title).

1-) Beasty
2-) Cengizh4N
3-) Nasty
4-) Dou
5-) Chaoz
6-) Euphony
7-) Conjuring


1- Must be in ‘TOP 3 MOST ACTIVE STREAMER LIST’ of the week. (WSC)
2- Must stream at least 25 hours on a week (Friday 00:00 – Thursday 23:59)
3- Must have at least ‘50’ average viewers.
4- Must promote Electus in the best way possible on every stream that Electus Admins approve the quality of stream on that week
5- Must follow #streamers chat on Discord for Admin’s stream requests. (If there is a content to promote;Updates/Events and such)

TOP #1: $100/week (+Bonus) , TOP #2: $75/ week (+Bonus), TOP #3: $50/week (+Bonus)

Bonus Reward:
We thank those who put so much time, effort and dedication on their streams and push the limits.
If you are in TOP-3 and also meet below requirements, you will get bonus cash.

*In total, you can be rewarded in $150 per week maximum. ($110 in cash, $20 in silk + bits)
*In total, you will be rewarded in $50 minimum if  you are in top 3 and meet all the conditions.


Bonus Reward #3:
We might join your streams and donate bits/cash time to time. This will be spontaneous and not promised.

*Above information apply to the first four weeks only. We will update the info above every 4 weeks.

**We will check the streams every day to see
- how the stream go
- If the streamer is promoting the server enough/efficiently
- how the streamer interact with the players (informative / invitation)
- how the streamer’s attitude on Electus & Admins during the stream

We will track and post TOP-3 streamer’s stats on Electus Discord #Streamers channel every week on Thursday night.

If you don't want to rely on us checking the viewer count; send ‘Bestia’  your weekly stream stats on Discord DM. It'd be more easier for both sides then.


5. Youtube videos:

-Every new video you upload on youtube that include Electus Online name and electus website link in the video title, you will receive silk as listed below.  (You don’t have to be a streamer, anyone can benefit from this).


- include Electus Logo somewhere in your video WeU6fab.png
- video Length 60 seconds +
- 720p qaulity or higher available
- following tags added: silkroad, online, 2019, 2020, electus

250-499 views => 250 Silks
500-999 views => 750 Silks
1000-3499 views => 1500 Silks
3500+ views=> 2000 Silks

Who can be rewarded?
- Any player! (Not only streamers)

*You can claim your reward any time you want. Once you get your reward, we will not reward you for the second time for the same upload whatsoever.

**Stream videos/uploads are NOT VALID.
** Above rewards will be calculated as ½ starting on January 19, 2020 and onwards.

---This contract is valid until 04.01.2020 unless a new one is announced.---

Electus Online Administration



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