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  1. Poseidon General Suggestion

    Achievement for the Box is way to High. There is no Caravan trading for 24H. Players arent even able to reach 500 points
  2. Poseidon General Suggestion

    With the current State of the Server i would recommend to change the Survival Arena Solo Times & would add 1 or 2 maybe 17.30 and 00.30
  3. Poseidon Skill Balance Suggestion

    And shouldn be the requirements for Hybrid skill at 300 points? I cuz i think they got inventend in 110cap and with the 100cap server we got 30 points less
  4. Poseidon Skill Balance Suggestion

    Force Debuffs Nerf : Body & Mind from 60% --> 50% or Duration from 30s --> 20s Brain from 55% --> 45% or Duration from 30s --> 20s Vital Spot - Godsend should share CDs with Muscle & Spirit. Lightning Nerf: Flow Piercing Force (2nd) redurce Mag. Dmg inrcease from 9% -->7% at Lvl1 Lightning Buff: Ghost Walk Phantom Distance from 23,5m -->26m at Max Lvl Heuksal : Change the Chain Spear - Godsend for maybe a Godsend Bloody Ghost Storm with Offensive attributes like the one at Bicheon Fire : Change Flame Body - Godsend from lvl 6 max --> lvl 4 Max and starting from 13% Increased Phy Dmg --> 15% and scale up to lvl 4 with 18%
  5. 110 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    Hoping for more CHN Buffs especially Bower. Sugg: Strong Bow Will Critical 10-->20, Stun Probility 20%-->30% Black Arrow Godsent Critical 5-->10 Pacheon Passiv Godsent Phy. & Mag. Def Increase to 225 /245 for lvl 2 & DMG from 2%-->4% Anti Devil Bow Godsent add Critical 10 Increase Lightning/Cold Crit Buff Add 1 More lvl for Critical 10 Increase Bowers rely on their Crit since the Base dmg is pretty low. The Phy & Mag Def Increase because we either have a bloody fan or iron castle, KB skills charing cooldown and only 1 Stun
  6. 110 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    -CHN Godsent Lightning Lionshout lets be real... its useless..... maybe change it with an extra magical dmg increase buff of 22%/23% so lightning getting a extra dmg overall of 3~4%. -Light and Cold Imbue should NOT get the same dmg as Fire since u are skilling Fire for the the extra Mag def and losing by the same time the Magic DMG buff at lightning. -Make Grasswalk as a perma Buff like every other buff... its annoying casting it after every teleport... (if its possible) -Pacheon Passive Attack Rate 37 to maybe 50~60 ? -I have the feeling either INT or STR CHN cant kill a European when they are wearing shield (i mean 75% of the time they are wearing it for healing, debuffing etc) reducing the Shield def (overall) by 10%~20% would be pretty acceptable. -Since Cold is only worth for INT bc of the Nukes add a Teleport like by Force with a 20m~24m distance and change the distance of the force godesent teleport from 14m to 20m~24m. (More movement for Cold/Fire Builds) -Since Bicheon got a Godsent buff with 1620HP the difference to a Heuksal Player is getting lower, so maybe give Heuksal Passiv a buff of 500~1000HP. -Black Arrow Godsent Bleed Probility from 20% to 30% -Last Lightning Nuke and Godsent Nuke are sharing CD, maybe seperate them ! -Increase the CD of Vigors at European to 5sec instead of 3sec!!!!!!