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  1. 110 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    Hoping for more CHN Buffs especially Bower. Sugg: Strong Bow Will Critical 10-->20, Stun Probility 20%-->30% Black Arrow Godsent Critical 5-->10 Pacheon Passiv Godsent Phy. & Mag. Def Increase to 225 /245 for lvl 2 & DMG from 2%-->4% Anti Devil Bow Godsent add Critical 10 Increase Lightning/Cold Crit Buff Add 1 More lvl for Critical 10 Increase Bowers rely on their Crit since the Base dmg is pretty low. The Phy & Mag Def Increase because we either have a bloody fan or iron castle, KB skills charing cooldown and only 1 Stun
  2. 110 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    -CHN Godsent Lightning Lionshout lets be real... its useless..... maybe change it with an extra magical dmg increase buff of 22%/23% so lightning getting a extra dmg overall of 3~4%. -Light and Cold Imbue should NOT get the same dmg as Fire since u are skilling Fire for the the extra Mag def and losing by the same time the Magic DMG buff at lightning. -Make Grasswalk as a perma Buff like every other buff... its annoying casting it after every teleport... (if its possible) -Pacheon Passive Attack Rate 37 to maybe 50~60 ? -I have the feeling either INT or STR CHN cant kill a European when they are wearing shield (i mean 75% of the time they are wearing it for healing, debuffing etc) reducing the Shield def (overall) by 10%~20% would be pretty acceptable. -Since Cold is only worth for INT bc of the Nukes add a Teleport like by Force with a 20m~24m distance and change the distance of the force godesent teleport from 14m to 20m~24m. (More movement for Cold/Fire Builds) -Since Bicheon got a Godsent buff with 1620HP the difference to a Heuksal Player is getting lower, so maybe give Heuksal Passiv a buff of 500~1000HP. -Black Arrow Godsent Bleed Probility from 20% to 30% -Last Lightning Nuke and Godsent Nuke are sharing CD, maybe seperate them ! -Increase the CD of Vigors at European to 5sec instead of 3sec!!!!!!