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  1. Launcher settings

    Add launcher settings, make us adjust resolution and game quality before launching the client. Been suggested already? theres a search function? I doubt.

    BETA 1-2-3 INFORMATION BETA 1 Beginn : 31.07.2020 , 20:00 Ende : 06.07.2020 , 00:00 PvP mode (Beginn Level 100) Alchemy nicht verfügbar Free Gold Free Silk Free Sox Items BETA 2 Beginn : 08.07.2020 , 20:00 Ende : 08.08.2020 , 22:00 PvE mode (Beginn Level 1) High XP Rate (1~2 Stunden um das max Level zu erreichen) Alchemy nicht verfügbar Free Gold Free Silk Free Sox Items [BETA WETTBEWERB] Erster Spieler, der Lv. 100 erreicht, gewinnt folgendes; seltenes fellow pet Beginner Pack Tryhard Titel (gefärbt) im Poseidon Server Tryhard Discord Rolle (Permanent) Ersten 8 Spieler, die Lv. 100 erreichen, gewinnen folgendes; Beginner Pack BETA 3 Beginn : 08.08.2020 , 23:00 Ende : 09.08.2020 , 23:00 PvP mode (Start Level 100) Alchemy ist verfügbar Free Gold Free Silk Free Sox Items [BETA WETTBEWERB] Bandit Fortress War wird am Sonntag, den 8. März, um 20:30 Uhr stattfinden. Jeder Member der Gilde, die das Fortress besitzt, gewinnen folgendes: seltenes Character Visual Das seltene Character Visual wird nicht in den ersten 2 Monaten des Servers verfügbar sein. Die Belohnungen werden den Spielernamen gutgeschrieben, die der Guildmaster im nachhinein zur Verfügung stellt. Die Belohnungen werden innerhalb 72 Stunden nach dem Beginn von Poseidon gutgeschrieben. Die Gewinner brauchen sich bei keinem Admin/Assistant melden. Jeder Gewinner wird von einem Assistant kontaktiert. Warte bevor du gehst...Bist du schon Teil der ELECTUS Familie? CLICK ON ME TO JOIN
  3. 110 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    Disable zerk for fortress wars. why? bless spell has gotten significant nerfs compared to 100 cap server (its on the same state as it was on 100 cap server, no additional level has been added) --> whoever defends fortress will get zerk wiped over and over again by other unions which can refarm zerk after every zerk run they accomplished at the 100cap server you somewhat could tanked it with bless spells, no chance at 110 cap
  4. 110 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    Make job uniques more powerful (dmg wise) why? as always, there will be those parties which have 6-8 wizzards in them just to ks everyone at job uniques while other people do the dirty work for them and actually fight for the uniques they come in after the fight and just steal the unique. scenario: Thief party #1 4x wizzard 2x warrior 1xcleric 1xbard badass party fights with hunter party with the same setup for 10 minutes, finally wins several wipes and hunters gave up --> thief party of 6-8x wizzard come in and steal the uniques even tho they didnt fight once for it ~ not deserved how to fix? increase the unique dmg by a lot, with a lot i mean a loooot, even more than neith deals right now ~ would force people to build proper parties pros: fair gameplay; rewarding gameplay; more teamplay needed cons: rage from fýll kral unique wizzard parties
  5. Wizzard godsend skill (lightning hurricane - godsend) should not share the same cooldown along with Charged Squall. lightning hurricane godsend is not related to charged squall at all, more like to chain lightning (lv 60 wizzard skill), they should share the same cooldown chain lighting: hits once 3 targets ~ no knokback charged squall hits 6x 5 targets ~ knokback godsend skill: hits once 5 targets ~ no knokback
  6. 110 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    suggestion: invisible avatar why? to flex with set pros: more people would $$$ for visual set changers cons: no cons

    solid move would love to see some of those statements