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  1. Hi everyone, I really love Electus Online and you Pr0x xD. That's my 1st season on Electus. Everything is fine on this servers but I love to play Chinese characters and I love Uniques. I try to hunt every Dark Soul as I can. I meet there many people who have the same opinion as me. We need at least one more unique in Baghdad. As a chinese character I have no chance to kill something like Simulation, new Santa or Medusa. The only options is Dark Soul who spawns every 5-8 hours or something like that. And Dark Soul is fair enough to everyone. STR bow, Nuker, Blader, Spear everyone can kill that and it is fun! So my petition is can you add at least one more unique for us (chinese players). I'm sure most of CH players agree with me. Make server even better than he actually is! Thanks