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  2. Hello there fine gentlemen. One thing concerns me after the latest patch was applied. Entire SRO community knows that warrior is the most dominant class in both pvp and pve, due to very big ammount of cc skils like intercepts, knock backs, knock downs and stuns... That being said, over 40% of the server population will have warrior as a main class, and the way You want to ballance Your server is by pimping that build up ???? Warrior/Rogue was decent build for pvp even untill now, could’ve beat 70% of other builds in regular pvp, but pvp IS NOT the thing that matters the most here. All those warriors, now have higher survivability in global pve fights like fw, jobbing and arenas. People are already creating guilds with over half just warrior members, and this is a way to make that trend even worse. For a server that stands for the variety of builds, it will look like You are standing for the variety of warrior builds, cause thats the class that has the most impact on all of the actitivies in entire gameplay. Again I would like to advise You, to look closer to the GLOBAL PVE ASPECT of the game, when you are pimping the class for pvp. Kind regards