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    Hello, the godsend chinese race has been strengthened a lot. Expect buffs to dualaxe skills with onehanded by the Warrior skill tree. It would be great if you could at least increase the damage multipliers of the onehanded and dualaxe skills. For your information Electus team.
  2. RedSea Patch Notları #1. 18.05.2023

    We want a buff for onehanded skills with Dualaxe, for your information, electus team.
  3. RedSea Patch Notları #1. 18.05.2023

    Hello Electus team. We are waiting for a buff to the onehanded part with Dualaxe in the warrior skill tree of the Eu race. The 2h part is pretty slow in the survival arena. That's why I want one handed skills to be buffed with dualaxe. If the buff is not bad, I will have to leave electus online. Even the Chinese race is strong in terms of skill and the bard so much buffluki warrior part of the game remains dull in survival and other arenas. The 2h weapon is very heavy. I would appreciate it if you could at least buff some of the dualaxe and one handed skills and multipliers.