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  1. the icon is not assigned by guilds but by ranges within the fortress the people who use the rank of Commander or deputy they are the ones that have their icons on top of their character maybe I express myself badly or my English is not very good The main idea is to create new custom icons for these ranges.
  2. I was referring to replace the original icon that comes by default add a new icon for all guilds alike just be a bigger and more visible icon!
  3. I want to know if there is possibility of Customizing the original Logos that give During the period of FTW to the deputys and master I mean these white round logos that are used as indicators for Masters and deputys Well many guilds use logos to identify their commander and his deputy have something better personalized with a slightly larger size and more attractive logos would be good the image of a crown or something like that. The originals are small and not very visible