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  1. Athens Suggestions (General)

    I actually have two suggestions at once: 1) Create a party-setup, that actually requires a decent balance of hunters and traders in it. My idea would be 2 Hunters + 6 Traders, but you got the numbers to actually balance that. The way I would enforce this by giving a slight bonus (+2EP) for the "perfect" PT or a slight nerf for other PTs (-2EP). This would a) remove the rumor that hunters steal anything from traders in their PT and stop "Only Traders"-PTs, b) make the Hunter-Job easier and therefore more attractive to players and c) increase the value of being in the caravan and teamplay! 2) If possible, you could remove the need to relog after 80 EP to continue getting gold for hunters. My reason for this is that it can be really difficult to get a full party as hunter. After a relog this party is most likely gone and you need to start all over again. So it would be a nice QoL improvement for hunters who want to keep jobbing after their daily cap!
  2. Hello, Did you ever think about adding new Quests for the "useless" jobcave mobs? Like the Bowman in that room between Kepris and Sandman or the Sopdu? Regarding the current situation with coins it might be interesting to add one quest to Bowman for silver and one to Sopdu for Copper Coins. Same as the SP quests: 1x per day. Wether you should get 5 coins or just 1 is a balance issue I dont want to adress... That said, you could improve the situation with a less abuseable method by just cutting the coin prices in half for all upcoming releases or at least reduce them a lot. My suggestion would be legs/earrings = 80% of chest price, head 60% and right side/rings 50%
  3. Hello Electus, This is a suggestion to improve the comparison between players by using the "Ranking" function on the website. Did you ever wonder why this one guy has 100 points more than you? Or did you want to know how you points would change if you finally got this weapon to +9? I got the solution: Write down the points every single item gives next to its information on the Ranking page! To the devs: If you can edit the shown tooltip, remove the "can use advanced elixier" part and replace it with "Item points: XXX"! If not, it would be cool to add an additional textfield next to the item icon that states the points of the corresponding item. I would add an example to the attachments, but it did not work. I can send it to any GM/Dev that is interested! Yours, Vel
  4. Website Ranking Suggestion

    No! In fact I did not know that there is such a list! Thank you! So we get points depending on what kind of Seal the equipment is and one additional point for each +? Or are there more factors (like whites and blues)? PS: I will still upload the image after work today because it might still be interesting to add the value display.