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    Amazon's New World is the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Amazon Games. With a release date of September 28, 2021, Amazon's first massively multiplayer game is just around the corner. Amazon's New World takes place in the twilight of an alternate era of the 17th century, in which players immerse themselves in the haunted wilderness of Aeternum and meet a plethora of strange characters and creatures. In addition to exploring this mysterious island, players will build a territory, manage it and build their own homes. From the costumes to the opponents, from the houses to the landscapes themselves, Amazon's New World has a unique art style that completely immerses players in the world of Aeternum. We spoke to Associate Art Director Sojin Hwang and Art Director Charles Bradbury to find out how the art team got inspired, set the style for the new world, and eventually brought the concept to life. Read on to learn their design secrets, and take a look at our top character design tips to learn more about character creation. Make sure you can start enjoying the New World of Amazon right away by ordering now. The game costs $ 39.99 / £ 34.99 and won't be available until September 28th. Hwang explains that the 17th century served as the starting point and loose inspiration for creating the new world. "The 17th century is known as the age of exploration and discovery, and many explorers left their homes to explore other parts of the world. We wanted players to have that sense of exploration, exploring the unknown. It's about Jump points into the supernatural ". Hwang and the art team at Amazon Games liked the idea of Aeternum as a realm where myths and legends come true. "In this regard, there have been countless folk tales in all cultures of the world throughout history about ghosts, monsters, and other phenomena. Aeternum is where all these legends come true. So we wanted the overall artistic direction to be based on reality but also include the supernatural and the associated fantasy elements. The New World graphics team had a clear vision for the balance between fantasy and realism in developing the look and feel of the game. "We wanted to create an immersive, supernatural world," says Hwang, "and we built fantastic magical elements into the game so you should come across unusual things around every corner." The world and creatures of the new world have been designed to be exaggerated and dramatic, yet believable. "It's about the visual contrast. We have this eerie forest, but there is also beautiful lush nature. Often we use bold artistic imagery. We try to push as much as possible in certain areas, but we also rely heavily on each other on a believable nature and familiar scenes to draw the player into the world, so that it is even more noticeable when we incorporate these supernatural elements into this world. " The Amazon Games art team is always looking for new and better ways to develop concept art. "I encourage my team to learn and stay curious," adds Hwang, "and we share Photoshop brushes and techniques among team members. Some concept artists use 3D programs like Maya, ZBrush, or Blender to quickly get ideas for Evolving creatures. It is a very effective and quick way to create a multitude of variations. The sheer volume of MMORPGs can make them a huge design challenge. The nature of online role-playing games means that a great many people can immerse themselves in new worlds at the same time. "Everyone wants to look different from the other, which means we need a lot of content," explains Wong. "We had to provide drops for many of our expeditions, quests, events, and boss fights. The players should be able to make different themed costumes and weapons or receive them as rewards. We want them to look very unique and creative."