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  1. 100 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    Instead of buffing up, Rather just nerf the warriors damage tho with limitations of heals for str characters. Easier, than trying to buff up "something".
  2. 100 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    Well, since you nerfed Rogues damage main atack skill damage, why you're not nerfing Dare Devil aswell tho ? Still waiting for a some kind of #NERF_Cleric
  3. 100 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    Prox, you mean Cleris is to powerfull.
  4. 100 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    "I do not remember the server on which it was so easy to kill someone on a snow shield." Well said. Comparing ints nukers against warriors example, you may hit as nuker 32k or so, but that not enough, because full str, has around 40++k, but on the other side, for some reason with dare devil with crit, warrior can oneshot nuker even through Snowshield. Pure bullshit. Compare lets say Glavie and warriors, weapons has same crit %, glavie has 15crit, 2h 12, but during pvp, im pretty sure that warrior will land way more crits than glavie. Suggestions. 1)Nerf warriors damage and crit. 2) Add up on snow shield From freeze one up to swift physical and minimum magical defence power. 3)Nerf cleric healings, increase cooldowns, Decrease healing ratio, Add up some int requirements for healings, to avoid perma heals (safers) 4) Int warlocks increase slightly stuns probability.