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    Assistants are always around to do this as well. Im not 24/7.
  2. Launcher settings

    Re-posted to Poseidon General Suggestions thread.
  3. Problem in Discord !!!

    Im sorry your having issues. The only suggestion I can make it to file a ticket on the main page http://electus.online please be sure to include your discord tag.
  4. I have an idea to improve the game

    @green09 thank you for your suggestion however I know this has been mentioned or suggested before and it was something that Electus didnt want to do. Mainly if I had to guess the reason would be server economy but then again Im just guessing. If you want to speak with the staff about this your always welcome to join discord
  5. Upon asking around @Yukie suggested I should mention that these options should ALSO be checked off.
  6. @armano sorry for the late reply but I do not claim to be an mbot expert. Normally if my bot has issues with buying arrows/hp/mp pots I will figure how many I need to have for the day. This fills me inventory mostly but it means I wont return to town and get 'stuck'. Ill see if we have any mbot experts who can chime in their suggestions as well. @datvt5 again sorry for the late reply. Did you get your issues worked out yet? Just so both of you know if you were using the cracked sbot version out there I could more than definately help out and would be willing to anytime. Hmu on discord if you need assistance or ask in #main-lounge
  7. Open the Thief Uni

    Ill mention this post to Pr0x but afaik it opens automatically.
  8. Can i sell my Account for items?

    Unfortunately this is not legal by the Electus rules. You can not sell accounts for 'rl' money, silk, or items. Sorry
  9. silk idea

    I dont think this is a good idea personally because the other jobs gain nothing out of it.
  10. Account Limit

    As of right now its 2 per pc and 4 per IP. Currently the main website http://electus.online lists 2 per pc and 6 per IP but this is false and we have notified the admins to change it. Sorry for any confusion
  11. I read mostly fantasy books but the following are a list of what I have read recently: Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell American Gods - Neil Gaiman Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman Wheel of Time series - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson I've recently started re-reading this series since the books all came out through the years. 14 in total Eye of the World - Book 1 The Great Hunt - Book 2 The Dragon Reborn - Book 3 New Spring - Book that comes before book 1 The Shadow Rising - Book 4 KingSlayer Chronicle series - Patrick Rothfuss Name of the wind - Book 1 Wise man's fear - Book 2 The slow regard of silent things - Book 3 This was not a book I enjoyed and has to get through it just so I could read the next one and have the knowledge. Issue I had with this book is that its from the point of view of a character who lives underground and the entire book is about her being underground and what she does... Night - Elie Wiesel Percy Jackson & The Olympians The lightning thief The last Olympian The sea of monsters The titans curse Lost hero Starting which this book it kinda goes off and gets other characters point on view and the character changes every chapter. I'm welcome to book suggestions but please do keep in mind I stick to fantasy mostly.
  12. 110 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    Like they said in discord this is the way it is and it cant be changed but I will ask Pr0x about customizable messages, meaning the disable of messages or the display traits of messages.
  13. 110 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    1. I know for a fact they wont enable zerk potions. It has been said before a couple times which is how I know. 2. Not sure about destroying eq let me forward that to Pr0x 3. I know someone had said there should be something like gs/hwt meaning another dungeon and I know it was shot down I believe because its not doable in the sro code. Will forward your comments to Pr0x however.
  14. Suggestion for new Update

    They have already also had an increase not too long ago.
  15. where can i get novs and egy items ?

    You can use the command !drops in discord and there is also the npc in dw near storage. Drops would show you what uniques drop which boxes and the !boxes command in discord will show you whats contained in those boxes.
  16. 09.jpeg

    From the album T-Shirt Winners

  17. Game bug

    Please join discord and send Bestia a DM (Direct message). He will sort you out.
  18. Books! What do you read? *GASP*

    Just downloaded 2 books. First was the 3rd book in the kingslayer chronicals called The Slow regard of silent things. This book follows another character in the Kingslayer chronicals which I'm not too excited about because I had hoped to have a continuation of the main characters story. The second book I've purchased is a sequel to a novel I've read called American God's by Neil Gaiman which is called Anansi Boys. I am always excited to talk about books so if your a reader DM me on discord you'll find my name is the same there as here.
  19. Books! What do you read? *GASP*

    2nd book in the Kingslayer chronicles Wise man's fear done. Taking a series break and now reading Night by Elie Wiesel. I'm shocked no one else here is a reader at all or just that the post gets passed by
  20. 1212.jpg

    From the album T-Shirt Winners

  21. 1414.jpg

    From the album T-Shirt Winners

  22. Reporting

    Thats not exactly against the rules.

    This is not the appropriate area to post PK tourny submissions in.