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  1. Accepting Suggestions "GAIA"

    Jobbing: Players who have below 3k EP should get a double ep reward from jobbing. Instead of getting 7ep as a trader change that to 14 ep for 1 trade. Since many people got private things aswell and dont have the chance to play 24/7. Its based on activity, true. but u will lose the real people and only the nolifers will stay in the end. SP: Increase sp rewards, since some levels need 4 levels up to be maxed. So it takes days to just get 1 skill MAXXED.

    Good server tho but there is 1 problem. The ep system, its based on activity and lets be honest on the build. Competing with donators is not possible so we let that rest. How can kids who have school get 4k ep, never. How can get business man 4k ep when they work 32-38hours a week, never. i Suggest give players below 3k ep a boost that they dont have a job limit. Or double the job limit from 80 to 160. Cuz everyone isnt that active as the nolifer whos on #1 ranking on site Thanks.
  3. Almost every CHN Build has been nerfed by now. except the weakest build ingame. Yes, please nerf blader. ty